A curious juxtaposition.

In the Daily Crap today there are two interestingly related stories.

In the Sudan, as soon as you are born you are Muslim whether you like it or not. Choose another religion and you will be killed. Even if you have decided to be Christian and are eight months pregnant. There is no option available, you have no power to decide your own way of life at all.

The other story is the tale of a climate heretic who has been ostracised by the Church of Climatology for defying his faith and daring to try to convince Satan of the Truth. The Church of Climatology do not yet have a fully-torturous Inquisition and do not yet have the power to sentence the unbeliever to death (they are working on it) but otherwise… can you spot the difference? Just look at the venom in their supporters’ comments. Are they really any less radical than the likes of Boko Haram?

Is there any difference between either of these and the wackos at Waco? They are all dangerous cults. Once you get in the only way out is in a box. Dare to even consider another viewpoint and you must be destroyed.

This cannot, in the most absurd caricature of reality, be considered a scientific way of doing things. It is the dangerous cult way of doing things. It ends up with Stalin’s Russia or Pol Pot’s Cambodia or King John Jinglyjangly’s North Korea. Every time.

And people vote for it. They campaign for it. They support Climatology without question or reason. They shout people down as ‘You are not a scientist’ without first ascertaining their credentials (that means ‘asking’, for the antismokers who trawl through here now and then).

It is no different to the old -and still used – ‘racist-Nazi-bigot’ spouting of the older version of the same thing. Same drones, different word. They didn’t even need retraining.

It’s really all the same bunch of whining losers every time, whether it’s smoking or drinking or salt or sugar or anything at all. Haters gonna hate, it’s what they enjoy and they are the useful idiots of the Hate Brigade. They always will be because they have no original thoughts of their own.

Even so, I did think it amusing that the Mail would run those two stories together and not imagine for a moment that anyone would see the connection.

Climatology is a religion, not a science. It has zealots all to ready to burn heretics at the stake or stone them to death, just like any other paranoid and insecure belief system.

If this religion was confident in its predictions, it really would just wait for them to happen and then say ‘Well, we were ready. Were you?’

Instead it just shouts down opposition with threats and insults.

It has nothing else.


12 thoughts on “A curious juxtaposition.

    • Many people believe anything as long as it fits what they want to believe. All they need is an ‘Expert’ to say it, and it is so.

      Their definition of an ‘Expert’ is someone who says what they want to hear. In the case of statins, what they want to hear is ‘this pill will give you immortality’.


  1. Just been reading the Wikipedia page about Waco. There seem to have been many inconsistencies by the “authorities” (false reports, etc.). So, what’s new?

    Koresh was clearly troubled, mentally, but I suspect there was a lot more to it than alleged illegal weapons or alleged child abuse. Considering the State is the biggest employer of killers and child abusers…

    The worst verbal abuse I have experienced on the internet (and it’s an awful lot) is from Dawkins’ supporters. Those who believe that denying God magically transforms them into “free-thinkers” and of super intelligence such that they are entitled to call non-members of their cult anything they choose.

    These are the say, sub-100 IQ followers, who probably comprise half of Dawkins’ following based on my years’ worth of experience on his blog and his Facebook page, which is supposed to be about ‘science and reason’ but is almost confined to slating religion because they are almost unable to ‘do’ science and reason.

    These unintelligent drones haven’t a clue about science or why they believe evolution theory. It is totally faith-based, which means they think they have the authority, like the Green Religion and ASHites and Inquisitors, to condemn you for your heresy against their faith.

    Perhaps a fifth of Dawkins’ disciples are able to discuss science without being offensive, but they still treat the unbeliever as if he’s a child of limited understanding, rather than, in my case, someone who has studied their religion probably at least a dozen times more intensively than most of them.

    The vacuum left after expelling the Creator must be filled with something. With these people it’s a hatred. With others it’s the worship of alternatives, like the earth, a celeb/band or a political party or, dare I say, a substance. When I abused alcohol I was still a believer, but it was like serving two masters.

    And likewise, the humanists would have us turn into another North Korea or Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. Their secular societies want all faith removed from public life – except their own minority faith, of course. Like commies, they are deluded into thinking they know what’s best for everyone.

    I imagine if it was legal that Dawkins, the Dreadful Arnott, the Climate priests, etc., would approve of mass killings for those who fail to comply with their worldviews. All GPs would have a revolver in their desk drawer and would shoot you (when told to by their computers, obviously).

    “We have you down as a smoker (a phrase they actually use) and you have so far refused our NRT. Now we insist you stop smoking.” (Computer has instructed him to open the drawer).


    • I’ve just had a letter inviting me for a lung check “…because you smoke..”. One of the instructions to be followed prior to the appointment is not to smoke for 24 hours before the test.

      If I were to not smoke prior to the test I’d be a non-smoker.and so in no need of the test.


      • That’s the funny part. If you are a non-smoker, the NHS won’t believe there is anything wrong with you. If you are a smoker, they send letters begging you to let them test you for everything.

        Ten years from now, smokers will outlive nonsmokers because we’ll be the only ones the NHS are taking seriously. That’s why I tell nonsmokers to answer the ‘do you smoke’ question with at least ‘I used to’. Answer ‘No, never’ and you will be diagnosed with hypochondria on the spot.

        The dedicated antismokers will never pretend to be even ex-smokers. In a wonderful and strange twist of Darwinian theory, the antismokers will change their environment into one in which they cannot survive.

        Call me callous, but I find that highly amusing.


    • I agree that evolutionism has become pretty much a faith system as creationism. Evolution is real science but it’s not complete – still needs work, and lots of it. In any subject, as soon as you hear ‘the science is settled’ then it is not about science any more. Science is always open to question. No exceptions.

      It has never mattered much to me either way. Did the ‘big bang’ just happen or did God light the fuse? We can never know, neither side has even the possibility of ever producing any proof, so there is no point arguing about it. Where we came from doesn;t matter. It’s in the past. Where we are going is far more important.

      As you say, where we currently seem to be going is the same place we always end up. Gulags and concentration camps. And afterwards, ‘lessons will be learned…’ on how to do it more effectively next time.

      God will never need to invoke Armageddon. He just has to let us do it ourselves.

      I did write a few parodies on this. In one, Satan is complaining about humans corrupting the demons he sends. Another had Death in a rage because yet another end-of-world prediction meant they had to set it all up once more and they’d just have to take it all down again afterwards. They were on another blog, in another incarnation. I’ll have to look them up.


  2. Because I’ve defied the odds by becoming old I was put on statins automatically. They gave me the widely publicised – but not by the NHS – joint pain so I stopped taking them. At the next visit the doc queried my stopping them but didn’t make any attempt to pressure me into starting again. I got the feeling that he’d read the same blogs as me.


    • My friend’s father has survived all kinds of horrible things, including lung cancer. He was given tablets for his angina and my friend asked him where they were. Someone is supposed to know where you keep your pills in case you can’t get to them and can’t speak.

      “I’ll tell you where they are,” he said. “Down the bloody bog. I flushed the lot.”

      He also responded to a phone call from two local nurses who offered a home visit and check up with “Bugger off. I’m eighty-five. You’ll find something wrong with me.” That was quite a few years back.

      He is still alive. These days he self-medicates with Gold Label Barley Wine.

      Seems like a good attitude to me.


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