Just for laughs

Parents are visiting for a week starting tomorrow so if I miss a blog night I will have a note from me mum.

In the meantime, the comedy of money…



5 thoughts on “Just for laughs

  1. Oh well, at least I’ll get a break from your whisky references.

    Normally, of course, I really like them. But I have a tragedy on my hands.

    We are touring Scotland and the Highlands by train soon and the tour was due to call in at the Edradour Distillery to sample some of their single malts.

    Alas, a substitution has been made.

    As susbstitutes go, it’s a sort of Arthur Askey for Ronaldo one.

    We now saunter along to the distillery at Athol Blair…


    • Sorry.

      They brought a bottle of Penderyn with them 😀

      Blair Athol is a malt I haven’t tried. It is terrible to hear that it is adulterated into Bells, presumably mixed with turpentine, brake fluid, haggis urine and orphan tears. On its own I expect it’s really very good.

      Please do report back after tasting.


    • Sorry, I’ve been too distressed to get out of bed.

      Yes, I don’t know whether the amendment leaflet was trying to confuse us or they didn’t have a clue.

      Since it’s 2014, I suspect the latter.

      And sorry Leg, I can’t promise. I feel like I’m risking life and limb here.


      • The Blair Athol single malt is £42 a bottle. That’ll be why I haven’t tried it yet. Still, Friday is payday so… although I’ll look for it locally, without postage. It would be interesting to find out what the stuff tastes like before being turned into burny horse piss.

        It’s reassuringly expensive 😉


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