And… here… we… go.

One of the best lines in that film, I think. If I was a fan-fiction sort, I’d have a go at writing ‘ASHman vs, the Smoker’.

A very long time ago, many bloggers, especially VGIF and Dick Puddlecote, kept on picking at the Dreadful Arnott’s claim that ‘tobacco is a special case, there is no slippery slope, tobacco control measures will never be applied to any other product’ and other bilious utterings from a mouth you could post a well wrapped car into. A mouth, incidentally, placed in a face you could improve by driving three trains over – but let’s not descend to the ad-hominem even where ‘hominem’ is something of a generous description. I am sure their side are better at formulating insults that our side since they practice daily. Unfortunately they are like a football team that practices only one form of pass and use that one move every single time…

There will be major digressions. The parents brought Penderyn.

Really I have little to add to this particular idiot’s mouth-spewings so will let him condemn himself.

So we can look forward to second and third hand food as well as the already established ones for smoking and booze. As for second hand water, well everyone already drinks that.

Soon there will be fat that you cannot see or smell but which will make you fat anyway. There is already ‘hidden sugar’ (clue for the clueless: read the label) and ‘hidden salt’ (clue for the clueless: see previous clue). so invisible fat must be only moments away. The Lard Demon is huge but invisible and has really, really good deodorant.

Simple physics. You cannot weigh more than what you eat. Simple biology. Since you use up some of that food as energy even if you sit at a desk staring at Farcebok all day, you must weigh less than you eat. Therefore if you get the impression your belt is shrinking, eat less and your belt will return to normal size.

You do not need the Government or its pseudoscience Wormtongues to force you to do that. You could, if you so chose, just buy a bigger belt. That is freedom. Having your life controlled by others in any degree is not freedom. You only have one life. Are you going to hand it over  to someone else to live it for you? Don’t look at me. I don’t want to run yours. I have enough to do running mine.

It has always amused me that the commies get into power promising ‘freedom’ and when they get in, you have to have their permission to do anything at all. 007 in Soviet Russia:

“Exshcuse me, I have to go drop my load.”

“Do you have a licence to dump, Mr. Bond?”

This is pretty much what is happening in Scotland now. Oily Al has shown his hand with minimum pricing and airgun licences and all sorts of other lifestyle controls and still the drones demand more control. He promises ‘Independence’ while declaring all the independent Scots will be totally in thrall to the State he hopes to be in charge of. He is promising Cuba-style independence. Or worse – Kim-Il-Salmond. Yet the lure of this pretend independence and the hatred of the English means the Scots would rather be smoke and drink free and be ruled from Brussels. For that is what the SNP actually have on offer.

The fishy duo, Salmond and Sturgeon, must be leaping out of the water at the chance to extend lifestyle controls to haggis, pizza and deep fried Mars bars. Using the same template. No effort at all. Just like their Lib Lab Con clones.

Why does nobody see that? Why do all those cybernats go around making threats and not see that they are merely supporting a millionaire Castro who sees them all as  no more than an army of currently useful idiots? When he gets independence it will mean nothing. He wants to stay in the EU which is what really controls us all anyway. Independence from the UK no longer has any meaning since Scotland is nothing more than an EU region already. There is no independence. All Oily Al offers is cutting out the middleman.

What the hell. I can always bugger off back to Wales where it is no different but where I will have a better chance of developing a wild tobacco.

And where it is easier to grown your own food too.

Food that is not made of bugs.




15 thoughts on “And… here… we… go.

  1. Speaking of secondhand this ‘n that, I’m sure you’ve seen, we also have secondhand e-cig vapor….

    BUT…. did you know that we’ve now even moved on to THIRD HAND e-cig vapor!


    You have to feel sorry for how these children have been abused. If this article is accurate, their “research” consisted of little more than blowing a concentrated vapor containing nicotine against a surface and “discovering” that some of the nicotine then actually remained on that surface.

    I sincerely doubt any encouragement was given to analyze the expected reasonable effects of the AMOUNTS of the vapor, NOR does it seem that there was any attempt to produce vapor in its natural environmental state (I.E., after it have been breathed into the human respiratory system and then exhaled.) and then take measurements.

    BOTH of those extra “conditions” would have been required to even PASS a basic science demonstration of anything meaningful in an ordinary science class… much less enter into any sort of competition for even a low-grade award for anything past elementary school. And yet these seem to actually be high school students and they seem to have been given the HIGHEST SCIENCE AWARD IN THE COUNTRY for this!

    What have they actually learned, and what have they taught other students in the process? Simple: produce what the “Man With The Paycheck” wants.

    Anyone want to bet on their chances of winning that award if they’d shown that smoking a few cigarettes in a room produced absolutely nothing capable of being measured that could conceivably pose ANYTHING meaningful as a health threat to people in that room in a billion years? Zilch. Their project, even though far more meaningful scientifically and socially than the one they did, would have been instantly tossed into the dumpster.


    – MJM


    • It’s one of many reasons I am happy to be a janitor now. The destruction of science started a long time ago and became very, very clear by the time my mainstream career ended. When our department closed (a once-profitable department wrecked by meddlers) the boss opted for early retirement. His final speech included the line ‘When I started out, we were chasing knowledge. Now it seems we are only chasing money’.

      He was right. Money is all there is in science now. You don’t get to the big time with real research, only with big grants. Even if what those grants fund are total rubbish.

      I once turned down (as a self-employed researcher) a pile of easy money from a fool who wanted to put probiotic bacteria in vegetarian sausages. It cannot work. Sausages have to be cooked through and all the bacteria would die. The risk is not in what is in the sausage, even if there is no meat at all. The risk is in the way sausages are made. I told him it could not work rather than spend a lot of his money proving it could not work.

      In a fermented sausage, like salami, it could work but he wanted vegetarian. Sauerkraut could work. Hmmm…


      • “Soon there will be fat you cannot see or smell…”

        Picturing it now: Imitation celery stalks, indistinguishable from the real thing, but made of 100% pure lard and bacon grease! Peddled to children in the school yards to get them hooked on fats!

        – MJM


        • You could do it with parsnips. It’s the only way to get kids to eat them. The colour is already close.

          Load them with sugar and salt and the ‘playground parsnip’ could be the next Mafia moneyspinner. Don Corleone, I’ll settle for one percent.


  2. This “independence” is such a farce that these useful idiots are really useful and really idiotic.

    “He wants to stay in the EU which is what really controls us all anyway.”

    I’ve had this debate with some Nats online – and many of them want out of the EU – but they think we can achieve this after “independence”. I tell them that all the main parties are pro-EU, so it will not happen. But they’re in Cloud Cuckoo Land with the excitement of “independence” which has overridden all reality on certain matters.

    Actually, you could demonstrate that the UN has a greater hold on us. The EU gets a lot of its laws via the UN as well as national governments being signatories of legally binding UN control and destroy legislation (like the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control).

    You identified two areas why the Fishy Folks’ idea of independence is nothing other than a plan to bring themselves personal glory and probably more money.

    One is the overbearing control by various intergovernmental organisations (not limited to the UN and EU by any means).

    The other is that Scotland will become unrecognisable, not just with the banning of some of our traditional (granted very unhealthy) food, but in many ways. I read a letter in Local Paper yesterday from a couple somewhere in England who used to visit this part of the world for its scenery, but their favourite view in the world is now blighted by a standing army of giant turbines and there are others all over the area. The local councillors are refusing planning applications for new wind farms and being overruled by the Pirates in Edinburgh.

    And Salmond wants enshrined in our constitution (I bet that’ll be a joke from start to finish – “obey….obey….obey….obey….”) that anyone from the EU can come to Scotland to study for free and this will last for as long as the earth stands. He’ll have to fund it by taxing pies so that they’re £5 rather than £1.

    But the man who could do with working his way towards a shorter belt himself, is so PC that he wants half the world to move to Scotland. Our culture (the good bits, not the heavy drinking and ‘stitch that, Jimmy’) will be gone.

    There will be even crazier redefinitions of the word “equality” and you’ll be in trouble if you dare to flout the ‘law’. For example, a few years ago, the Edinburgh mafia were thinking of reducing the age of consent to 13 (same thing was planned by the N. Ireland office where the age difference was to be no more than three years, but it would have legalised, e.g. a 16 year old lad/boy/man legally having sex with a 13 year-old girl (i.e. she could still be in first year of secondary school) and a 17 year old man could sodomise a 14 year-old boy, etc.). Can’t remember what Scotland’s rules were to have been, but I don’t think they were any ‘better’.

    It’s always slippery slopes and things like this will happen. If I live another 20-30 years, I’ll be able to marry a 12 year-old (girl or boy) and probably an animal and there are already plans to introduce legal threesome arrangements in the Netherlands just a few years after ‘gay marriage’ was legitimised.

    Speak out against any of it and you’ll be guilty of a hate crime. Or be declared mentally ill and locked away. What kind of sick person doesn’t want joy in the world and wishes to deny a young child a happy marriage with its tortoise? Go directly to jail. Do not pass sanity.

    I’m taking a long time to agree that there’ll be even less freedom after “independence”, but also a loss of identity and the creation of a moral wasteland.

    Talking of the UN – and I’ve written about this before – Scotland has its first UNESCO biosphere on my doorstep and which covers a fifteenth of the total area of Scotland.

    That means human activity must be along ‘sustainable’ lines and the UN makes the rules – as usual. How many more are planned, I wonder?

    And how is Scotland’s land owned and operated? Scotland has the most inequitable land ownership in the west. “More than half of Scotland is owned by fewer than 500 people” and from an earlier Independent article, “Few of whom are actually Scots”. (No link. More than two will probably put me in the mod bin.)

    Scotland today has the coal left underground and useless turbines frightening the tourists away, damaging two major industries. Scotland today is (partially) governed by fishy folk, while our fishing fleets spend days on end in port when not throwing back EU ‘surplus’ catches back into the sea.

    All-in-all, where is the independence? Where is the freedom? Where will be the Scottishness after a few years of open doors free study and other ‘incentives’? What sort of tax rates will there be to pay for it all, especially with our industry being destroyed? How long before the consecutive SNP and Labour governments mess it all up and go cap in hand to Westminister and do a Basil Fawlty, “I’m so sorry, but the people of Scotland made a terrible mistake”?


    • Maybe he thinks there is plenty of room in Scotland because there are large areas where nobody lives.

      Nobody lives in those areas because while they are all pretty and picturesque in summer, they are the stuff of nightmares in winter. If anyone is thinking of buying a country cottage in Scotland, view it in the winter. If you can’t get to it, don’t buy it.

      As for free study, it applies to everyone except the English. This, from people who call UKIP ‘racist!’


      • Yes, at present that is the case. After “independence” there will be nothing to stop tens of thousands of English students claiming their ‘free’ (Scottish taxpayers’) education every year. The SNP are hypocrites and dangerous.


  3. Judging by his head shot, Nathan Gray is borderline obese (at best).

    And WTF is the ‘surprised hair style that make grown men look like total dicks ‘ all about?


  4. You cannot weigh more than what you eat. Simple biology. Since you use up some of that food as energy even if you sit at a desk staring at Farcebok all day, you must weigh less than you eat.

    Not only simple biology, but it also meets the test of modern scientific inquiry.

    I have eaten my body weight in bacon alone, more than once. Probably annually, if you add in the bacon and tomato sandwiches come summertime. And yet I weight no more than my body weight.

    Have you applied for the government grant to collect the statistics, or may I? Someone’s missing a good government living here somewhere.


    • The funniest one ever is those (mostly women) who say ‘Oh, I eat like a bird’.

      ‘You mean, your body weight in food every day? How do you find time to do anything else?’

      Those women don’t talk to me now. Which is a relief.


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