A Throbbing Election.

No, not Chinese porn. Is there any? They are trying to discourage procreation so probably not.

Today’s EU elections are really of no consequence. The EU isn’t listening even to their MEPs, never mind the real people so it doesn’t matter who we vote for from that standpoint. Nick Griffin and his beardy pal are MEPs. Ever hear anything about them now? Aside from the initial Mail-style shock-horror that members of the BNP were voted in, there has been nothing. The EU machine simply ignores them.

Now, I cannot support the BNP myself as a third generation immigrant and also because most of their other policies are full-on Old Labour. Nonetheless, they were voted in by a majority of people so they get their place on the Benches of Oblivion in Brussels.

Nigel Farage, mostly, although I have seen YouTube clips of other UKIP MEPs speaking, cannot be ignored. They have to hear him but they do not listen. His words are not for them but for those who tune in to YouTube to see him rip the very arse out of the EU’s trousers and ram lit dynamite up their exposed Rumpoy. Still it has no effect on the EU machine and I suspect that that is exactly what he is trying to demonstrate.

The EU do not care who we send to ride their gravy train. They have no intention of listening to any of them. MEPs are well paid to shut the hell up. In the Grand Scheme in which we have no say, today’s EU elections do not matter at all.

Within UK politics they matter a lot.

Currently UKIP are ahead in the polls but the real surprise is that the Ed Miller Band are second! Really? People still think it’s worth voting for a red plasticine animation and his zombie horde? Including his sidekick, the man who is named after (and shaped like) a testicle and who used to work for a man with a face like the bag they are carried around in?

Really? Labour as a serious contender? Is that possible? Well, here is something that happened at Local Shop the other day.

Myself (Dr. Clean) and the Mopman were engaged in till cleaning. This is usually simple but once in a while we rip the buggers apart and clean out every speck. So we were at a till, the Mopman was in the place reserved for till drivers and I was at the belt. He had the scanning and weighing bit out and I had cleaned the belt and dismantled the bit at the end where all the scabby bits drop down. Basically, the till was unusable because we had taken it apart.

Along comes Zombie Customer (one of many) who plonks his shopping onto a wet and non-moving belt while two guys at the till end have parts of the machine in their hands. It took a full minute before he realised we were ignoring him and that he had arrived at the one till in the entire shop that could not possibly be in use.

I bet he votes Labour today. Once he had gone, I mentioned to Mopman that we should have asked him who ties his shoes. There are many who pass through this little shop of morons who make me wonder how they find their way out of bed in the morning.

People are stupid but not enough are as stupid as the main parties believe. Politicians look down on us as inferior even though they only have their jobs because we gave them those jobs. We are their bosses, they consider us their property.

Simon Cooke makes a good case for voting Conservative but he is wrong. The Cameron Party is not Conservative. It is another head of the same Hydra. Another EU shill. At Mr. Cooke’s level it might well be still Conservative but at the top it is all control-your-life communism. As for that pain in the ass Cameroid, he has not, as far as I can tell, kept one single promise he has made. His comedy relief sidekick, the Clegg, is more of a waste of space than if you sealed off half your house and never entered those rooms again.

Nobody now believes that the Tories will ever offer any kind of referendum on Europe. Even if they really intend to, nobody believes it. All credibility is gone. Your chance of a referendum lies with UKIP, the Greens or the BNP and the latter two will kill you into the bargain. One with love and one with hate, your choice, you are just as dead either way.

I wil vote UKIP as long as we have a candidate here. If not I will vote Conservative out of sympathy for the poor bugger who has no chance at all and knows it.

If UKIP win a landslide today, it will not matter at all to the EU, but it will scare seven shades of shit out of the ‘Three that is really One’ parties. Four in Scotland.

And that is the point of it. No, UKIP are not likely to form a government. It is not their purpose.

They might, however, wake up some of the dickheads who do form governments to the real fragility of their careers.

We are your employers, politicians, and we have the power to fire you. Learn from today or find another job next year.

I hear Aldi are hiring…

… but not you.


11 thoughts on “A Throbbing Election.

  1. Aye, UKIP are a lever. The difference between the political parties and the voters is wide indeed. But employ a long enough level with a fulcrum (elections) and you can move the world.


  2. I voted this morning, but the form was so confusing, for a moment I couldn’t make out where to put my cross. It seems dear Nigel has really put the wind up the political elite because there were a plethora of other candidates to vote for, all saying they were hell bent on getting out of the EU! I’ve never heard of these candidates, let alone met them face-to-face (they must live in the locality surely?). I’ve no idea who they are or why they have suddenly put themselves forward for candidacy. It costs them to do so, so who is doing the funding? All mightily suspicious!!!!

    It comes across as an orchestrated attack on UKIP worthy of the most scheming bunch of schoolboys armed with pea-shooters and water pistols. No wonder most of the electorate can’t be bothered to vote..


    • Ditto round here, Oi. Some time last week we got a very American-looking flyer with a very glam-looking lady on it, apparently standing for something called the “Independence Party.” I’ll admit that at first glance I assumed that this was a piccie of our local UKIP candidate, but on closer inspection (of the flyer, not the lady, that is!) it looked as if this party was based somewhere absolutely miles away from my neck of the woods – Warrington or Wigan, I think. I’d never heard of them, and yet they had a candidate standing down here in the leafy south …? Then I read that UKIP had registered some kind of protest (with the EU-equivalent of the Electoral Commission, I guess) that a party with a very similar-sounding name and tagline had been suddenly allowed to put up candidates and their very similar-sounding name would appear right at the top of ballot papers. And so it was. Having been pre-warned about this, I checked my ballot paper today and – sure enough – there they were right at the top, the “Independence Party,” along with, as you say a whole plethora of other little parties who I’d never heard of, all purporting “stop immigration,” “support traditional British culture,” “leave the EU” or any combination of them. Suspicious stuff indeed. Clearly these little “parties” have been swiftly brought together to try and split the UKIP vote – is there any dirty trick that the Big Boys won’t resort to in their desperate attempts to cling onto their stranglehold on power? All I can say is that they are clearly very, very worried indeed about UKIP, regardless of how brave a face they try and put on, or how many smear stories they spread about UKIP candidates .

      I certainly wasn’t fooled (I’d have been suspicious, even without the pre-warning of the abovementioned story). I just hope that the majority of UKIP voters weren’t either.


  3. “No, not Chinese porn. Is there any? They are trying to discourage procreation so probably not.”

    On the contrary. Porn teaches that the stuff that makes babies is supposed to be deposited over the old boat race. That makes procreation a little difficult.


  4. In a way, I’m not surprised that Labour is coming in second. If I were a rabid, rose-tinted-spectacle-wearing Europhile, I’d recognise that the main reason for UKIP being in the ascendant at the moment is because the Euro-sceptics have finally realised that the only party which offers the remotest chance of getting us out of the EU is by voting for them. And of course Europhiles don’t want that and will vote tactically to try and stop it. I suspect that even Europhiles who would normally have voted LibDem might well switch temporarily to Labour for this election, because Labour is a bigger gun. Needs must and all that …


    • That’ll be why the Lib Dems are expecting to lose all their MEPs. Possibly, they find that acceptable if it helps to knock back UKIP this time around.

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find some kind of deal behind it.


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