EU results on the way.

The press seem determined to refer to France’s Front National as the ‘National Front’. Many in the UK will remember the heyday of our own National Front, largely composed of swastika-tattooed skinheads. The French party is not the same thing at all. That reversal looks deliberate, an attempt to invoke the memory of the Dr. Martens and red braces and general idiotic thuggery. Front National is a right-wing group (this ‘far right’ label is just the bleating of the commies and they apply it to everyone who doesn’t agree with them so it’s meaningless) but they are not the National Front.

Even the BNP keep the National Front at arm’s length. They are the equivalent to the Left’s Socialist Worker party – extreme nutters.

Anyway. In the UK, there are results coming in. Of the 12 regions the EU has divided us into, results are so far in for the following (nicked from Guido Fawkes, who seems to get the results up faster than the newspapers).

As of now, the summary is as follows (the order is random) :-

North East – Labour 2, UKIP 1

East – UKIP 3, Conservative 3, Labour 1

East Midlands – UKIP 2, Conservative 2, Labour 1

Yorkshire and Humber – UKIP 3, Conservative 1, Labour 2

South West – UKIP 2, Conservative 2, Labour 1, Green 1

Wales – UKIP 1, Conservative 1, Labour 1, Plaid Cymru 1 (Wales showing the ‘what the hell, give them all a go’ attitude you’d expect).

North West – UKIP 3, Conservative 2, Labour 3

West Midlands – UKIP 3, Conservative 2, Labour 2

South East – UKIP 4, Conservative 3, Labour 1, Green 1, Lib Dems 1 (You can still hear the echo of Little Clegg’s sigh of relief at that result)

Still to come are :(*updated*)

London – UKIP 1, Conservative 2, Labour 4, Green 1

Scotland –  SNP 2, UKIP 1, Conservative 1, Labour 2

Northern Ireland – (not due until Monday, or until the pubs close)

So the Lib Dems did not quite get exterminated and they have three more chances yet. I’m not going to try to predict the last three but it doesn’t matter too much. The totals so far are UKIP 22, Labour 14, Tories 16, Green 2, Plaid Cymru 1 and The Little Cleggs 1. Whatever happens in the last three regions, UKIP have seriously bloodied the noses of all the major parties this time around.

I honestly don’t know what UKIP’s chances are in Scotland. They get shouted down every time they appear here but not by everyone. Just the usual rent-a-mob. It is not impossible that they could get a seat. The Greens did, despite growing fury over the damn windmills popping up everywhere. We’ll have to wait and see.

If I am still up when the last results come in (except Norn Iron, even I am not staying up that late) I’ll update the list.

The big question is – what happened to the two BNP MEPs? If they lost, why are the media not crowing about it? I would have expected them to be jumping around like monkeys in barbed wire underpants if those two BNP members lost.

Unless they lost to UKIP. In which case the headline ‘UKIP ousts BNP’ would give credit where the establishment would prefer it didn’t go.




16 thoughts on “EU results on the way.

  1. London’s results are being held up by the running joke that is Tower Hamlets.

    Scotland’s will be announced tomorrow once a bunch of religious types in the Western Isles who won’t count on a Sunday stop god bothering. Rumour mill is they’ll have one UKIP MEP though.

    As for NI? Who knows.


      • I watched the BBC coverage – it was my birthday and I decided sod my TV diet and watch it. I’ve been really good all year. If you like purple, the evening was a feast for the eyes – huge purple swathes on the maps and under the eyes. At one point Jeremy Vine made the purple wins ‘flash dance’. It was strangely erotic.

        The BBC called the other extra seat in Scotland for Ukip and made a deal about it to an extent because Alex Salmon specifically campaigned on exterminating UKIP from Scotland. Oops, of Mice and Men, or fish and vaseline and all that.

        Blue and Red are 50/50 for second (I shall also see that as purple). They think labour have shaded it more Burgundy than Ribena. A bad result for any party strongly affiliated with a different colour. Next up – a voodoo ritual, performed by the parties to caste out the evil spirits and evil purple dragons. You can tell they are voodoo rituals because of the headless chickens are involved. Halal style in some cases.

        Thanks for deciding to become a Lever, Leggy. As the 50/50 blue/red brand always tells us: ‘Every little helps’.

        I like purple, it royal, like what sovereigns wear.


          • “Scotland’s will be announced tomorrow once a bunch of religious types in the Western Isles who won’t count on a Sunday stop god bothering.”

            The ‘atheist’ soul isn’t a thoughtful one or a kind one or one easily willing to learn from others or adapt to their way of life. Instead, they insist that, although a minority, everything gets done their way, simply because they have rejected God and have replaced themselves on that pedestal so they think they can boss everyone else around.

            I believe that the seventh day is (still) the Sabbath (the word for ‘Saturday’ is named after ‘Sabbath’ in many languages) and that Constantine made Sunday the ‘Christian’ day of rest because he’d already made it the Pagan day or rest, so it was easier to govern the Roman Empire when he became a Christian (out of political expediency?).

            And with the the sun going down before 10pm, the count was actually on the second day of the week according to the order of creation (night came before morning).

            If people would just read scripture and think.

            What it does show, however, is that if you refuse to work on a Sunday, there’s nothing anyone – not even the EU – can do about it.

            Which means that if more of us put our feet down and say ‘No, I won’t do that’ then things will change the way WE want them to.

            But most people are cowed by the empty rhetoric of the ‘atheists’ and the socialists and the legislation passed by eugenicists, traitors and fools.


            • “If people would just read scripture and think.” Couldn’t agree with you more, Stewart. But not thinking is precisely what the religious are experts at.


              • That’s funny, Edgar. I expected such a remark from the unenlightened. So, you believe the evolutionists that ‘nothing exploded and became everything’ and that inexplicably complex organisms just appeared through time and chance? I think I know who’s best at “not thinking”!

                Maybe that’s why ‘atheists’ tend to be bullies. Because you fear what you don’t understand and I know from countless hours on the internet that nearly every evolutionist has no real idea what it is they believe.

                All I get back usually is cheap jibes like yours, name-calling and general abuse. You fear having to justify your actions to a higher power. And this fear makes you want to believe anything and instinctively attack those who THINK differently.


                • “So, you believe the evolutionists that ‘nothing exploded and became everything’ and that inexplicably complex organisms just appeared through time and chance?”

                  I believe nothing of the kind, and I challenge you to provide evidence that I do, or claim to. You have no idea what I believe, but I have a very good idea of what you (claim to) believe.

                  “Maybe that’s why ‘atheists’ tend to be bullies.”

                  Do you have a source for this libel? Or did you just invent it? Like your statement on another blog: “Dawkins is a fraud”, it is all in your imagination. Like all Creationists, your arguments are so pathetic and transparent that all you can do is attack the person who disagrees with you, not the argument. It is called the fallacy of ‘ad hominem’, and it’s all that Creationists have got.

                  ” … nearly every evolutionist has no real idea what it is they believe.” So, (a) ‘nearly every evolutionist’ has written about his/her uncertainty on the web? If you believe that, I have news for you: there are many, many more ‘evolutionists’ than you have encountered, so your statement fails on account of a misconception about numbers; (b) evolutionists are perfectly entitled to be uncertain in what they ‘believe’: no faith is required of them.

                  “All I get back usually is cheap jibes like yours, …” It’s the target, Stewart, the great big bullseye that you parade so slavishly and so stupidly. You seem to reserve the right to describe people you disagree with as frauds, liars, and bullies, but you cry like a kitten when someone pokes a little fun at your nonsense.

                  But this is the most-hilariously insane part “You fear having to justify your actions to a higher power. And this fear makes you want to believe anything and instinctively attack those who THINK differently.”

                  I do not fear having to justify my actions to a higher power because, if such a higher power exists, it will be obvious to that higher power that there is nothing in the world more ungodly than religion. Religion is the major source of evil in the world and has been for centuries. People, like you, who imagine that they know the will of God are dangerous, unforgiving, aggressive, … all the things that you projectively accuse atheists of. What are your feelings on, or for, the millions of people who have been killed, mutilated, tortured, raped, or burned by religious lunatics who ‘knew’ the mind of God. Your mind-state is in no way different to that of the Jews who demanded the death of Jesus. To people protecting their God, there is no evil that is unimaginable in their drive to justify their brain disease as ‘truth’.

                  I do not ‘want to believe anything’. Do you assert that centuries of evidence and verification that is the foundation of science is just ‘anything’? That it is all just a made-up fable? Well, let’s look at out two positions … from a purely objective point of view, which would you say was a made-up fable?

                  I “instinctively attack those who THINK differently.” I refer you to my original comment.


                  • I’ve never understood why people are so vehement in their defenses of what they believe theologically. Whether it’s Big Bang or Guy With A Long Beard, none of us really knows. Even the “scientists” speculating about mysterious waves reverberating around the universe still have to retreat to a silly image of some sort of super concentrated mini-universe floating around in (??? Nothing? But Nothing didn’t even exist yet because there was no Something to compare it to…???) that then exploded and brought us all about.

                    None of us know, and one or the other is about as likely as something or anything else. But why I should care at ALL about what someone else believes about stuff that no so far has ever known escapes me completely.

                    – MJM, who knows that salvation truly lies in a delicious puff of smoke exhaled by a pink platypus who’s quite drunk on a stolen bottle of Leggy’s prime Scotch.


          • I’ve just seen a commentator on Politicabettingdotcom suggest a name for Scottish Ukippers … Arbroath Smokies! I would have ‘liked’ it if I could.


          • In regard to purple ties, there were quite a few main stream politicians interviewed wearing them (husband pointed this out, “they look stupid wearing purple”). They seemed very uncomfortable, as it their ties were choking them…


  2. “I honestly don’t know what UKIP’s chances are in Scotland. They get shouted down every time they appear here but not by everyone. Just the usual rent-a-mob. It is not impossible that they could get a seat.”

    That shouting down may have a similar “Streisand Effect” that the race-baiting anti-UKIP push had: making people figure that if they were being unfairly attacked that they must be worth something. Once people figured THAT … well then they’d take a little time to dig and see just what this UKIP thing actually was. Without all the publicity engendered by the attacks UKIP might have just continued to suffer the role of being a wacky small party that no one would seriously consider voting for.

    In electioneering, poorly based attacks truly fulfill the statement: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

    – MJM


  3. We had a wee chat about this a couple of days back. The fabled “6th Seat” that HRH Salmond expected would go to his party and UKIP begged to differ.

    Fortunately your (and one or two other bloggers) vote really did count!

    UKIP WON THE 6th SEAT!!!! With a very respectable 10.4% of the electorate giving them the thumbs up!!! Very gratifying I say and a major smack in the mouth to Salmond and Sturgeon.

    That’s only right and proper, given they rather enjoy headbutting others into doing their bidding.

    You can read the usual BBC Left Wing gut wrenching yuck here.

    It also gives an indication of what will happen in Scottish politics should the populous decide to sever the Union. As we are guaranteed to go to PR for all Scottish elections, it’ll be a case of several dozen little parties and unwieldy coalitions that take months to form.

    I just wonder how many 16 year old’s will have the wit to suss that out as they exercise their right to vote. After all Legs the SNP feels they are so naive and so gullible that they cannot buy tobacco, yet are perfectly capable of making a rational decision on independence!


  4. Those vote totals are pretty amazing indeed: 22 out of 56 seats? That’s 40% of the vote! The Tories came in second with only 29%.

    Given that UKIP would probably have felt it a victory if they’d only gotten a dozen seats, I’d say it looks like QUITE an upset in the election process!

    – MJM


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