A night off.

I have to be up at horrible o’clock to make sure the visitors leave tomorrow, so nothing from me tonight.

The results from Scotland and London are now in and have been added to the list in the previous post. Still waiting to hear about Northern Ireland but it’s not likey to make any real difference now.

Early night for me, then. I leave you with a chuckle :

BNP leader Nick Griffin has claimed voters will return to his party when they realise that UKIP is racist.




7 thoughts on “A night off.

  1. Having met Nick Griffin several times, he’s actually not a bad bloke socially. His Missus on the other hand is a bit of a lemon sucking faced fucker..


    • That’ll be why he keeps her out of sight then.

      He does come across as reasonable when they let him on TV – if he had taken a more UKIP-style stance he might, by now, be very much further ahead.

      Where UKIP want to limit the rate that more people arrive, the BNP want to actively send people elsewhere, even those who were born here.

      My own stance on immigration would be that anyone from anywhere can come here but we ain’t paying you to come. Come here to work, fine, come here to live opn benefits, no. All it takes is one simple rule – you get nothing out unless you have paid in for five years. It would apply to our homegrown scroungers too.

      There won’t be anyone starving in the street. I’d allow very basic (no game consoles or TV or designer shoes) subsistence payments and exceptions for those too disabled to work. Still, living on benefits would be a hard life, there would be nobody getting more on benefits than I earn as a cleaner, never mind getting more benefits than a business executive earns.

      Those who come here to live on benefits can live in hostels and eat beans on toast. Like our own workshy wasters.

      Well ventilated hostels, naturally.


  2. Don’t I ever know about Horrible O’clock when it comes to visitors leaving, to catch Ferries and such. And I generally don’t sleep at all in case I am late. But not their fault. And I am relatively well paid for it.


      • It’s Brittany Ferries, who pile them in and ship them out at an alarming rate in Summer. But at least I get to watch Judge Judy on Sky while I wait for the shops to open, rather than go home and go out again. Unless I get the pecuniary advantage of an “end of stay” clean. But this doesn’t happen very often. Brits Abroad don’t give it away, you know. They even take home every left over morsel of food. although one family did once leave me enough to eat for a week. But I ever live in hope for that to happen again.


  3. Enjoy your night off,
    old man.
    Take some time off
    while you can.

    Little-shop and your blogging
    will sure keep you slogging.
    We all do what we can
    So there’s still hope for man.


    • My best work happens after midnight, tapping keys by filament light
      Sometimes candles, sometimes flame illuminates my muse
      Then the Internet comes calling, showing politicians falling
      Falling into simple traps and tricks – they do it to amuse
      ‘There’s just one way’ I considered, ‘to escape this awful ruse’
      Fill the glass and ‘Drink some more’


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