Free exfoliation.

My ‘Lobster Man’ look has moved on to ‘Flakeface’. Fortunately I am already in possession of moisturising cream because the chemicals at work can result in cracked hands.

I hate daylight. It burns.


7 thoughts on “Free exfoliation.

  1. Best to avoid moonlight as well. There is no safe level of carcinogenic solar radiation, either primary or secondary, that has ever been determined. Even on nights when there is no moon visible at all, there are umpteen trillions of pinpoint carcinogen generators blasting our children from the skies.

    We will not be safe until the worlds’ governments realize the extent and magnitude of this threat and take significant steps to ameliorate it.

    To the future!

    – MJM

    – MJM


    • You’ll give Leggy ideas, MJM. He could probably work it to the point that ‘man-made mooning’ is considered a very real danger to the continuing existence of our species on this planet.


      • I’ve been reading another of those conspiracy books that suggests the moon is in fact an alien spaceship that’s been parked up there while they wait for us to invent things they want to buy. That idea has been around a long time and still there are folk who come up with a new twist.

        But what if it’s just a big malicious sun reflector to make sure we suffer second-hand sunlight at night?

        Or maybe it was put up there to scare the vampires away. If so, it didn’t work. The vampires just went into politics instead.


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