Not quite

A quick interjection into the current theoretical exposition.

I watch Alex Jones’ stuff on YouTube even though he is an antismoker and therefore, from my persepective, part of the problem. He speaks of freedom but not for me. He remains part of the control structure.

He has an interview with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. As everyone knows, being a singer makes you an expert in everything now. Actually, Billy has it almost right but not quite. He thinks we should ‘up’ the message to get to the sheep.

I have now spent 18 months down among the drones, I have met people who don’t know what IQ means and who don’t know that sugar dissolves in water. These are not bad people and not stupid people. They just don’t grasp the world around them to the extent that most readers of this blog can.

We do not ‘up’ the message, we ‘down’ it. Drop it in one sentence at a time. Leave a comment in their minds to fester and grow. Don’t try to explain in detail, their eyes will just glaze over and they will switch off.

One comment on a news article, a jokey aside, a quip, a hint…. make it slow and make it stick.

Don’t try to convince them. Give them the hints to convince themselves.



22 thoughts on “Not quite

  1. You might have something here, I go for short and to the point answers, but I think what lets me down is they’re a bit too cryptic. People today are becoming so Americanised, what with TV and Hollywood etc, so much so that the concept of irony has become anathema..


    • Cryptic works – those sort of comments stew in the mind until they connect with something. Joke cryptic works too. I’ve often made a comment in passing to a baffled face, only to hear laughter later when they ‘get it’.

      Drop in a cryptic line here and there. They drift around in people’s heads for far longer than any direct statement.


  2. I’m sure Einstien spoke about time not long before he died. He suggested that the universe was too big for time to truly work. Time, as we know it is a human construct? That’s sounds fairly ominous. How do we know if time is linear or not?

    Time being linear falls into the human domain. It’s neat, tidy and suits us. But… What’s the alternative? Non-linear. So instead of waking up and getting through a day form 12:00 midnight on day one to 12:00 midnight on day two, perhaps time is just a jumble of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc which we inhabit either simaltainously or randomly? It might look like a tin of beads with no structure or a necklace where all the beads lins up in order. Maybe our brains make random seem organised. How do you know that you went to bed last night? We don’t. You think you did because we need to fit within the reality that our brain has developed to provide.

    If we could time travel a la Dr Who we could go back to say 1314. Would it be empty of people or would it be full of people doing their stuff as we all do? It’s bound to be the later. Does that mean we are immortal within our own time line randomly bouncing back and forwards in our lives? That kind of mucks up religion does it not? Be good during your life and you will get your rewards. Kind of goes out the window really. Why bother? Either nothing changes within your timeline or you experience every possibility that can be imagined and more forever and ever and ever amen.

    I’m no scientist. The biggest bit of science I was involved in at school was dropping some acid on my green Levi cords and being disappointed when holes appeared a few days later.

    At the same time the best people who could write from the English Higher class were asked to write a religious article. The School minister would read them and a prize would be given. I wrote mine about time as above. I dearly wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he read mines. But then I’d needed to have been a buhdists to be a fly on the wall… Or would I?


      • HA HA HA. I liked those cords. They were flares as well. Good grief. Nowadays they would be described as bootleg, a more hip descriptor. I may have put this comment on the wrong blog post. Oooooooppppppsssss


    • I had green cords too – the sign of the Oddity, I suspect 😉

      What we perceive is not always what is there. Pareidolia is the word for seeing faces where there are none, such as in clouds or foliage. That happens a lot – our brains are always looking for order and structure and will even see it in an untuned television screen, where it cannot be.

      The Chinese perceive time not as a horizontal flow, as we consider it in the West, but as a vertical flow. It doesn’t really matter, it still looks linear. That difference in perception is interesting in that the ‘flow’ of time is not seen the same way by everyone. Which does suggest that it could be our brains demanding order from chaos.

      If you look to your right without moving your head, then quickly move your eyes to look left, there is a blank zone in the middle. Your eyes ‘switch off’ for a fraction of a second during that fast move. It prevents you getting motion sickness from rapid eye movements. It’s very very difficult to notice that blank zone but it’s there.

      I wonder what monsters lurk in that flash of darkness?


  3. I used to listen to Jones’s radio show every day until I realised he is Cointelpro/Stratfor/CIA, now I can’t listen to his voice without feeling disgusted and betrayed.

    Three hours a day (more now, I think?) of hearing that treacherous clown ranting and raving, fearmongering, selling gold and silver with Ted Anderson (pretending that a gold sovereign contains 1/4 oz of gold. Not quite, Alex. Not quite).

    As for being an antismoker. What a joke. I could go into Jones-mode and rant and rave – “you filthy, lying piece of New World Order trash. We’re going to get you. Aaaaaaaaghhh! [Starts pretending to cry] “We have to do this for the children.” Now here’s Ted Anderson with a very special offer of 1/4oz sovereigns…”

    How do you think he got a voice like that? Through chain-smoking or gargling with gravel?

    I listened to him for years. He regularly said he was back on the cigs. He once told of his evening with his bestest pal, Charlie Sheen, who joined the ‘Truth Movement’ and was on ‘prime time TV’ favourably discussing it (you don’t get to do that unless you’re one of them). Anyway, Jones said how he found it hard keeping up with Sheen/Estevez who really is a chain smoker, but he did anyway.

    Of course, Sheen also does drugs, is married but brags about the collection of other women he has and generally acts like a fruitloop, like Jones and Icke and others. That’s why these sorts of people are chosen and bought off to play along so the whole ‘conspiracy’ thing looks nutty to newcomers and they give up.

    Jones tells the truth a lot of the time, but so do most agents. So do most pathological liars. He never says *who* these elites are and it seems to me he lulls his fans into a false sense of security as if tough guys like him and Jesse Ventura are going to sort everything out for us, so we just have to write some emails, buy his DVDs, water filters, emergency shelters and Ted’s gold and silver.

    I have tried to convince people with one-off sentences and by watching hour-long videos showing 9/11 was an inside job. Whether you say you believe that or not – all these engineers and architects don’t believe the official story – many people I have spoken to say it probably was an inside job, but then make excuses so they don’t have to act, or simply say, “There’s nothing we can do about it”.

    People don’t ‘get it’ a lot of the time. Like Scottish indepretendence ruled from Brussels – with 1% of the EU’s population, a minnow among sharks and we’ll do as we’re dang well told. And the UN has started land grabs called ‘biospheres’. The first one covers 1/15th of Scotland. Much of the country/EU region is owned by foreigners, as are companies like “Scottish Power”.

    So what clout will ordinary Scots have? Yeah: none.

    Salmond wants half the world to come and live here, so there won’t even be a Scottish ‘culture’ in a few decades except on a few remote isles. But the unthinking “Yes” people don’t know or care. They think being free from the English means independence and they can’t think any further.

    Say to them that we’ll be controlled from Brussels. They say we can have a referendum on that after ‘independence’. I say that all the main parties are pro-EU and we’ll never, ever get one. They say nothing.

    I’m off track now, I know. But how much can someone be deprogrammed? Are some people too far gone now? I don’t know. I’ve been trying to convince an old dear for years that Tony Blair is a lying, warmongering traitor who hates this country, but she insists he’s a ‘great guy’.

    I receive the odd email saying that I have made them think differently and thanked me, but it’s rare.

    The rise of UKIP must mean that something is happening. Some people are able to think. The number of bloggers and their readers who know some of the cons, like SHS and ‘manmade climate change’ is encouraging.

    How do you explain that these things begin at the UN, which most folk equate with peacekeeping and feeding the starving and helping after earthquakes, etc.?

    Especially when people are scared. People seem to have small families and few real friends. We are kept busy from morn to night. Many people are more concerned about not having enough money.

    On the other hand, it only takes a small fraction of the population to partake in a revolution.

    People need to start becoming wise. For example, I don’t know how many fake ‘patriot’ groups there are now, but almost all of them bang on about Islam almost the entire time, as if that’s the main enemy.

    It’s a distraction to stop us pointing fingers (and perhaps other things) at the government who let them in to radically change our country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”.

    Best method to convince someone? After a decade of trying, don’t ask me! My best success by far has been in convincing people to avoid aspartame. So, at least, they care about themselves. Maybe the emphasis should be on, “If they can attack smokers, drinkers, fat folk, hoteliers who don’t want two blokes bunking up together, etc., then they’ll eventually come for you too.”

    When it comes down to it, it’s about self-preservation. But we need to work together – for each other for ourselves.

    “All for one, one for all.”


    • I think that, in reality, voting preference is mainly down to self interest. For example millions of public sector workers and benefit recipients are hardly likely to vote for a party that could threaten their jobs or hand outs. Nor are most recent immigrants going to vote for anything that might close our borders, particularly if they have family members trying to get in. Conversely, many people are not going to vote for a party that increases pressure on services and housing (schools, hospitals etc) at their expense. I don’t believe it’s really rooted in racism, though imported culture is an important consideration, e.g. the near-as-dammit requirement for non Muslims to eat Halal meat (unless they actively choose not to, though children don’t really have a choice).


      • The funny part is, Islam forbids the infidel from eating the holy meat. And yet the supermarkets are doling it out as if it was just plain old meat! Jihad against Sainsbury’s on the cards, maybe?


        • The Muslims generally don’t complain, apart from in Tower Hamlets, there doesn’t seem to be a real anti-homosexual thing going on.

          But then, most people who consider themselves Christians don’t speak out about anything.

          Most people who consider themselves British merely tut in private at our country disappearing.

          Most people…. care about self-preservation, I think, not realising that acting together and being proactive will make us all safer and better off in the end.


    • I’m seeing Alex Jones more and more selling gadgetry (witchcraft stuff, often) rather than exposing anything more than even the Aberdeen Press and Journal picks up on. His ‘conclusions’ these days seem overstretched. But it was the antismoking that killed it all. “I demand freedom – except for them. I don’t like them so oppressing them is okay.”

      It’s all a bit too Che Guevara really.


      • I’ve only been watching videos unmasking the disinfo agents, so I don’t know what he sells now. He’s not the Christian he pretends to be. The video of William Cooper’s broadcast exposing Jones’s year 2000 scaremongering is quite good.


  4. Stewart pretty well summed up what I’d planned to say about Alex Jones. I’m curious as to how you Brits got wind of the guy. I discovered him by accident one day while constructing a house out in the boonies of southern California where a mountain range blocked access to the radio station I normally tuned into. I liked the way he psychoanalyzed and skewered control freaks and became a avid listener – that is until I caught his first antismoking rant one day.

    I’m waiting for the day when Alex Jones has back-to-back interviews with Nigel Farage and Stanton Glantz scheduled. Sit back and watch his credibility as a spokesman for personal liberty stretched thin to the breaking point. I tuned him in just the other day out of morbid curiosity and sure enough he was on a smokophobic harangue that could have come straight out of Glantz’s mouth.

    Jones was an early adopter of Farage and UKIP. For my money you can’t fit support for Farage and Glantz into one head without it exploding out the temples in the process.


      • I can’t remember either. It was over ten years ago. A couple of years after 9/11 (I instinctively disbelieved the official story on the day) and I decided to find out more. Don’t know why I waited two years, but I got round to it and inevitably, Jones, the King of the Truth Movement, became my focus; my friend. The tough guy who talks plain and you can trust. I stopped listening about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago when I realised he is covering up for his friends and can’t be trusted.

        I heard him interview Farage and Christopher Monckton and many Brits. I assume the Watson boys are in on it. I always thought it was strange that a pair of young lads from Sheffield, Yorkshire could be high profile in Jones Inc.

        That Aaron Dykes seems like a nice chap. Don’t know if he’s a big dummy or a good actor.


  5. I used to think he was okay for a while, then he went all wierd and ranty, then even more weird and mad ranty and then I started thinking he was more nutty than those he was trying to expose and then I switched off.


  6. About the only use for anti-smokism is that it unmasks people like Jones who bat on about freedom and conspiracies and controllers and all the rest of it. They just can’t help themselves. They think that they’ll get away with that one little bit of hypocrisy and no-one will notice. To his credit, as far as I know, Icke isn’t an anti-smoker. If I remember rightly, he once equated newly-initiated members of the Illuminati and the zeal with which they work to further the NWO stuff to the kind of evangelistic ex-smokers that we all know and loathe.


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