Bah. I was looking forward to tonight. It was to be a late one with whisky and writing down the rabid imaginings of a drunk loony. Work was not supposed to start until 5 pm tomorrow.

However, one of the temporaries currently covering the morning shifts cannot make it tomorrow. I will be doing the morning and evening shifts with a big gap in between. Just for one day.

So I must to bed, sans (very much) whisky. I hope this doesn’t leave me too knackered tomorrow night. This whisky won’t drink itself.

One thing that has been troubling me is that the attacks on smokers, drinkers and the obese do not fit with the stated aim of population reduction. If smokers and fat people die younger, if smoking in particular makes the joystick floppy and the sperm drunk, then surely depopulation would be advanced by encouraging us all to become fat, sugar-scoffing drunk smokers?

Then again, there are studies appearing lately that suggest being overweight (chubby rather than planet-shaped) can actually make you live longer and heal faster. It’s long been known that the alcohol units limit (what is it, 21 units a day or something?) is way too low and you’d have to be taking in three times that amount for a long period to do any damage at all. It’s also known that teetotallers don’t live as long as moderate drinkers.

Then there is the possibility that far from causing cancer, smoking might even reduce the risk.

Maybe all these attacks on us all really do fit with depopulation.

Maybe they are getting rid of anything good for us by pretending it’s bad for us. I really wouldn’t be surprised.

Right. Have to get this out of my head or I’ll just lie awake thinking instead of sleeping.


23 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Interesting.

    The statistical significance of the correlation between lifelong spousal/occupational exposure to secondary smoke and incidence of lung cancer was only 90%.

    The statistical significance between spending on space shots and suicides by hanging was 99%.

    Literally ten times (or 1000% if you prefer) as strong.

    See the top graph at:

    The statistical link between per capita US margarine consumption and the divorce rate in the state of Maine is *also* 99%! Clearly hubbies just had it up to their ears with sneaky wives feeding them margarine instead of butter!

    Someday we’ll understand these clearly causal relationships better. Perhaps after we’ve eaten enough mozzarella cheese, with its 96% correlation with Civil Engineering PhD’s awarded!

    – MJM


  2. It sounds to me as though they are trying to bore us all to death. Or at least remove the will to live. They as sure as hell aren’t worried about our health, otherwise they would clean up the hospitals.


    • Indded – there are diseases in hospitals you can’t catch anywhere else! If you’re not properly sick when you go in, they’ll soon see to it that you are.


  3. I’ve often wondered this myself regarding smoking. Leaving smokers alone is a win-win-win situation for the global eugenicists and their puppet governments, surely? If what the ‘experts’ say is all true. On one hand, smoking supposedly kills off its partakers younger than would otherwise be the case and on the other hand the government rakes in £billions a year in tax and if you are a genetic mutant with a third hand, said government saves a fortune in pensions and care homes.

    Now, either smoking is not as bad as ‘they’ say or it’s not killing people in large enough numbers, or both.

    When Agenda 21 gets into full swing, their warped ideas of ‘sustainability’ will demand massively more dead bodies than smoking, drinking and fat/salt/sugar can pile up.

    I’m sure they’ll be more inventive than some. Stalin and the Nazis had millions cold-bloodedly murdered.

    But Stalin also used starvation as did Mao during China’s ‘Great Leap Forward’. (Always, terrible things are made to sound really good.)

    Just checking up on Mao here (How Mao Killed 45 Million People):

    Various methods were used. Here’s one we can all relate to today, which has proven counter-productive (from our perspective) but maybe it’s to condition the workers how to think and act:

    “Countless people were killed indirectly through neglect, as local cadres were under pressure to focus on figures rather than on people, making sure they fulfilled the targets they were handed by the top planners.”


  4. Not sure TPTB want to reduce population, at least in first world countries (and ex USSR). I thought they need to keep up birth rates in order to borrow money in the form of gov bonds. In other words, every new born is regarded as property of the state to be ultimately used for wealth creation, and the state borrows on this basis.


    • Ah, a conflict of interest looms. As with ‘thou shalt not smoke’ conflicting with ‘smokers must pay more tax’.

      So the Green Cult wants to reduce the population but to governments, people are currency… could get interesting.


  5. What if “healthy living” is the true killer? Cycling is a great way of reducing the population size. Running wrecks your knees, veggie diets cause ill health, being a rampant leftie with all the worrying to do about the planet and the animals, taking life preserving drugs that kill you quicker, being clean, drinking water from the tap along with all the additives….


    • Excessively healthy living is the most deadly of all. Cutting out all salt, sugar and fats from your diet should finish you off in about a week. Keeping your home sterile rather than clean would probably be okay for a fully developed adult, but a child growing up in that house would have no immune system worth speaking of.

      Water is for washing and flushing toilets. Drink the stuff? A disgusting notion.


  6. Maybe the idea is to increase the suicide rate by terrifying people and boring them. Suicide is nice and clean, isn’t it?


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