Religious termination

For the time being I will leave religion alone while I ruminate on all the comments and re-evaluate my somewhat random thoughts on the matter.

Last night was the Night of the Demon Birds. I went to bed early, about 2 am, and the Dawn Chorus started even though it was at least 90 minutes to dawn. Tweet tweet tweet. Chirp chirp chirp. Things that sounded like flying car alarms and feathered torture victims. And the bloody wood pigeons. They are the most irritating of all especially since the radio mentioned that their call fits, syllable for syllable, with ‘she drives me crazy’ by the Fine Young Cannibals. It’s worse than Postman Pat or the Floral Dance. I’m trying to count sheep but all I see is jumping clowns.

Eight o’clock, time to get up, not a fucking peep. They are all out there on branches thinking ‘We kept him awake most of the night, let’s see if he sleeps in now we’re quiet.’

Ha! Alarm Clock 3 is the loud one with no snooze button, placed where I can’t reach it. I have no illusions about my ability to transition  between sleep and wake. I can do either for a long time but changing between one and the other is the hard part.

For religion, one last poke in the eye  –

jesushiddenI don’t care how religious or antireligious you are, that image is funny unless you are JW.

And for the real people in the JW, also funny.



29 thoughts on “Religious termination

  1. Birds kept you up all night, Leggy?

    Are you getting the exchange rate system yet, or should I just carry on?

    I wonder if Alexander used a sword to slay them. Through the looking glass plane, he uses words and his logisticians are full of humour


  2. Right or wrong ,the religious extremists actually go out to expand their ideals,going to any
    level to achieve their ultimate aim, unlike our freedom seeking idealists who clog up the web with their eternal groans,moans,babbling and twittering. Any mention of an activity,
    a gatthering,a meeting or physical protest and we are suffocated in a mind numbing
    silence. Words may cry for freedom,liberty and choice but only action will win them back.


    • You are entirely correct of course, but consider this –

      If a group of people march along a street chanting ‘Behead the Infidel’, the police will escort them at most. Nobody will be arrested.

      If someone sits quietly in a corner of an empty pub and lights a cigarette, the full force of the law will come down on them like the flushing of Satan’s toilet after he’s had one of those special Vindaloos only Hell can create. If the landlord does not enforce the Hate Laws, he will be fined. Even if he doesn’t smoke and never has.

      Open action such as a pub smoke-in (which has been suggested) will only result in the landlord being hounded into bankruptcy by the vicious bastards in power. We have to be underground and underhand. I’m doing things that I won’t tell anyone about yet. The ASHites have not found me in their number and I won’t give even a hint to anyone at all (so don’t email asking!) because the moment they find me, I’ll be ejected and the insane stuff I’ve given them will be discarded.

      They need to go right over the edge. They need to discredit themselves. We can tell people the truth, that smoking does not make you deaf or stupid or cause bacterial infections to spontaneously generate. We can tell people about the fake science and outright lies but they will not listen to us. We have been branded ‘addicts’. Nobody listens to addicts.

      They listen to the authorities. Until those authorities become absurdities. Then it all comes crashing down. It will happen. I don’t know when but it is looking closer every day – and when it happens it will be too fast to stop.

      We won’t win with a bang, but with a whisper 😉

      And if it helps, in some small way, to discredit all the politial parties who have slavishly followed the ‘hate a smoker/drinker/chubby’ mantra, that is a very big bonus.

      No compassion and no compromise. Sneaky infiltration and downright lies. They have created the rules of the game. Play by their rules.

      We won’t win otherwise.


  3. Woodpigeons? Lucky bastard, there’s two lots of magpies whose territories meet ouside my bedroom window. Disputes occur at first light.
    and so on for hours.


    • We have crows and seagulls who like to dogfight sometimes. They don’t tend to bother too early though – unless they find an unattended bin bag or a spilled takeaway on a weekend morning.


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