Not to eat Flesh nor Fish, that is the Law. Are we not Men?

Everyone will recognise that line from ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ by H. G. Wells. A great book but made into a lousy film. I lost my copy a long time ago. Must get another one.

In that story, Dr. Moreau made people. He made them out of animals using surgery and pain, then he sent them to live on another part of the island because none of them were really successful. Well, when you want to make a human, starting with a leopard is just making things difficult for yourself. He did try an ape, which was better but still not a success.

To control his Failed Men (nothing to do with an entirely different short story by, I think, Brian Aldiss) he gave them Laws. A series of statements, each followed by ‘Are we not Men?’ (but he didn’t add ‘We are Devo’) – that was to instill pride and guilt in equal measure. As long as they followed the Laws, they could consider themselves Men, not animals. The Doc had to curb their tendency to revert to type, which would be very dangerous indeed when you have Men made out of bears and tigers.

I never saw any real-life allegory in that story. It was just a story. Maybe ol’ H.G. thought it was just a story too. I wonder if it came from a whisky dream? It does have that quality about it… but I digress and that’s not a good thing. It’s going to be hard to force this post to a point anyway!

Lately there have been more and more news stories telling us how eating meat will make us all die. Newsflash – not eating meat will also make you die. You are going to die. Forget about it, there is nothing at all you can do about it, so just have a good time while you can. You really don’t want to face that Grimy Reaper (he tried showering but the water just went straight through) and think of all the things you could have done, the things you could have tried, but denied yourself because the medics told you you would die if you did them. It’s too late when the scythe swings.

Maybe we don’t meet him. Maybe Ray Bradbury’s story ‘The Scythe’ in ‘The October Country’ is right. Maybe the Reaper does it all remotely. Maybe now he does it with an iScythe.

Anyway. ‘They’ want us to not eat animals because… well I don’t know why. Maybe they want all the bacon for themselves, the greedy fat bastards, or maybe it’s all part of the plan to destroy any kind of successful business. If nobody ate bacon, what would happen to all the pig farms?

It’s not about ‘saving the animals’ because if nobody ate any pork products there would not be a live pig in the country within a week. They’d all be shot and sent to China where they eat anything. HoiSin sauce is a wonderful invention. It really doesn’t matter what meat is soaked in it, it always tastes great.

By now we are well used to the idea of smoking causing things it cannot possibly cause, like dandruff, soft shoulder, the onset of the nadgers, spots before the ankles and general lurgi (fortunately there is a cure) so it will surely come as no surprise that meat now causes lumps in the lady lumps.

I don’t have lady lumps so pass the bacon this way. So far, despite the title, we can still eat seafood because that is so very ethically produced.

Ladies, if you don’t want bacon to cause boob cancer, may I suggest you stop padding your bras with it? We know why you do it – you’ll snare a man in an instant with a pound of bacon and you know it. When engaged in an extended session of ‘put your face between them and go blblblbl blblblbl blblblbl’, a snack is always appreciated but please don’t put your health at risk on our account. You can just hand us a bacon sarnie when we come up for air. It will work just the same. As long as it’s made with real butter and brown sauce, we are yours to command.

The report was, of course, in that propaganda hack-rag the British Medical Journal. It used to be a respected scientific journal, once. Now it’s trying to swap places with the Sunday Sport.

Also in the British Meddling Journal is the report that says ‘you need expensive drugs, you just don’t know it yet‘.

Really. If you are not diabetic, you will be. Unless you boost the drug dealer’s profits by accepting free drugs paid for out of your taxes and that you have no need to take because you aren’t ill. If your blood sugar is a little too high, skip a doughnut. It’s far safer than sucking down random chemicals devised solely to make sure the head of the company can afford three more Bugattis and a moped. Pharmaceuticals are not made for your benefit. They are made for profit. No other reason.

The entire medical profession have become drug pushers for the Pharmers. It’s all they do now.

If you eat the natural food your guts are designed to deal with, you will die in horrible agony. To live forever you must ingest artificial chemicals whose sole purpose is profit for someone else. And you will still die. Of nothing.

But hey, let’s not get too depressed. Let’s end with a song… for the BMJ.


29 thoughts on “Not to eat Flesh nor Fish, that is the Law. Are we not Men?

  1. “The report was, of course, in that propaganda hack-rag the British Medical Journal. It used to be a respected scientific journal, once”

    Not lately though. Read the experience Dave Kuneman and I had with the BMJ back in 2005. Our research, which basically and decisively refuted their previously approved and published Glantz’s Helena study, was rejected primarily on the basis that it “contributed nothing new to what is already known” — which, given their previous publication, was a rather nonsensical excuse.


    – MJM


    • Smoking prevents thunderstorms? Damn, that’ll be why I’m not getting any here.

      It is encouraging though – I have been on the pure leaf for a long time now. No additives for me!


  2. “Not to eat Flesh nor Fish.”

    The EU quotas will eventually ensure the latter. We will definitely be deprived of meat in the future.

    H G Wells was a big fan of world government and a eugenicist and for a while, a member of the Fabian Society. Very much a socialist.

    Remember those ‘Forum for the Future’ “future scenarios” megacities cartoons 3 or 4 years ago? I remember one of these where the woman (I think she’s called Dee) takes her son to the supermarket and he asks for meat and she says something like “It’s not your birthday”.

    Basically, it’s potatoes and veg for almost everyone in the name of sustainability. There’s also a ghetto where those who won’t comply live without electricity, etc.

    What am I saying? Oh yes…. ‘Forum for the Future’ is one of those registered ‘charities’, but instead of getting most of their funds from the government, nearly all theirs come from corporate donors, so it’s not really a charity (as usual). It’s a front for making videos to show the politicians and brainwash the masses as to what must happen to ‘save the planet’.

    We’re being told by all and sundry that we need to eat less meat because more crops could be grown on the land and the methane pumped out is adding to bovine climate change (why not blame the cows for a change?).

    (BTW nearly a billion people could be fed on farmland used for biofuels or left idle as investments.)

    What eugenics/world government messages are there in Wells’ books, I wonder? I understand that the majority of top grossing films have an evolution theory base, largely the alien ones, which allude to the notion that intelligent life evolved on a large number of planets. Wells wrote “War of the Worlds” and it seems important that people believe in aliens (some ‘conspiracy theorists’ believe that governments will fake an alien landing one day to usher in the final stages of global government).

    Don’t mock the idea. After decades of training, many people now truly believe that two blokes or two birds should be allowed to marry each other. Those who disagree are under increasing persecution.

    In “The Time Machine” the Morlocks have evolved from humans.

    Having been a major Fabian, Wells would likely have known their agenda to slowly destroy the family to enable global socialism. Replacing religion with evolution theory seems important to the ‘entertainment’ industry and the ‘educational’ system.

    But back to meat. When they want to wean us off it, they’ll use scare tactics and probably introduce maximum weekly ‘safe’ amounts.

    Another interesting thing is what former KGB subversion agent, Yuri Bezmenov, calls the ‘demoralisation stage’. It all helps towards that. Maybe that’s what the smoking ban’s really about. A demoralised people is so much easier to manipulate.

    A mixed bag for you. Complete garbage to some, but like Leggy, “It’s going to be hard to force this post to a point anyway!” and so it turned out in my case.

    Basically we face a future without meat to save the planet. I could just have said that and saved us all time.


    • The moves to ban meat and pet dogs are becoming really clear. The Scottish government led by Lardy Boy and the Caviar Socialist want to licence airguns. If an airgun has a muzzle velocity over a certain value (where it becomes actually dangerous) it already has to be licenced. Next they will want licences for spud guns and Action Man.

      Actually, they’ll probably ban Action Man and replace him with Whoopsie Man in a pink tank with a flower in the gun barrel.

      Or maybe Inaction Man, the only accessories you need are a soft chair and a TV showing reality programmes. Oh, and little plastic pizzas.

      Little plastic pizzas already exist. I saw them in a shop, years ago.

      In Local Shop, I saw the sign on the Christmas crackers stating that under the ‘explosives act’, nobody under 16 could buy any. That’s no joke. They really think that a twelve-year-old Jihadi will buy hundreds of Christmas crackers and make a bomb that you have to pull to fire, and which will then shower all the victims with plastic toys, paper hats and bad jokes. Oh, the horror!

      The stuff in the homeware section that could really do some serious damage (bleach in a spray bottle, FFS!) is not age restricted.

      It makes no sense and it’s not meant to. It’s meant to confuse and baffle and keep everyone off-balance Keep them from thinking logically.

      It works.


      • Yes, I can envisage a one-dog rule as well as a one-child policy.

        El Presidente Salmondo could replace Action Man with a leftie doll of himself. The extra plastic needed would treble the price. I still have my talking Action Man from about 40 years ago. I think he has ten phrases. He still worked last time I encountered him. I wonder what Salmond’s phrases would be…


    • I still have the album, on vinyl. Is that Mr. Oizo in the front row of that video?

      I also have an old electric guitar that I never learned to play properly. One day I will make a plank guitar out of it. When I get hold of some decent wood… or driftwood, which was what Wild Willy Barret’s was made of.


  3. I think the medicalisation of people who are not ill is wrong. I think it’s also unethical. Statins do have side effects or adverse events as they are known. Muscle pain and nausea are the main ones. Obviously not everyone gets this but why take the risk when their cholesterol/HDL/LDL are normal? A vaccination is one thing for prevention, but taking drugs every day for the rest of your life when you may not need to is asking for trouble. I take alcohol every day but that is for true medicinal reasons of course πŸ™‚


    • Dosing people up with drugs to sell drugs rather than to cure anything isn’t just wrong, it’s evil. It is actually worse than what heroin dealers do. They don’t pretend their drugs are good for you. They don’t pretend they are doing it for your benefit and they don’t pretend it’s all free.

      I take no medication. Aspirin if I am in real pain. At my age that makes me pretty damn odd but I am normal weight and smoke and drink way over what is ‘allowed’, eat what the hell I feel like eating and have never jogged nor been inside a gym. And yet I can move a heavy metal-based table with one hand. I have pretty much no muscle definition that any bodybuilder would recognise. I have never had a ‘six-pack’ though a few years back I did have a keg. It’s mostly gone now. The job saw to that.

      Maybe I will die suddenly and unexpectedly when my lifestyle catches up with me and my body says ‘Oh, that’s it, I quit’. That sounds like a good way to go.

      Some years after my death, the next occupants of this house will still get letters from the NHS saying ‘We see from our records that you are still smoking’ and they will be puzzled by the sound of distant, ghostly mirth.


    • Link is fixed now. It’s done this before, so I know how to sort it out.

      I have wondered about bras and saggy boobs. It’s like when I wondered about glasses – got mine when I was 12. If I was going through puberty where some bits grow faster than others, that must apply to eyes too. Putting ‘corrective’ lenses in front of those changing eyes meant they adapted to looking through the lenses. Now I need the lenses. If I had not admitted that ‘Top of the Pops’ was out of focus, maybe I wouldn’t.

      As with boobs – holding them in cages must mean that the muscles intended to hold them up do not develop. Why would they? They have nothing to do.

      There are only one sort of boobs that are a turnoff for me. Plastic ones that look like the domes on the side of a Dalek. I cannot fathom why women -or anyone- would go for surgery they don’t need. Especially when the domes have a limited life and they have to pay for new ones after a while.

      Reality is already an illusion. There’s no need to add more illusion on top.


      • Re not becoming dependent on glasses…

        I resisted eyeglasses all through high school and college after suddenly having my eyes go south for distance seeing. Yeah, I got along with the fuzzy world OK, but they never got better. Nor did they get significantly worse once I started bicycling and realized I really *DID* need them if I was going to stay alive out on the roads. Heh, plus I discovered just how purty all those gals off on the other side of the bar looked when I was wearing them!



        • ‘Heh, plus I discovered just how purty all those gals off on the other side of the bar looked when I was wearing them!’ – and that didn’t distract you from cycling safely, MJM?

          Two inches from my nose was turned to fuzz by rubella, when I was about 7. Still, I got given these babies to wear:

          Bullying ensued of course, but thankfully I could at least see the little bastards coming.

          In fact, my eyes have been slowly correcting themselves over the last 15 years or so. Everything is still blurred without specs but I can now at least see the eye-chart board at the opticians, if not the letters on them.


      • Lol, agree on the Dalek tits – ugh!.

        In Carl Hiaasen’s ‘Skin Tight’ a botched boob job actually manages to take out an eye. I’m pretty sure my nips could do that without resorting to the expense of botched surgery; all that’s needed is a change in temperature.

        Hey, perhaps the lack of caging has developed the muscle and bloodflow, helping to keep gravity at bay so far. I wonder if any studies have been done on that? What do you reckon, Legs, would there be funding available for some junk science to attack the Big Bra Industry with?


  4. I’ve just read the Island of Dr Moreau. It’s in a book with a few of his stories. I’ve nearly finished The Food of the Gods and have yet to read The Days of the Comet and the War of the Worlds. If you want it when I’m done with it, you can have it. Send me an email.


  5. “By now we are well used to the idea of smoking causing things it cannot possibly cause”…
    Back in 2008, I put a comment in a Newspaper. I cloaked the contribution as an official source. I did it with incredulity, as I was waiting for the response. My comment stated that it was a known fact that children, and even second generation born of smokers could have web feet. There was no response, it was accepted as fact.


    • Tim, yes, unfortunately the Antis have moved SO far into the crazydaizy fields that it’s almost impossible to satirize them without add a special note that it IS a satire. After all, how can you get crazier than worrying about Polonium 210 poisoning from thirdhand smoke getting on a child’s dropped pacifier? (FYI, if you rubbed the pacifier on the smoker’s floor and then gave it to the baby every day, and suspended the laws of physics and biology, the baby would absorb the “killing dose” talked about in roughly 2.5 quadrillion years, assuming a full square inch of pacifier surface.) (That’s 2,500,000,000,000,000 years. About 250,000 full BigBang cyclings of the universe. And no diaper changes allowed till it was over.) Or crazier than worrying about being poisoned by a smoking truck driver while driving behind the truck on a highway? Or worrying about smoke crawling along electrical wires or leaping off of telephones to attack you and give you breast cancer?

      How *can* you satirize that stuff anymore?

      – MJM, who will confess however, that he HAS tried, valiantly, over the years! :> See


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