Other blogs.

I have something brewing on money, time and death in my head but it’s not fully formed. Instead, here is a mish-mash of bloggers who beat me to the best ideas, and who probably did a better job of them all anyway..

On Bozza’s delight at buying second hand water cannons he is not (yet) allowed to use. If he has gone ahead and bought them, then he is certain he will be allowed – perhaps required – to use them.

On the Trojan Horse schools, in which those who come to this country believe that the warm and sunny one they left behind is better than the cold and wet one they took such trouble to move to.

On Feminism. I’m all for it. You ladies are welcome to do all the work. I’ll just sit around in my dressing gown and slippers drinking all day and get the frozen pie and oven chips in for when you come home. Then demand new shoes and pretend I have no idea how to put petrol in the car.

And there is something about a kick-ball game in South America that is getting the news all excited, but I cannot get up any interest in the matter.

It’s one of those nights, the night before the night before the coveted Day Off, that I just want to get over and done with. Tomorrow is a tough one, the next day is ‘see no sunlight’ day because tomorrow night is a big whisky night. A very big one.

Tonight just feels ‘meh’.




5 thoughts on “Other blogs.

  1. The longest recorded ski jump is 246m. That will see you land in about a week’s time. Now, I’ve no doubt you’re more than capable of matching or surpassing that feat, but for the sake of this reader, who doesn’t fancy developing a crick in the neck and RSI from drummed fingers, could you just aim to fly like an Eagle and land a bit sooner? You know, like a plucky Underdog.


  2. Water canons…I can trump that. Police Scotland has around 300 officers out on the streets with hand guns. Yes that’s true. They have them in a holster just in case, now, since Scotland gas very few areas where guns would ever be required. But the polis say they are necessary.

    On a few occassions the crime get a bit excited mainly because some other gang of crims is trying to take over their drug patch. They shoot at each other or they shoot a leader guy. No matter to the polis, they need guns. Complaints are being made especially from villages etc in the countryside which we have copious amounts of although it mostly belongs to someone who’s ancestors were given it from a King in England.

    It’s just too silly for words. Paramilitary police. Police Scotland fit for no purpose and having more toys than you can shake a very bit stick at.



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