They don’t like it up ’em, Captain Mainwaring.

A phrase instantly familiar to those Of A Certain Age but for the youth who might not have heard of it, here is a quick summary.

It seems there is now a Cult of Vapeology that has it in for the control freaks of tobacco control. The control freaks have no idea what these people are so upset about, you know. Since they think vapers are a cult, they quite clearly have absolutley no idea about anything at all and are even more out of touch than the average politician.

Australian and UK health campaigners are being targeted with abusive, four letter emails and Twitter rants from a ‘bizarre’ online cult who oppose their stance on electronic smoking.

Um… the ‘bizzare cult’ are the people who use electronic cigarettes and who, strangely, do not want them banned by interfering bastards. We smokers didn’t get a ‘cult’, all we got was accusations of working for Big Baccy and being ‘pro-smoking’, neither of which is true. But then truth and the Righteous have never met, have they?

The Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University told MailOnline most e-cigarette dealers in Australia are ‘dodgy’ and are ‘out to make a quick buck.’

They consider themselves immune to libel laws also. If you are a legitimate Electrofag seller in Australia, you might want to have your lawyers look at that statement.

What are these naughty vapers sending to this poor, oppressed, self-important vicious little dictator, I wonder?

‘Four letter emails starting with C and F,’ Dr Daube told MailOnline on Thursday.

Oh, now calling him a cart and a frog is just beyond the pale.

‘Really vile, vicious and nasty stuff. ‘I couldn’t tell you who they are, all I know is that there is this quite bizarre group called ‘vapers’ writing them.’

Vapers are bizarre? Have you looked in a mirror recently, Daube? How are vapers trying to control your life? How many businesses have vapers destroyed? How many governments are they trying to control? Look in that mirror again and think ‘bizarre’, you arrogant self-serving wannabe petty godlet.

He claims to be an expert on the Electrofag and how dangerous it can be and has never heard the word ‘vaper’? Governments listen to these people! How mind-numbingly shallow does a politician have to be to fall for the unresearched made-up spoutings of these so-called ‘scientists’? They haven’t even bothered to look at whose lives they plan to destroy. All they care about is the destruction. Politicians hang on every word that spews forth from their mouths like a bad reaction to a festering pizza, then those politicians get down on their hands and knees and just lap it all up.

When the people affected by the control freakery react, they are branded a ‘bizarre cult’ because there isn’t yet a Big Electrofag that the Righteous can pretend are funding them.

Dr Daube, who is also the president of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health, said he had never before experienced such vitriol in his 40 years of research in tobacco.

Well it’s about time you did. You destroy people’s social lives for fun and profit, you despicable excuse for flesh. You lord it over governments who you believe are only voted into office to do your bidding. They you call smokers disgusting. Dare to look in that mirror one more time?

Oh, I am sure you have no trouble with mirrors, Daube. Narcissists never do.

And here is the UK version –

In the UK, Professor of Public Health Martin Mckee wrote a skeptical piece in the British Medical Journal on e-cigarette smoking, and straight after its publication received a trail of hate tweets from vapers.
‘I have been overwhelmed by the response to my paper’ he said. ‘Within a few hours of it being posted on the BMJ website I was attracting hundreds of messages on twitter, almost all personally abusive … ‘vile cretin’ was one of them.’
He said he ‘had no idea that the e-cigarette lobby was so well organised.’

The e-cigarette ‘lobby’? Well organised? What planet are these people from? These are ordinary people venting their hate on people who have built their careers on hating whole swathes of the population at once. What you give is what you get, and here it comes, Righteous.

Absolutely zero sympathy here. The hate they are seeing directed at them is a mere drop in the ocean of hate they, and their pet politicians, have orchestrated against so very many others.

It’s just the beginning.


24 thoughts on “They don’t like it up ’em, Captain Mainwaring.

  1. I don’t understand the man. Vaping isn’t smoking by any stretch of the imagination. Vaping is surely a means to ‘reform’ you eeevil real smoke inhalers and has few or none of the health implications. If he was a true anti smoker then I’d expect him to actually embrace vaping with open arms, but then it’s not really about smoking really is it?

    P.S. I think the ‘hundreds’ of ‘vile’ Twats was more like two or three critical of his stance of which ‘vile cretin’ was but one. Frankly, I think he comes across as a bit of a farcical drama drag queen, but then aren’t all the fanatics of that ilk?


    • It’s obvious I’m not on Twitter. ‘Vile cretin’ is the insult of an amateur.

      Vaping is not smoking but it looks like smoking and that is good enough for these control freaks. I’m surprised they haven’t yet tried to ban ‘chewing on a pencil while thinking’ since that must inevitably be a gateway to smoking.

      They’ll get around to it. It’ll be a way to ban thinking too.


  2. What planet are these people from? Don’t think I’ve got the answer to that. Certainly not the one we’re on, that’s for sure.

    I’ve just finished reading an article about the evils of sugar in the Daily Mail (honestly, you’d think I’d have more taste). The general gist of it was, that if only we’d give up sugar, we’d be saved!! Saved, I tell you. Saved!

    In another article, health pundits are urging the government to put a tax on sugar, just in case we thought we could make our own minds up, Just in case we thought we’d escape! Argh….it their no end to it?


    • xx (honestly, you’d think I’d have more taste). xx

      “Taste” went out of the window when they stopped putting sugar and salt in our foods.

      I bought a box of Weetabix and one of shredded wheat recently. “Reduced sugar” (read “NONE”) Weetabix tatse like wet cardboard wrapped in shite, and the shredded what, I have tasted straw used for pig and horse bedding that tatses better than the crap they sell as this once fine product!

      NOT how I remember them before the Nazis got their hands on them.


    • Sugar – or at least one of them, glucose – is what your brain runs on. Giving up sugar is like a car giving up petrol.

      I thought most Mail reporters had already given it up. Then again, if you have no car, it doesn’t matter howe much petrol you have…


  3. Dr Daube, who is also the president of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health, said he had never before experienced such vitriol in his 40 years of research in tobacco

    That’s probably because he has never actually met an irate public before, it seems that he’s been in the background preaching to the converted for a very long time.

    Unfortunately he is one of ours.

    “Mike Daube has devoted the last four decades to campaigning against Big Tobacco.

    He started his career in the United Kingdom as director of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) from 1973 to 1979 and, subsequently, as senior lecturer in health education at Edinburgh University.

    In 1984, he joined the government of the state of Western Australia, where he held senior posts until 2005, including Director General of Health. Since then, as professor of health policy at Curtin University, he was chair of the Australian Government’s Tobacco Expert Committee that recommended the plain packaging legislation and he helped to lead the campaign for this as part of a series of tobacco control measures in Australia. He has advised governments and health organizations around the world on tobacco control.”

    Previously worked for Shelter.

    “The arrival of the activist Mike Daube as director of ASH in the 1970s brought this new emphasis and style to the organisation. Daube had a campaigning stance derived from his previous work at the housing charity Shelter, which had pioneered a media and publicity conscious approach to social issues. He was strongly influenced by this new style of campaigning introduced by the director of Shelter, Des Wilson. Daube also had a background in student politics.

    In an interview he gave to an Australian journalist in the mid-1970s, Daube showed his media style: “It seemed to me when I came into ASH that here was a pressure campaign that was ripe. It hadn’t been properly used. You had your villain. You had your St George and the dragon scenario, you had your growing ecology bandwagon, growing interest in consumerism. It seemed there were a lot of prospects of making something out of it.” Daube was expert at working up the issue in the media with eye catching stunts and spin.”


    “The merchants of death – and I assume that phrase was thought up by Sir George Godber because he thought up most of the good phrases that we use – the merchants of death are the tobacco manufacturers and we must confront them on every battle field, whether it is health,political, social, environmental or any other. The case for action is overwhelming. We ourselves cannot take the political action but we can make life so uncomfortable for the politicians that they feel compelled to act. If we don’t do it, nobody else will. The message from WHO, the Royal College of Physicians and the Surgeon General’s report is that our case is unanswerable.” Mike Daube, June 1979
    http: //

    Report on Fifth World Conference on Smoking and Health – 1983
    “The essence of the anti-tobacco campaign was heard at one of the best attended plenary sessions at Winnipeg(approx. 750 people) when the U.K’s Mike Daube, one of the opposition’s most articulate and effective leaders, stated :

    “Where do we go from here?
    I believe we go to war.
    We recognize quite clearly that this is war with a determined enemy.
    The tobacco industry has demonstrated in every instance that it has forfeited the right to be regarded as anything other than the opposition.

    The merchants of death are the manufacturers, and we must confront them on every battleground, whether it be health, political,social, environmental, economic or any other.”
    http: //

    Mike Daube is reputedly the inventor of the term Creative Epidemiology, you know the kind of thing, comparing the estimated deaths from smoking to x amount of jumbo jets crashing to give the numbers an emotional impact.


    • No, they have never engaged with the public before. All they do is seed ‘consultations’ with their drones. What their demands mean to real people has never been of any interest to them at all.

      As for ‘Creative Epidemiology’, that actually translates into ‘Fabricated made-up stuff’.


  4. For most of their lives people have been told by the wankers in tobacco control that cigarettes are bad (mmkay?) Then they find something less harmful and these arseholes want them banned too, you can understand why people are angry.


    • Smokers have been angry for a long time. The trouble is, we have a smoke and calm down.

      Take the smokes away and… bang. That, aside from the tax, is why the Grey Suits won’t let it get banned.

      Vapers are not the same as smokers. They don’t chill quite so fast. It isn’t the nicotine that does it, despite the antibaccy idiots insisting that that is what it’s all about.

      They will treat vapers the same as they treated smokers. The result will be very different.

      Smokers are watching and will learn from this.


  5. That Daily Mail article is absolutely stomach-turning. The sheer brazenness of logical fallacy being thrown around beggars belief.

    Yet somehow it’s the vapers being portrayed as unreasonable, deluded villains instead of the people accusing them.

    “Organised lobby” and “funny cult group”?!! Not to mention “dodgy” (speaking as a vendor as well as a vaper).

    Your blog post perfectly captures the incredulity and contempt so many of us must have felt after reading that sad excuse for balanced reporting. +1 for scathing eloquence done right.


    • It’s actually a standard technique that has been around a long time. The troll will poke and poke and become ever more abusive and insulting and vicious and as soon as the target reacts, it’s ‘Oh, look, I am being attacked, I am the victim here’.

      They have played this game for many years. Their methods never change.


    • Yeah. Spread the word, antismokers. Let those you hate know who it is that’s behind it all.

      We don’t need to do a damn thing, really. They are destroying themselves. Pass the popcorn.


  6. Arnott tried the same trick of trying to get the sympathy vote a few years ago. Didn’t she drag in Frank Davis and Dick P with her claims of malice? What they are trying to do is to paint themselves as the ‘underdogs’ (!) fighting against Big Bad E-cig. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.
    What I liked about the comments was that no one rose to the bait by called Daube etc names in their comments. They stuck to the facts, even though a couple of anti trolls tried to goad them.


  7. I was a smoker for 30 years, and am now one a fully paid up member of the vaping community. Tossers like Daube can call us a cult – I would alter one letter and throw it back at him. We now have the filthy, socially outcast smokers being joined by the abnormal, two headed, mentally deranged vapers, but at least our combined motivation isn’t hate and control.


  8. Apologies to Jon Anderson and Vangelis..(and Donna Summer)

    “The Cult of Vapeology, will be,
    The Cult of Vapeology, will be..”

    OK, I’ll fuck off….


  9. They deserve every word of it AND MORE! And I sincerely hope that some of our US pols and empty talking heads in the FDA get some of this righteous treatment too!


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