When writng an entirely fictional thing such as ‘Panoptica’ it is sensible to first map out the fictional world you intend to set the story in. This was not a problem with ‘Jessica’s Trap’ since it was set in the English civil war so the basic setting was already in a history book. The demon characters were all in another old book. The setting was easy.

With ‘Samuel’s Girl’, the setting was the fictional town of Marchway which I had already mapped out, bit by bit, in short stories. It’s set in the present so again, the basic reality is there.

‘Panoptica’ is set in the future (at this rate, sometime next week) so the sensible thing to do was to spend some time setting the parameters. How does the money system work? How do people get around? Can they travel outside the city and what do they see betwen cities? How do they get food and medicine? How are children raised to ensure that they accept the State-controlled world they live in? How are the ‘ghosts’ (the unchipped outsiders) surviving outside the Panoptica-world? All that and more needs to be in place in your head before you start.

I didn’t do that.

As a result I have to keep going back and changing things as I discover new issues and have to find a way to solve them. Travel between cities is possible after filling out endless forms and paying endless form fees. Travel is by train with no windows because (they are told) the land outside the cities is a radioactive wasteland as a result of a war, and even the windowless trains are not fully protective against the deadly cancer-causing rays of doom. This very effectively discourages the drones from ever trying to leave the city.

The children though, that was more of a problem. I tried various scenarios. Our protagonist (known so far by the placeholder 10538, for reasons ELO fans will instantly understand) was married to a woman and they had a child. That was far too ordinary. The State has been trying to destroy the family for a long time so in Panoptica, they must surely have succeeded .

Then I thought of the ‘Brave New World’ scenario where children are grown in tanks and brought up by the collective, but the dire state of Panoptica’s finances and the desperately poor indoctrination that passes for education means there is nobody to pay for such an installation, and nobody who could be trusted to run it.

Perhaps children are rotated around parents, such that you ‘adopt’ a random child for a year and then get another one next year. That means you get to be an expert in raising a child between the ages of 4 and 5 but never get to see any of them grow up. No, that would also mean that some poor bugger has to pay for college for a child every single year. There would be rebellion and that is to be avoided at all costs.

So I decided on a system whereby mothers give birth in isolation and under general anaesthetic. It’s painless so it’s an easy sell to the drones. When they wake up they are either allocated a baby (not neccesarily their own) or told that the baby died in childbirth. Dead babies are easily produced in Panoptica because nobody has any qualms about  killing them. Disabled or damaged babies are therefore killed and the mother to whom that child was to be allocated is told that it was a stillbirth.

Gay couples do not escape this. A doctor will see any gay couple who want a child and their education means they believe it is possible. Under the pretence of maternity care, one of them will be injected with water-retention drugs so their abdomen gradually swells. Then, under general anaesthetic, the water is drained away and the now-slimmer gay bloke gets allocated a baby.

If this means a woman has to die to make the numbers balance, so be it. Political correctness trumps ethics. That’s already true anyway.

In Panoptica, nobody is born alive but disabled because those born disabled don’t get to take a second breath. White parents can have black babies and vice versa. Gay couples of either sex can reproduce. All of this seems perfectly normal to the drones because they have been taught that it is normal, and because they see it in everyday life. How can you deny State teachings when the Pakistani/African couple next door have a Chinese baby? There you are, you see, it really does happen. There is no such thing as race. It’s all just random.

Okay. That’s that part of this future horror sketched out. I now have a background for 10538’s shock and horror at hearing those terrible, divisive and sexist words ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ used in place of the much more inclusive ‘Carer’.

Then I take a look around the blogs and find – dammit – Oily Al and his Sinister Nanny Party have already taken the first steps along this road! I shouldn’t be surprised really. It is the logical way for Lefties to stamp out racism.

Scottish children are to be allocated a ‘named person’ at birth who will oversee the parents’ ability to look after the child according to State directions. Not so much a Godparent as a Satanparent, methinks. There will be no discussion between this ‘named person’ and the parents at any time, and the ‘named person’ can call in authorities if they see medical records suggesting the child may not be developing into a good little drone.

If Oily Al gets this into place and then gets independence, I am moving out pronto.

Then I am going to retitle ‘Panoptica’. I’ll call it ‘Edinburgh’.

Hm. I have a map of Edinburgh. So now I have a street plan for Panoptica all ready to go.



17 thoughts on “Worldbuilding.

  1. 😀 try,-3.188317,3a,90y,39h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sA4FYFr-_qQYCse04nH4g5g!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x7b7aed2a914874d4!6m1!1e1

    as your ops center. BRILLIANT PLACE! Corner of Cockburn Street and Five Bridges.

    Used to get the first bus to Edinburgh every day, even though lectures did not stat untill 10, or so, just to be THERE.

    Sometimes we never even bothered to go home. The boss would lock us in, and expect the money on the bar next morning. AND he always got it. Most times even with tips.


    • Fuck me, I’ve had a drink there. Now you have to go down the hill a bit for a pub with outdoors seating for smoking.


  2. What year(s) are you planning on setting it in?

    I would have started with a map. As a boy, I used to love drawing maps of cities I’d invented. I can only remember the name of one of them: Sningerfang.

    Have you watched Forum for the Future’s ‘megacities’ videos? I reviewed them here: The future’s not bright. (Ignore the praise for Alex ‘CIA’ Jones.)

    These ‘scenarios’ are set in 2040, but I don’t think they’re just for our entertainment; they’re to influence the decision-makers. What’s really scary is what else they do:

    Since 1996 our Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development has been training the sustainability leaders of the future. Last year we celebrated the graduation of our 165th student, and many graduates are already making their mark as think-tank directors and government advisers.

    There are some interesting ideas, like the state deciding school-leavers’ vocations. Meat would be priced out of reach of ordinary people (I think that’s on the cards anyway – there will probably be a hefty tax on meat to help ‘save the planet’ although they don’t say this). They might be able to afford the insects you wrote about a few weeks ago.

    As ‘sustainability’ is the key, it means tiny houses – well insulated, but electricity bills will still be practically unaffordable; the gas will have run out as the fools used it to generate electricity.

    There will have to be re-education, like in Room 101. Just the other day a Christian baker in Colorado was ordered to attend re-education sessions after refusing to bake a cake for a ‘gay wedding’. He is refusing to comply – next step: ‘psychiatrists’ designate those who defy the PC agenda to be suffering from mental illness and have them locked up. Some members of the Green Cult want ‘denial’ of manmade climate change to be a crime.

    I think there will have to be massive prisons. The UK prison population keeps rising as it is. ‘Photoshopping’ will have moved on so much that anyone ‘inconvenient’ will be able to be arrested for something they didn’t do because of the photographic ‘evidence’. Alternatively, child porn or a plan for a bombing campaign could be downloaded to their hard drive. Needless to say, the police are likely to be mainly psychopaths – their name put forward for the job by their ‘named person’.

    “Dead babies are easily produced in Panoptica because nobody has any qualms about killing them.”

    It’s been happening since David Steel’s Abortion Bill was passed. Some ‘experts’ want ‘post-birth’ or ‘after-birth’ abortion up to the age of two if there are signs of disability. You just have to extend their ‘thinking’ fifty years (or whatever) down the line.

    Like with homosexuality. The propaganda became so invasive people starting asking, “When will it be compulsory?”

    Maybe people could be assigned a sexual orientation as well as a career?! Or maybe, like a sort of national service, everyone would have to be homosexual for two years of their early adulthood to help limit the birth rate! Obviously, the implanted chips will transmit all the data required for the authorities to know who’s had sex and the cameras and microphones (compulsory in every ‘new build’ house) will indicate whether they had broken their national service commitment.

    Or maybe, to aid in depopulation, the ‘lower orders’ could be genetically modified to be sterile. Marie Stopes called for various people, like drunkards or simply those of bad character to be sterilised about 80 years ago.

    Obviously, the only money around in physical form will be chocolate coins. That way the state knows about every penny or “Global Federation Cent” we have and can dip in, Cyprus-style, any time they please.

    I don’t know if you’d need Orwell’s constant wars (wars as we know them). Islam will have been tamed after the last regime change to bring the people ‘democracy’ (i.e. become a member of the Global Federation). The endless wars will be against things like obesity. The GM food will probably be engineered to make us fat, lethargic and feel drugged up, so endless nagging from ‘doctors’ and lots of Pharma pills to make us even more docile.

    Except for the ‘chosen ones’, who get a pass to special shops selling proper food cheaply.

    The future has been mapped out. You just need to know where to find it. Top Freemason, Albert Pike, gave the game away in his “Morals and Dogma” where Christianity will be all but wiped out (as we’ve been witnessing gradually happening over the past couple of decades) to be replaced by Luciferianism – not that the masses will recognise this in the new world religion.

    The Fabians have been trying for well over a century to destroy the family as the only way for total socialist control and their doctrine has spread throughout the West. The SNP’s “named person” is yet another unexpected part of this. Extend it further and you get to places you describe.


    • Seems to me that the SNP is the perfect choice for the Anglophobic drones. After all, what rational person would endorse/support legislation designed purely to erode their personal freedom and increase the risk of having their children removed and potentially handed to homosexuals? Not that things are much better south of the border.


  3. Blimey, we really are living in Nazi Germany. Or is that Stalinist Russia? I’ve been banging on about this for years to a socialist friend, who has his head firmly stuck up his own derriere! The fact that he is jewish and yet virulently anti-semitic only makes it worse. Re:the future – can you see what it is yet….?


    • I have recently bieng reading Maos “Little red book.”

      Everyone appears to forget him. Yet the paralels with the U.K today, and what Mao preached, are quite astounding.

      Never forget, Hitler and Stalin were not the ONLY Communist bastards.


  4. Leggy, how about the system adopted by 1930’s Nazi Germany, where children were taken from their parents age seven and sent to training camps? Except what if your drones have their sprog donated to the state when weaned, or even at birth. The child gets deprogrammed from the family model day one to be a good little spy / agent / soldier for the overweening and all seeing state. Drone Mother gives up child for free ‘health treatment’ to restore her body to a pre pregnancy ideal ready to be impregnated by a selected male drone. Which provides more cannon fodder for apparatchiks to train and bring up to think in the manner you outline. Very sinister and a lot of the social research has already been done.


      • Or in 1960s UK, when kids were ‘adopted’ to Australia? Or in Australia, when aborigine children were stolen and given to whitie to bring up all civilised-like?

        Or in modern Britain, where State adoption targets must be met whether those children need to be taken from their parents or not…

        State-run child theft has been going on for a long time, and still is.


        • Still waithing for the references to this “seven years old” statement. Obviously he has none, and has just pulled the numbers from thin air. He must work for T.C, or some other cover group for the NHS.


      • Furor, I’m not 100% here, but I think the programme was called ‘Lebensborn’, loosely based around the Jesuit practice of training children intensively for the priesthood from just before the age of seven.
        First source:
        The camps were called Kindererziehungslager I believe. Wikipedia has this page on the subject:
        Makes for grim reading.


        • Aha. Ignore my last. Your post was not showing when I answered Leggy above. They were not “taken” at seven. They were put into the Lebensborn nurserys at the hour of birth, and adopted out from there, if there was an SS family available. If not, they could, in theory, be kept in the Lebensbornzentrum until army age, with a good and thorough dosing of Hitler Youth in betweeen.


          • My bad Furor. If you read the articles in depth, you’ll see the ages at which children were taken from their parents varied from birth to eight years old. The ‘Aryan’ Poles being a case in point.

            My initial comment was completely off the top of my head, hence it’s inaccuracy. I sit corrected.


      • That’s the public name. The real name is the ‘Totally Controlled Environment’ and the Greens have latched onto it as well now. Same thing. Total control, apparently of the environment, but actually of you.


  5. Hang on I thought we already lived like this!
    Or am I asleep in my assimilation tank and dreaming I am reading this, if so then am I really alive or am I floating in an altered state and are these ideas being fed into my brain.
    I love the premise for your story when will it be available for purchase, I’d buy it.


    • This is the eternal frustration with this story. I come up with something utterly absurd, only to open the Daily Mail and find it’s already been implemented! I have to type much, much faster.


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