Causing mayhem for no reason.

Richard Littlejohn writes about the new Grimsby initiative to make life that little bit more miserable for the poor and the elderly. There is no need for this rubbish to be enforced. If they want to stop these old fishermen catching a couple of fish a few times a week, then rather than spend enormous amounts of money on motorised enforcement Daleks, wouldn’t it be far cheaper to just buy them some fish? Vouchers for the local fishmongers, and an army of nasty little spite-driven enforcers are no longer needed. The vouchers would make the council look good, the enforcers always make them look bad. The money saved would be huge.

Or they could just let those fishers fish, in the way they have done for centuries. That would cost nothing at all. Does nobody employ the medium of rational thought in modern councils? Oh. Never mind.

On a far more serious note, the Mail has lately been shouting about how a woman was murdered ‘for wearing Islamic dress’. Naturally the ‘lalalalalaBOOM’ brigade currently beheading its way across Iraq have heard about this. They hate the West but they all have iPhones. Those dangerous idiots have declared that any Muslims in Britain should go out and have a ‘stab-a-stranger day’ in retaliation. Which was predictable.

Nobody will notice if they do. It happens every damn day anyway, since knives were banned. Just as shootings are common now that guns are banned.

Now it seems that the Hijab probably had nothing to do with it. The Colchester Crackpot is just a straightforward stabby lunatic who has already killed a non-Muslim man and attacked a jogging non-Muslim woman.

Police have called for calm in the wake of the brutal murder.
Officers said there are many possible motives, including the fact Ms Almanea was wearing full Muslim dress.
‘I am confident that the vast majority of people in this town will pay no attention to those trying to stir up trouble.’

According to the Mail, the persistent claim (before the miscreant was apprehended) that this murder was motivated by the woman’s choice of clothing came from… the police.

So who is ‘trying to stir up trouble’ here? Because the Mail and the police between them seem to have stirred up more trouble than the National Front have ever managed to accomplish. In the space of only a few days, they now have calls from Muslim maniacs all over the world for everyone in England to experience the interesting sensation of having random holes poked into their bodies in places they never expected to see holes.

When the Colchester Crackpot is shown up for the nasty little random-stabby man he is (assuming they have the right one this time – there’s no guarantee) who imagines that the lalalalalaBOOM crowd will say ‘Oh. It wasn’t a direct attack on our religion, so we’ll let this one go’.

Oh no. It’s done now. Those madmen are coming back and ‘ability to reason’ is not a feature of their CVs. You think the Border Farce will stop them? Only if they have cigarettes. Border Farce don’t seem interested in much else any more.

I have every sympathy for the woman who was murdered and her family. She was a student who evidently had no connection to any kind of extremism. If she had, the Mail would have mentioned it.

So she was wearing a headscarf. My grandmother, who used to launch tirades in Welsh at us even though we had no idea what she was saying (we got the gist though), never left the house without a headscarf. She’d spend hours in the hairdresser but nobody outside the house ever saw the result. She had never heard of Islam. Headscarves mean nothing to me beyond ‘Oh, you use the same crappy hairdresser as my grandmother’.

So the murdered woman was wearing Arabian clothing. She was Arabian, not British. She was here to study and that’s all. Do we go to Turkey and dress like the locals? No. We are only visiting, we do not acquire an entire local wardrobe.

Was she killed because of how she was dressed? That was the instant assumption of the police and the papers. Yet people are getting stabbed daily and if they are not Muslim (most aren’t) there is no instant conclusion drawn. It now looks like she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and Mr. Stabby took his opportunity.

Political correctness filled in the blanks and now we have the whole ISIS jihadi head-separation club aimed at Colchester. And the population of this country have been entirely disarmed in the name of ‘safety’.

Political correctness is going to be the death of us all.


4 thoughts on “Causing mayhem for no reason.

  1. There was a similar murder in Colchester of a young white man a couple of months ago who died of multiple stab wounds. In this latest case, the police ‘service’ initially linked the two because of the similarities.
    As you say though, the Mail and plod do rather like to stir things up.


    • That was quietly glossed over in previous reports, but mentioned in this one. It was all about the hijab until now. Maybe now that ISIS loonies are using that report to call for murder, the PC mob are trying to backtrack.

      Too late. If you kick a cobra, there’s no way to unkick it.


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