Chav Sharia. (Chavria?)

A drive-by blogging tonight. Muggins here has agreed to the morning shift tomorrow as well as the evening shift. One day only, after that it’s evenings all week. This also means severely limited whisky (again! Time to put some real effort into finding an alternative part-time job!).

One day I’ll detail the farce that passes for management, but not while I can still be fired. It’s one of many reasons I don’t want the supervisor job.

Anyway, later in the week my new cooker arrives and then I have to arrange Local Dodgy Kitchen Fellow to fit it. So Monday is the only day I can possibly do both shifts. Apparently there is a new rule concerning fuseboxes so something might have to be taped onto the side of that too. There’s always a ‘new rule’ and it always costs money.

Right. Tonight it is reported that children are to set up courts to try other children. Chavria Law.  Similar experiments have been tried before, often with horrifying consequences. We could run a sweepstake on how long it will be before an 18-year-old judge gets his black cap on…

It’s a good idea and a bad idea. Not a quantum idea because no matter how long you look at it, it does not collapse into one state or the other. It is eternally good and bad, both at once.

Good, in that first time offenders, kids who have blundered just the once, can be given a ticking off without gaining a criminal record. The approval of their peers matters to most kids (never did to me, for some reason) so being pointed at and being told they are ‘a dick, and this will be recorded and reported’ is far more terrifying than an ASBO.

In that respect, it could work. The punishments are described as ‘lenient’ but sound pretty much the same as what hardened criminals often get in a real court. The one-time blunder does not get that kid a criminal record and in many cases, this experience of being scoffed at by their peers would put them off extending their first blunder into a criminal career. These days, once a kid has a criminal record, that’s pretty much it. CRB checks mean they will have a really hard time finding any kind of decent job so the crim life is all they have left.

Bad, in that it might give the thickos the belief that they can be dicks and all they’ll have to do is say ‘sorry’ and they are free to be dicks again. Then again, isn’t that the impression courts give anyway? Worse, in that power corrupts. Time and again, experiments with real people have demonstrated this. Give someone power over someone else and they will always, always abuse it. Especially if they think Authority is on their side. The courts will get harsher, the sentences brutal, and once set in motion it will be hard to stop.

Sure, these first courts are supervised but it won’t be long before kids, having learned the process, set up courts in old warehouses and derelict sheds and their alleged miscreants are found nailed to something or dangling from something else. It is a very, very dangerous road the government has started on here and since it’s the government, we can be pretty sure they aren’t looking where they are going.

The Mail makes much of the teeny-judge’s behaviour. He is of drinking age and tweets about drinking. This is not illegal. He posted a photo of himself naked but with a hat over his danglies. Much scoffing here – he has to hold the hat in place. Can’t be very much under it then, eh?

Do that photo again with a sombrero and your hands behind your head, and we’ll be impressed.

So the mini-judge has a minor indiscretion to his name. How many High Court judges would look at that and think ‘Is that all?’ Didn’t the Mail recently report that some high court judges are being investigated for crimes that would involve delving under a much younger child’s hat?

I once knew someone called Matt White. No kidding. His brother wasn’t called Gloss though. I asked. He had a sister called Vinyl Silk, or so he claimed.

He was white too. And non-shiny. The name fit. Even now, the Politically Correct would not even raise an eyebrow at that. Calling a non-shiny honky ‘Matt White’ isn’t racist or offensive at all, but calling a non-shiny black woman ‘Matte Black’ is the spoutings of a Satanic mind.

Actually it is the ramblings of a teenager, a stage of human development akin to the chrysalis in insects. Everything about their bodies are changing, their minds are busy trying to work out what is going on and which bit should go where so when the babble-gland wants to say something, the mind lets it out unfiltered. Teenagers say things and do things and then think about them later, if at all.

And that is why the Chavria courts could be a good idea again. Kids make mistakes. It is how kids learn. Somethings they learn very quickly, such as if you have a jar of purloined sodium metal, it is unwise to dispose of it in the river by dropping it off a bridge. Next time, throw it well away from you.

Other things take time to learn. Peer pressure comes from the demonic children as well as the angelic ones and the demons are better at it. The demonic ones will push a gullible young scroat into ‘proving themselves’ by shoplifting. If that is nipped in the bud by the point-and-laugh court of other children, most will not listen to the demons again. If that can be done without handing the one-time offender a criminal record, that is good.

It has to be one time. There must only be one chance at this court. There can be no repeat offenders ever brought before them again. One chance. Next time it’s the big house. That should be made very, very clear at avery Chavria trial. There is only one appearance here, the next one will have wigs and gavels and handcuffs and a jury of adults who all want to bring back retrospective abortion. No second chance.

Yes there are good parts to this idea but I cannot overcome the concern about the bad parts. Give them power and there will be secret Chavria courts. They will not be concerned with guilt or innocence as much as whether the accused is someone they like or not. Their punishments will not involve apology.

This has been known for a long time…



14 thoughts on “Chav Sharia. (Chavria?)

  1. Somewhere quite recently, perhaps here?, I was reading about some classroom thing where the teacher allowed the children to vote to get rid of “an annoying autistic kid” by raising their hands to exile him to a closet or something. My memory of the article is that it wasn’t even a Milgram experiment thingie… but a REAL teacher doing it in a REAL classroom.

    People need to re-read “Lord of the Flies.”



    • Found it! From Here’s the entire piece on that vote:

      “One American teacher invented a cool way to teach her students how to tally – to vote the sick autistic child out of the classroom. Alex Barton who suffers from high-functioning autism was driven out of the classroom for the first time when he forgot his folder and backpack. The next time the reason to send him to the office was that he allegedly disrupted the working atmosphere in the class. While the boy was out, the teacher Wendy Portillo discussed with other students Alex’s negative features. After the boy returned, they told him they didn’t like him and were calling him names until the teacher decided she could teach her students how to tally by voting whether they wanted Alex to stay in the class or not. The score 14-2 made the boy leave the classroom again. Despite such behaviour is inappropriate for teacher, Mrs. Portillo still teaches in the same school like nothing happened.”


      – MJM


      • She invented a cool way to teach her children how to be Nazi camp guards.

        There was a blue eyes/brown eyes school experiment to teach children about racism – the children took to it as well as in the Stanford prison experiment.

        Probably left some of them permanently damaged.


  2. One day I’ll detail the farce that passes for management, but not while I can still be fired. It’s one of many reasons I don’t want the supervisor job.

    I took a management job because I didn’t want to work for the person that was going to get the job if I had turned it down. She was a bigger ass than I, hard though it is to believe. I ended up trying to manage the unmanageable for close to a quarter century. It was a lot of fun, if you didn’t get too emotionally invested in the outcome. People tend to work at their own pace, not the one at which you need them to work.

    But I feel your pain. Had I no personnel problems, I’d have had damn few problem at all. It was easy; I began supervising supervising those who sold cigarettes. People either wanted cigarettes very much, or not at all. Sometimes they were the same people, just at different times in their life.

    I wouldn’t have wanted the cleaner job, though. I did that one summer. Much easier to tell someone how to do something than to actually do it.


    • I am in a similar position – the supervisor was a nice buffer between me and management. With no current supervisor, Mopman and myself are getting direct calls now. I hope they find us a new supervisor soon. Neither of us want the job.

      Anyway, I suspect that I will last no more than a few more months before I’ve had enough. If I can just get them to leave me alone long enough to finish Panoptica, that should cause enough ruckus to get me villified by the Daily Mail. It worked for Fifty Shades of Grey, which I havemn’t read but I am told it’s awful.

      I did read the Dan Brown thing. That had some good bits, buried in a load of crap.


  3. Don’t they realise that Lord of the Flies is a novel not a social manual? Now, if a lad called Piggy comes up before the child beak it will be unpleasant!


    • They think ‘1984’ was a manual. ‘Lord of the Flies’ was one of the books studied when I was at achool. In those days we had proper books, not like the rubbish forced down the kids’ throats these days. It taught us to read the hard stories. None of the modern kids could get more than a quarter of the way into the first book of Gormenghast (Titus Groan) and if they could get through, their minds would be totally blown by the third book (actually, that one is the very definition of a ‘mind-fuck’ but Mervyn Peake was dead before he finished it – it probably killed him).


  4. The reason they need to keep coming up with new and ever more daft methods of punishment is because they’ve totally lost control.

    The socialist experiment has removed respect, introduced daft ‘rights’ and created a very soft police and court system.

    We don’t need chav courts, we need a complete change of society, a reversal if you will.


    • We need a total collapse and rebuild. It’s happened before to every civilisation on the planet. Maybe we are privileged to witness it in action.

      Stock up on popcorn.


  5. Sheesh. Read this a bit late. Who dreamed up these experiments? And why did he feel a need to prove whatever? He’s the psychopath, if you ask me. Whether inflicting pain or not, ordering someone else to do it, or think they are doing it, has to be the mark of a sadist.
    And they called that science?


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