Mixed bag.

I see Jimmy Saliva is back in the news. The Revenant Molester was, as I understand it, buried encased in concrete with several tons of stone on top. They rolled away the stone. Shouldn’t have done that… he’s got out.

Anna Raccoon has comprehensively spiked this festival of speaking ill of the dead. The Government are going to give free money to anyone who claims to have been touched up by a yodelling cigar smoker. I never met him but that doesn’t seem to matter. Should I put in a note for some freebies?

This is all reminiscent of ‘we must apologise for slavery’ even though we were the first country to abolish it, and even sent our navy out to stop slave ships. Jimmy Saliva is dead. Stop offering to pay people to defame the dead and they will stop doing it.

Shiny Gary is also back in court over 35-year-old allegations. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, he does have form on the matter. It was 35 years ago. Can it possibly be proven now?

Looks to me like another round of ‘everyone is a paedo’ is on the way. The Soviets used to put those they didn’t like into asylums and claim they were mad. The new way is to accuse them of Thinking of the Children. I am very glad I have never worked with anyone under 18. Old students might try to accuse me of seduction. One look at me and the judge will laugh it out of court. I never think of the children. It’s illegal.


Plain packs are on the way. Even though they have been proven to achieve nothing at all beyond making it very hard for any retailer to find the requested pack behind the doors that hide the packs that all look the same (for some reason, the song ‘The Court of King Caractacus’ is in my head now – oh hell, Rolf Harris did that one, they’ll be coming for me next!). I have been using a cigarette case for some years now and the last time I bought a pack of 10 I actually found it hard to get the damn things out. They are so much more accessible in the laid-out style of a neat and fake-image-free smart and cool case.

If you use the ‘make your own’ tubes (not the best quality but the most easily available locally) there isn’t even any branding on the cigs. I am tempted to make my own branding. ‘Stick it up your arse’ fags are one option. I realise how that can be misinterpreted in America but have been drinking so don’t care.

Perhaps I’ll brand them ‘Metastases’, make up a fake plain pack and take it to the Doors of Shame. Then I can watch them search through the doors for a fresh pack of something that does not exist. Don’t have that one? Okay. How about this one. Show them an identical plain pack with ‘Coprophilia’ in little letters. Watch them search again.

I like the image on the sample pack. A child with a mask over its mouth., Good idea. They should all wear them. It’ll shut them up. Teach them that breathing is deadly and there’s your overpopulation problem solved at a stroke. The intelligent ones will survive because the mask will stop them inhaling diesel fumes. Only the stupid will die. I see no downside here.

I had lamb hotpot tonight. Babies are food. With the masks, Soylent Green becomes Silent Green, not a bad thing at all.


Slugs and snails are now eating radish leaves at birth. I know the nematode solution is horrible but I am going to do it anyway. It’s them or my food plants.


Speaking of babies, if you want to have a wank and have it produce something, move to Denmark. Nobody is ugly in Denmark and everyone wants to have your baby.


In Germany it is illegal to reproduce news stories without paying. They are sueing Google over their news summaries. Does this mean that if any German site uses a phrase from this  blog, I can sue them back?

Google should take the only sensible option. If even a snippet is illegal then so is the name of the news source. That’s a snippet. Every time it shows up in a search, Google will be liable. So Google must block all German news sources entirely.

Do it, Google. Just damn well do it. Cite their own rules back at them and then get the popcorn out and enjoy the show.

As with all Righteous whining, I say we take them at their literal word and name those who have demanded the restriction.

Let the drones accept it or do something about it. Eventually they will do something about it.

And what they do will be mindless and violent because that is how the Righteous trained them to be.

I say, let’s send Frankenstein’s monster back to its maker.



29 thoughts on “Mixed bag.

  1. XX we must apologise for slavery’ even though we were the first country to abolish it, XX

    No, you were not;

    DENMARK was the first country to out law slavery in modern times (after 1800), and MANY countries abolished it before Britain;

    1.1 Early timeline

    • 1117 Slavery abolished in Iceland
    • 1215 Magna Carta recognizes the right to liberty in England
    • 1274 Landslova (Land’s Law) in Norway mentions only former slaves, which indicates that slavery was abolished in Norway
    • 1335 Sweden and Finland make slavery illegal
    1.2 Modern timeline
    • 1588 Lithuania and Japan abolish slavery
    • 1600 Last villein dies in England
    • 1723 Russia abolishes slavery[1]
    • 1761 Portugal abolishes slavery[2]
    • 1772 Slavery declared illegal in England, including overseas slaves living in England. Lord Chief Justice Mansfield rules that English law does not support slavery.[3]
    • 1777 Slavery abolished in Madeira[3]
    • 1777 Slavery abolished in Vermont, USA[3]
    • 1778 Slavery illegal in Scotland[4][5]
    • 1783 Russia abolishes slavery in Crimean Khanate[6]
    • 1783 Massachusetts rules slavery illegal based on 1780 constitution[3]
    • 1783 Bukovina: Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor issued an order abolishing slavery on 19 June 1783 in Czernowitz.[7]
    • 1787 Sierra Leone founded by British as state for emancipated slaves
    • 1787 Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade founded in Britain[3]
    • 1788 Sir William Dolben’s Act regulating the conditions on British slave ships enacted
    • 1791 Haiti gains independence and emancipation
    • 1792 Slave trading abolished in Denmark (though slavery continues to 1847).
    • 1793 Upper Canada, by Act Against Slavery
    • 1794 French First Republic abolishes slavery[3] (re-established by Napoleon in 1802)
    • 1799 New York State introduces gradual emancipation
    • 1802 Denmark abolish slave trade in Danish colonies
    • 1802 Slavery re-introduced in France[2]
    • 1803 Lower Canada abolishes slavery
    • 1804 Haiti abolishes slavery[3]
    • 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act: slave trading abolished in British Empire. Cap-tains fined £100 per slave transported.


  2. You didn’t think they wouldn’t go along with ‘plain packaging’. It became especially obvious when Dai Cameroid said there wouldn’t be any. Has anyone made a programme about all of Dave’s lies? It would take up a whole evening’s schedule. A whole month’s.

    Overpopulation is a myth, BTW. The UK’s fertility rate is just back above 2% for the first time in years (2.1% is the replacement rate), but that’s only because immigrants tend to have larger families. The ‘British’ people (I’ve no wish to argue about what that entails exactly) have been on the way out, culturally, numbers-wise and as a sovereign country for ages.

    Some 70 countries are now in population decline. E. Europe, Japan and S. Korea have especially low fertility rates in the 1.25 to 1.5 children per woman area. A closed society like Japan is going to need tens of millions of young immigrants as the pensioner-to-employed ratio gets more pronounced.

    In fact, “Research suggests we may actually face a declining world population in the coming years.”



    • I think it’s a safe rule of thumb that if an MP says something, the opposite is true. The Cameroid has U-turned on everything as far as I recall. Remember the Coagulation’s ‘great repeal bill’? Did they actually repeal anything? I haven’t noticed.

      Overpopulation – there are large parts of this planet’s land that nobody has ever been to and I am not talking about deserts here. Explorers are still finding new species of animals and insects nobody has seen before. There is loads of room. Humans just like to live in towers, within easy reach of the shops. It’s all the fault of the Scots and their tenements.

      Japan is well stuffed, they are not reproducing and they don’t like immigrants. Give it a few hundred years and that island will be empty.

      Ours won’t be. It just won’t be British any more. The Socialists who did that won’t ever understand that their kids won’t be alive here either.

      A declining world population might actually mean a stabilising population. In Nature, everything grows to fit the space/food supply available to it and then stabilises (with up and down wobbles) at that level. Humans might just have reached that point.

      Of course, the control freaks will not consider that possibility.


  3. Bugger! I’ve been knocking out blond haired blue eyed kids for the last four decades and I only learn now that I could have been paid for my donations. However, unlike the Danes, and unfortunately for the women I’ve known, I’m not very dependable……..


    • Don’t mention ‘dependable’, learn to speak with a Danish accent and you’re quids in. I have no chance, I’m an ex-ginger. Nobody wants grey kids either.


      • You are not one of those alien ‘greys’, are you. If so, can I get first dibs on your dissection. In my favour, I do have a good knowledge of human anatomy. As for alien anatomy, this waits to be discerned.


  4. I am glad you brought up The Savile Business.. I can’t log in to The Mail to comment, and add to my Red Arrow Club success on this one.

    Are these hoi poloi commentators all mad? They all believe this shite without question. Despite Jimmy Savile not having been where he was accused of being, on several occasion, because he was somewhere else.
    Are they now accusing him of transindentation, or whatever? His body and blood being somewhere else. A bit like Jesus, who has kept that up for 2014 years, or there abouts. Or so they say. In which case Jimmy Savile has got a long way to go.

    But I did so laugh at the person who asked if Jimmy Savile had ever been to Battersea Dogs Home.

    PS. I have got nothing against Catholic Beliefs, being a bit of one myself when I am in trouble and need Hail Mary’s. Amen.


  5. This whole thing about Savile is frightening. If they can cook up this amount of nonsense about him, with little or not evidence, what can they do to you and me?


    • Of course, as Leggy says, they could cook up anything they like about anyone they don’t like. The problem is, as many of the failed follow-up-to-Savile court actions against many other ageing slebs have shown, the “living accused” have an irritating habit of hiring lawyers and standing up in court and denying any trumped-up charges, which puts a bit of a fly in the ointment. Not that it necessarily stops them, but a dead person is so much easier to accuse and get away with it.

      Maybe Savile was a perv; maybe he wasn’t – none of us will ever know for certain. But the increasingly weird accusations against him are starting to have a ring of one of Leggy’s books about them, i.e. the workings of an active imagination committed to print – just not so well written and written with vindictive and personally nasty intentions, rather than just to flog a few books.


      • The Mail is currently all worked up about the ‘glass eye’ rings and pendants. They’ve been around for decades and are still available. If I worked in a mortuary I’d tell people I sucked them from the sockets of corpses, just to horrify them.


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