Goo goo g’joob

The Junkman is now in charge of the EU, despite yet another failed Cameroid promise. Will this teach Egg (on the face) Man the reality of the idiocy he supports? I doubt it. Soon Albania will join and there won’t be a safe copper pipe in the land.

There are many voting ‘yes’ for Scottish independence not because it will take us from under English control which has not been a reality for many years, but because it will take us away from the real controllers, the EU. Scotland will not be allowed to join. Spain will veto it. They have to, otherwise Catalonia will get ideas.

If Oily Al stated that getting independence would mean an end to the smoking ban and all the other control freakery., he would walk it. Scotland is not signed up to any of those UN or WHO ‘treaties’ and would have the option not to bother. Unfortunatley Oily Al is likely to sign them all the day after independence. Whether the Scots want them or not. If there was a sensible person in charge of the SNP (NOT the Sturgeon) I’d vote ‘yes’ at once. As it is I have not decided whether to vote at all.

There was a leaflet today, exhorting al the benefits of voting ‘no’, and benefits was what it was all about. It repeatedly referred to the ’31 million UK taxpayers’ funding everything and didn’t mention the UK population, which is more than twice that number.  Less than half of the UK population pay tax. Less than half are funding more than half. Sustainable? I think not.

The country is going down the big tube and we are still paying millions a day to be members of a club who hate us. Wake up, Cameroid, and smell the proper British tea instead of the Continental coffee.

If you have that EU referendum next week you will wipe out UKIP and the SNP at a stroke. As long as you get us out of that shambles you will prevent the breakup of the UK and slash your benefits bill in a day. You will then only have our homegrown wasters to deal with.

Can he fix it? No, Bob the Blunder can’t.


5 thoughts on “Goo goo g’joob

  1. Was that the 16-page booklet which arrived this week (at least in my area)?

    There are not many ‘ethnic minorities’. Normally, government literature is bursting with them to rub our noses in diversity (A. Neather). In 16 pages, there’s only one negro gentleman standing in front of a bearded man who looks like he’s about to cry (I think the black fella’s standing on his foot, hence the broad smile on his face. The trio (in a warehouse, wearing hard hats) is completed by a woman with a slightly mad expression who is baring her teeth. Maybe this is why the bearded man is afraid?

    As they’re all undoubtedly actors, it’s difficult to know what the photographer was trying to get from them. Vote ‘No’ for pain? It’s pain either way, if you ask me.

    Ah yes, the 31 million taxpayers. The context is that this makes the pound safer. What they mean is the 31 million income tax payers, not the 60 million real taxpayers. Pensioners pay VAT, Council Tax, alcohol/tobacco/fuel duty, etc., etc. When I was an alky on benefits, my tax rate was about 50%. Even young children pay 20% VAT on their toys and sweets.

    What the UK Government leaflet is telling us is that criminally high levels of taxation make for a stable currency.

    “2/3rds of Scottish exports go to rUK” (edited account).

    That is a genuine worry. As a small business owner probably 80% or even more goes to rUK. As it’s retail, would independence put people off? Or, if we really can’t get into the EU because of Spain (I’ve always loved the Spanish. Well, I do now) then people in rUK can buy our goods without having to pay VAT. That’s why the big CD/DVD/Games companies moved to the Channel Islands. This could be a benefit, not a worry.

    Apparently, we have cheaper bills being in the UK. I don’t think mine could be any more expensive. Of course, once Windy Miller gets the country up and partially running with another few hundred wind farms, bills probably would be more expensive.

    “Lower taxes, higher public spending.”

    Now they really are extracting the Michael. They allege that each and every Scot (not just income taxpayers) is £1,400 pa better off in the UK. That’s strange, because the ‘Yes’ camp claim we’d be much better off out. Their ‘newspaper’ which arrived several months ago claims that Scots have each paid ‘the equivalent’ of £1,700 extra in tax pa compared to those in the UK as a whole.

    Just who do I believe, Leggy? They cannae both be right.

    Or can they? By using semantics and statistics to produce the most misleading conclusions.

    Like today’s ‘science’. You start with the conclusion: “You will be better off by voting our way,” then find the data and the right wording to demonstrate some degree of accuracy.

    Or just lie and ‘stuff the stupid proles’?

    Then we discover that the UK “is the second largest aid donor in the world”.

    So vote ‘No’ and keep watching your money disappear into the bank accounts of dictators while you carry on struggling to make ends meet. Bad move, UK Government Ministry of Truth. Surely they know that we Scots have short arms and deep pockets? At least, that’s the common (mis)perception.

    Here’s a cracker, bearing in mind Mr Juncker’s appointment as next European Commission President and Cameron’s alleged humiliation at being only one of two not to vote this federalist in charge who will insist on further integration (the Hungarians were the other objectors) thus relegating Cameron’s notions of “reforms” to the dustbin of his mind.

    According to the UK Gov. propaganda booklet, the UK is “An influential voice in important places”.

    Well, hahahaha-ha!

    How many thousands of times have we been ordered to do as we’re told by the EU, UN, European Court of Human Rights, other countries etc.?

    Heads we lose; tails we lose. Maybe if the coin lands on its side, we’ll stand a chance…


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