WMDs are now human.

Nothing to say tonight. I have been staying out of the news and getting some writing done. ‘Channelling’ is far further on than I thought it was (I haven’t looked at that one for ages) so I’ll hold off releasing Chapter 1 as a short for a while. It might still appear, it depends how fast the main three books move. Events at work have pushed me to actually do something about all this half-finished writing. Nothing wrong with the job or the people I interact with daily but the workload is getting insane, and the pay is the same.

Instead, here is something I spotted via Anna Raccoon, the best and most comprehensive ravaging of the current Blair call to war and death I have ever seen.

The latest claim, that if we don’t ‘do something’ then the terrorists will all come here, is just the same as the last insistence that Saddam had WMDs. Total crap.

Back to writing for me. While I’m in the mood I’d better get as far ahead as possible.


2 thoughts on “WMDs are now human.

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