Bus bait.

This is more in JuliaM’s line really, but I just couldn’t resist…

New bus shelter in town with no bus service.

Mr Lucas said: “We are aware there are no buses coming here at the moment but we’d like to hope that the new shelter might encourage them to come back.”

If you build it, they will come, eh? So buses are attracted by nice new bus shelters. That’s how it works.

And there I was thinking they had planned routes to follow. They just drive around looking for places to stop.

8 thoughts on “Bus bait.

    • Richard Faynman called it ‘cargo science’. Natives on a pacific island which was being used by the US airforce as a transit place noticed that when the airstrip lights were lit, cargo planes landed. After the Yanks moved on. they lit fires alongside the remaining airstrip and expected cargo planes to land.
      Cause and effect.


  1. Didn’t you know that when you by a toothbrush, automatically, the fairies bring gallons of toothpaste to your house the next day???


  2. Here the loons that occupy the council did this.
    Bus operator informs council it is re-routing a bus route as it strives to make it profitable.
    Council approves of the re-routing.
    Council builds a pair of hard standing bus stops on the part of the route that is going out of use at a cost of £7,000 per stop.
    Three weeks or so after the construction (which took the council in house team a month to do) was finished the buses stopped running.


  3. Mr Lucas again – “We want to try and do some more things in Bissoe to help.”

    How about a shiny train station…for the trains that don’t stop there.

    You couldn’t make it up


  4. They have built an airport by Berlin.

    No planes yet.

    Just can not TRUST these wild spiecies hej?

    What is their answer?

    “HEJJJ Throw ANOTHER couple of billion Euoros at it. An airoplane is BOUND to turn up one day!”


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