They’re hiding something.

The distraction machine is in overdrive. While MPs demand minimum pricing for prole booze, they have decided to keep their own booze prices low. Trivial, really, and exactly what you’d expect from a bunch of self-serving spineless spitebags, but it has sent the Mail drones into overdrive. Which is what it was for.

After years of denying that there is a problem or trying to blame farmers using veterinary antibiotics, the gig is blown by the Cameroid who announces that antibiotic resistance is a very big problem. Without them, medicine will be plunged into the Dark Ages and we will die of a scratch. Yeah, I can have some fun with the drones with that one.

Antibiotics were only discovered in the 1930s, although Great-Grandma’s mouldy bread poultices worked on the same principle. Cameron seems to think the world was plagued by plague before then, and isn’t now. Has he forgotten the Terrible Plagues we are supposed to all have died of over the last few years? Oh, but those were viruses and antibiotics have no effect on viruses.

The Cameroid knows nothing about bacteria and antibiotics, as is evident from his fearmongering. Antibiotics are far from being the only effective treatment. In most cases, they just cure you faster than you would have healed yourself – but sometimes they save lives. If they had been reserved for cases where the infection was life-threatening they would still be useful. No, they have been dished out to get you back to work in one week instead of two. Too late now.

You know why antibiotics like vancomycin are ‘drugs of last resort’? They are damn well dangerous (and very, very expensive). You do not give anyone vancomycin unless it’s a choice between possible death and certain death. That’s why it’s not as widely available as penicillin. No drug company will make very much vancomycin because there isn’t much call for it except in the most dire cases. That makes it expensive and adds to the reluctance to use it.

I had a dose of penicillin once. An infected cut on my finger made it swell up like E.T’s so I was prescribed a gram a day of oral penicillin. The finger healed up but the world fell out of my bottom in the process. That would have been about 1991 or thereabouts and I don’t recall having another round of antibiotics after that one. Worst hangunder ever! Never again!

But as I said, antibiotics are not the only cure. I still have a freezer full of the Stuff that the doctors in the infection unit were delighted with. Unfortunately the money-changers were not so keen and put obstacle after obstacle in the way of a proper trial until we just gave up. Maybe their Pharmer bribes were just too much to lose.

The Stuff might be the reason I have never had a day off sick. I still take a dose now and then, more often if I start to feel a bit dodgy after a particularly violent curry or some eggs that were a week past their botty-explosion date. I take about a sherry-glass at a time and I still have about 20 litres, I think, in the freezer at the lab.

It’s not an antibiotic. It’s far, far cheaper than drugs. Salmonella and Clostridium difficile cannot become immune to it, it doesn’t work in a way they can become immune to. There are bits in it that stick to those bacterial cells and drag them out of the gut with the rest of the fibre, there is something (not precisely identified as yet, but it’s in there) that mimics, and sticks to, Cl. difficile toxin. Could I get Government funding for this? Could I buggery. I gave up trying over ten years ago.

It’s all been done commercially so it isn’t and won’t be published. And I can’t tell anyone precisely what it is because it is subject to patent and to commercial confidentiality. I can say that your Granny’s old saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ was far more right than she could ever have known, and it did not depend on how hard you throw the apple. I can also say that I have given space in my tiny garden to two apple trees, utterly illogical given the small space I have available. You might think there is a reason for that. I couldn’t possibly comment.

There are no apples in the version of The Stuff that is frozen but it does work with apples instead of the fruit that’s in it. Not quite as well, but almost as well. It works best with the entire formulation – none of which would make Pharmers a penny – but the apple alone is a good thing.

All this talk of antibiotics is useless anyway. A bunch of loonies have just recreated the 2009 very-nasty flu virus and added the ability to beat the human immune system. What a good idea. Not.

Once I applied for a job working with Cryptosporidium, a protozoan that lives in water supplies and turns your arse into a power washer. I didn’t get the job, no big loss, I wouldn’t really have wanted the responsibility. It has an infective dose of one. One of these microscopic single-celled beasties, just one, and you will excrete more water than you contain. Your skin will absorb moisture from the air and pass it to your gut just to keep the flow going. You will dehydrate people by touching them.

They wanted to grow it in culture. Loads of it. To study it, you have to do that, but one culture dish could contain enough to wipe out a large city. In retrospect, succeeding in that project would have been tense at best.

It all puts me in mind of the oft-replayed ‘V’ speech. The line ‘I know why you did it. I kow you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War. Terror. Disease.’ and so on. It was how Chancellor Sutler took power and the means are all in place for that to happen. So who is it? Who is Sutler?

Cameroid? Hahahaha. Clegg? Might as well claim it’s Donald Duck. The Ed Miller Band? Couldn’t conspire his way out of a paper bag. Oily Al? Couldn’t sell me a used car, much less a totalitarian dictatorship.

The Cameroid and the others are a distraction, playing the distraction game and playing it with his cards held the wrong way round.

Did you know there is a movement to re-unite India, Pakistan and Bangladesh into one country? That is going to cause strife. Bangladesh has only gained its independence in recent decades and the split between India and Pakistan wasn’t much further back in time. They were set up and now it’s time to call in the chips.Time to fire up the highly profitable war machine again.

Who is behind it? Who is Chancellor Sutler?

In this, I think ‘V’ was wrong. I don’t think it’s anyone as obvious as an MP. No need. MPs are muppets, what we are looking for is the one with his hands up their arses.

The one who stays below the table.

The acceleration in distraction can only mean that the real Fat Controller(s) are close to being discovered. They are scared and are pushing absurdities out to keep the drones occupied.

This, I think, could be a good thing. It might mean the final exposure of all this shite is close at hand.

Still, if there is an outbreak of thought among the drones, it will spoil my fun in terrifying them.

But then every silver lining has a cloud.




32 thoughts on “They’re hiding something.

  1. Many years ago my infant son suffered a severe dose of the shites! The doctor said starve him, but how can you starve a baby, anyway my wife knew a woman of gypsy extraction who suggested apple juice, hey presto cured in a short space of time


  2. What ffruit is similar to apples? I would ballpark guess you used quince, as it has other bio-chem properties as well…


  3. An aunt, who died quite recently, was given the job of administering the newly available penicillin in a a wartime hospital, set up to receive the wounded from D Day onwards. Sleep had to be snatched whenever possible. For several months the nurses slept in their uniforms. The injections had to be given every three hours. She said that the results were truly miraculous, compared with what would have happened without it. Thousands of lives were saved. So perhaps you are being a little offhand about antibiotics generally.

    Certainly antibiotics were over-used routinely in farm animal feeds. I can remember one senior lady doctor on the staff of a feed and vitamin company waxing very indignant about the use of chloramphenicol in pig diets as long ago as the Sixties. Over the years restrictions on routine use in feeds became tighter and tighter . Low level antibiotic use tended to mask the effects of poor management, lack of cleanliness etc. Eventually routine use was limited to feed antibiotics not used in human medicine and ” pro-biotics” , acidulants and various other ” natural” modifiers of gut flora and metabolism were introduced. I have been out of the trade for ten years now but I very much doubt whether farm over-use is now a significant source of resistant bugs.

    On a matter of political infective resistance, I think the over-use of the Prime Minister can have serious effects on credibility. Doesn’t he have a Minister of Health for this job? A man who can be sold the myth of man-made global warming is credulous enough to be sold anything by the pharmaceutical industry .


    • I am offhand generally. It’s my way. Doesn’t mean I don’t take things seriously, it’s just my way.

      There was a big pig trial on the effectiveness of tylosin as a growth promoter. That’s what it was sold as. I was involved in that trial. Tylosin made no difference at all. Still the farmers want it, it’s like some kind of witchcraft.

      Now we have high health pig farms that are anything but. All workers have to shower and change clothes on the way in and out. Total waste of time because the rats and sparrows are not so constrained, and those are bigger sources of infection than the mucking-out guy.

      It’s all a farce, and always has been. People are now so scared of bacteria that their immune system hasn’t seen one yet so it gets bored and goes autoimmune on them.

      On probiotics, I worked on those for a time and while they can work, the results are horribly variable. Prebiotics, compounds that boost the good bugs already present, are a far better option.


  4. Cryptospiridium isn’t so bad, it you already have IBS. The whole family had it a few weeks ago, and the kids were indeed sucking moisture from the air to expel from their rear ends, the wife was bed-bound, and I (with the IBS) was absolutely fine. No idea why; I’m not a microbiologist, so perhaps you could shed some light. It did lead to an interesting call from Public Health, but they had no idea why either, nor where it came from.

    About a week ago, everyone was also hit with rotavirus A, again, expect me, and that was far far far worse than crypto; high power jet stream from both ends. As the only healthy one, I had to clear all that up – the house still smells of puke!


    • It’s interesting, in the way that havng sickle cell anaemia renders you immune to malaria. There is little known about IBS so far but it might be that those with IBS have too fast a transit time to let the nasties establish, or don’t have the receptors they latch onto… it’s all guesswork, but that’s always where iut starts.


  5. ‘Without them, medicine will be plunged into the Dark Ages and we will die of a scratch.’
    The first test subject for penicillin was a police man who was dieing as a result of an infected scratch. He recovered very well up to the point were they ran out of penicillin to continue the treatment. He died.


    • An infected scratch is not just a scratch.

      I slather any and all scratches or skin damage with Germolene before going to work. Sometimes I have to deal with the horrors of humanity. The scratches are not infected and I intend to keep them that way.

      It is a terrible shame they ran out of penicillin, but these days you die when the bean counters run out of money. Not really so much better.


    • It’s not the money. I had backing for that.

      It’s the NHS resistance to anything that might disrupt their Pharmer bribes.

      Maybe I can sell it as ‘a fruit drink’ and only those in the know wil realise what it really does…


    • That sounds like a logical progression to me. I know that having got utterly and on-another-planet (or more accurately, in-another-central-reservation-rose-bed) shitfaced on farm scrumpy at the ripe old age of fourteen, I became totally resistant to even the merest whiff of cider for the next thirty odd years. Quite miraculous, really.

      When I was young and travelling in Eastern Parts and eating the street food, squirting rather than shitting was a pretty constant problem. I found that the most efficacious remedy was a small ball of opium (usually wrapped in a fag paper, as opium is bitter like nothing else is bitter) swallowed. It would take effect in a matter of minutes – or less than an hour, anyway – and had the added bonus of inducing a very satisfactory state of mind. Unfortunately you can’t buy it at Boots, not even on prescription, for some bizarre reason.


  6. “The acceleration in distraction can only mean that the real Fat Controller(s) are close to being discovered.”

    I’m thinking it’s maybe the Vatican and the Jesuit Order in particular. Like we were talking about the other day, the mark of the beast may not be a microchip, but an O.T. reference and with regards to breaking the Commandments, including (seventh day) Sabbath-keeping, being largely replaced by Sunday worship – by order of Emperor Constantine, who had made the first day of the week the Empire’s day of rest a few years before allegedly becoming a Christian, because it was the ‘venerable’ day of the Sun. The Christians bought it because Christ rose on the first day of the week.

    For some reason, the so-called Protestant reformers did not revoke this heresy, nor change what constitutes scripture, again, a Catholic initiative which has stuck. The 66 books should have been a clue!

    But could Sunday observance be mandatory?

    These people believe it should be and they have political backing.

    It is true that Pakistan and Bangladesh are as made up as Northern Ireland. The call seems to be for a reunited India, pre. 1947 which is secular.

    Then they can embrace the Pagan/Luciferian rest day of the Sun. Apparently Sunday is already India’s day of rest. In a secular society, it would continue to be and the Muslims would have to adapt. Taming Islam is one of the Fat Contollers’ primary problems, hence the constant wars in their countries.

    All roads lead to Rome.


    • The reformers would not have returned the Sabbath to Saturday because that is the Jewish Sabbath. They would have been accused of pandering to the Jews.

      One of the earliest instances of anti-Semitism was when an English king (I could look it up but no time right now) shipped the Jews out of England. Instead of taking them to the continent, they let them out onto a low-tide sandbank to ‘stretch their legs’ and sailed off and left them to the tides. Very nasty.

      So your devil has given you a cruel catch – observe the Sabbath and you will be accused of pandering to the Jews, who are the ones who deny your Messiah. Observe the wrong Sabbath and everyone is fine with you.

      Oh, he’s a smart one, your devil. He has set you up to receive the mark, and he did it right from the beginning.

      All you can do is observe the Sabbath in your own way.

      Coincidentally, I always work on Sunday now but am off work every other Saturday. Not tomorrow, sadly. I’m better at observing the real Sabbath than most Christians. What a pity I don’t believe.


  7. Have to say I never get ill, ok I have been known to get “A bit rundown”, feel a bit shit for a day or so, but then I have an imune system.

    Infected cuts etc, I use either a 6% solution of Hydrogen peroxide, or a dab of Iodine tinctue, which for me seems to work well.

    I’m also told that silver works well on both bacteria and viruses (virii?). I keep meaning to have a go at making up some colloidal silver.


    • Silver oxide is even better. Not only is it toxic to bacteria in general but it will also give them the chemical equivalent of a burn too. It attacks in multiple ways so the bacterium cannot become resistant. the ancient Persians knew about silver. They found that if you placed a silver coin in a ewer of water it kept the water ‘sweet’.


  8. Does high pectin cider work too? I’ve worked with pathogens, such as Shigella dyserteriae, Salmonells typhi, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae especially so. A few opportunistic pathogenic Clostridia too. What fun. Not many if any scientists in government. They all fall for the scare stories of course. I was interested in the phage therapy the Russians pioneered. An interesting alternative but with immune response complications.


    • I remember that phage therapy. It just faded away, like so many of the ‘Tomorrow’s World’ type of idea. Never found out why.

      You mean the cloudy scrumpy, I suppose? No idea if it cures anything but after a couple of glasses you’ll forget you’re ill.


  9. Apples

    There are no apples in the version of The Stuff that is frozen but it does work with apples instead of the fruit that’s in it

    Formaldehyde ?

    “The aqueous solution is a bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide, virucide and sporicide”

    “Ingestion of formaldehyde can be fatal, and long-term exposure to low levels in the air or on the skin can cause asthma-like respiratory problems and skin irritation, such as dermatitis and itching”.

    Microbicidal Activity.

    Varying concentrations of aqueous formaldehyde solutions destroy a wide range of microorganisms. Inactivation of poliovirus in 10 minutes required an 8% concentration of formalin, but all other viruses tested were inactivated with 2% formalin.

    Four percent formaldehyde is a tuberculocidal agent, inactivating 104 M. tuberculosis in 2 minutes 82, and 2.5% formaldehyde inactivated about 107 Salmonella Typhi in 10 minutes in the presence of organic matter”

    instead of the fruit that’s in it

    Would that be pear?

    Apple 6.3 – 22.3 mg/kg

    Pear 38.7 – 60 mg/kg

    Foods Known to Contain Naturally Occurring Formaldehyde


    • Itm has to do with attachment rather than antibacterial action. Damn, I wish I could say it.

      But then your findings are important because if there is formaldehyde in tobacco, we are curing ourselves and those around us and saving the NHS money…


      • Cranberries, then.

        The urologists always recommend that their patients drink plenty of cranberry juice, because there is something in it which interferes with bacterial attachment in the urinary system.

        This, if you think about it, tells you a lot about what the mysterious Factor X is. For a start, it isn’t a protein or it wouldn’t make it past the stomach. It isn’t a pure sugar either, or it would be digested, nor is it one of the unusual ones or cranberries would give you wind as your colon bacteria feasted on it.

        It is small enough to be absorbed through the gut wall, and small enough to get through the kidney filters. It doesn’t adsorb onto mammalian cells at all, or it wouldn’t get from gut to blood to kidney to urine.

        It does lock onto bacterial coat proteins though, and not just peptidoglycan (the stuff some bacteria make their cell walls from; Penicillin and Amoxycillin etc specifically inhibit peptidoglycan synthesis). So, effectively you’ve got some hooch that is effectively prevents bacteria sticking onto things, and given that your stuff is more effective than just cranberries, I’d wager that you’ve worked out how to concentrate it to a certain degree.


        • And we have a winner!

          Fruit contains flavenoids, of which a subset are proanthocyanidins. These come in two sorts, A-linked and B-linked. The A-linked sort have a near-magical ability to interfere with the minute fibres that E. coli cells used to attach themselves to mammalian cells; the B-linked sort do this too, but the effect is much, much weaker.

          These chemicals have next to no effect on mammalian cells; they are specific to just some bacteria. Not only do they prevent bacteria from sticking to ones urinary system, they also throw a big spanner in the works where pathogenic E. coli (and possibly others) are concerned, and stop them invading one’s gut wall. Ergo cranberry is probably a major component of Leggy’s magic fruit cocktail.


  10. Might this be relevant?

    “Thus we see the astonishing sight of a socialist government working with state registered ‘healers’ to move speedily and inexorably towards a kind of Body Fascism where the measurement of bone-structure, racial characteristics, genetic ‘abnormalities’ , dietary enforcement, mental and learning capacities, enforced life-style modification of individuals and the production of a homologated European ‘super-race’ have become a real and very worrying reality.”

    Don’t know about the fruit, but melon has a formaldehyde smell/taste when it goes a bit over.


    • It is monopoly of all sorts which creates the problem – particularly in the “free” services supplied by the state and funded by taxes which create an alliance of “caring professionals” and politicians. We can see this particularly in education where something like (I am told) 9 times the amount of the state funding provided post war is turning out high proportion of innumerates and illiterates which would have been completely unacceptable then. The state/professional cure is always “more resources”.

      Karen’s post reminded me that vets were one of the more recently monopolised professions. I believe this also occurred in the Forties. There were a number of practically trained veterinary healers who were allowed to continue without university/veterinary school qualifications. In Derby there was a Miss Palfrey (who seemed a bit witchy to me!). She had a particular gift for dealing with intractable skin conditions in dogs. The regularly qualified vets used to refer their hard cases to her.

      My late sister was involved in social work and one of her professors had been instrumental in getting a similar professional licence for the Welsh bone-setters.


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