The Libertarian.

There should have been a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western called ‘The Libertarian’, in which towns would come to him with their problems and he would say ‘Well that’s your problem. You sort it out’.

But is that ‘The Libertarian’, or should it be ‘The Apathist’? Hm. Both are good short story titles…

Leaving everyone to their own devices is not Libertarianism. What is it, then? It’s very hard to pin down because as a politics of individuality, every individual has their own take on it.

It’s not anarchy. Libertarianism has boundaries. It has laws, but not very many. Therefore it must employ some form of police force to enforce those laws. These police will never be confused into thinking it is illegal to take photos in public places and they will not be confused into thinking they are the law. The law they enforce would be very simple. As the Devil himself once put it, it would be illegal to initiate force or fraud against another.

That’s it. That covers it all.

Any crime of violence, any crime of theft, any crime of fraud or deception, is covered by that one law. It is all that is really needed.

We do not need a law against using a mobile phone when driving because we already have ‘driving without due care and attention’, ‘careless driving’, dangerous driving’, and more. We don’t even need all those laws when ‘driving like a limp dick’ would cover it all. There would also be the immense shame factor in being in court for that.

All those puffed out thug chests belonging to ‘hard’ men (hard of thinking) declaring ‘Yeah, I drive dangerously, innit. Better stay out of me way, innit.’ Imagine them declaring ‘Yeah, I drive like a limp dick, innit… oh.’ Likewise ASBOs. Kids hold them up as a badge of pride. Would they do that if the acronym was ‘TWAT’? Total waster, arrested and thumped. I like the sound of that. I bet any police reading like that idea too. No piddling around with mitigation and no real criminal record. The copper can just give the kid a clip around the ear, like in the old days. It worked. Well it worked on me anyway, and I did not develop into a criminal mastermind. There’s still time. I just need that underground lair…

I digress. We do not need thousands of silly little laws that do no more than define specific details that were already covered by more general laws anyway. It confuses the public and the police alike. I won’t mention PCSOs because the pseudoplods must have been confused in the first place or they wouldn’t have accepted a position in that limbo between police, pubilic and reality.

If the law was simple, there would be no long drawn out trials costing millions. There would be no confusion. Most lawyers could be safely euthanased since they are no use in real life, and the ones that remained would be cheap. Ah, right, there’s the problem.

Major digression. There is a mark on my screen that looks just like a full stop and I keep trying to delete it. It won’t rub off. I would have said it looks like a period for the sake of the American readers, but if I said there was something that looked like a period on my screen, the UK readers would envisage something entirely different, and some might wonder how I could see the screen at all. End digression.

This is a rambling post, yes, but Libertarianism is like that. That’s the point. There isn’t one.

There can never be a truly Libertarian government because a true Libertarian does not want to control anyone else’s life. No true Libertarian wants to be in charge. We would need an entirely different system of election, whereby the ones who least want to be in charge are put in charge. Yes, some sociopaths will slip through by pretending they don’t want to rule our lives but they can soon be rooted out.

It is, on the face of it, the sensible way to run things. Being in Government should be like jury duty. You get called up for five years and you do what you can. Then you cannot be recalled, ever. That makes the career politician an impossibility. No elections. Names in a hat. Your job is held open for your return to real life, that has to be part of the deal.

Oh, but these people have no experience of being in government. How much experience of ‘being in government’ did any of the Cleggeron Coagulation have when they came to power? They had experience of suckling the taxpayer’s teat and they have sucked harder and deeper since taking over, but have acheived little of note. How much harder and deeper? Well, don’t ask Ozzy. It’s 56, Ozzy. The quick way to do it in your head is 10×7=70, minus 14. That gives you 8×7. I can do it plastered. Can you do it at all? All that expensive schooling…

We need an old Aberdonian farming curmudgeon in charge of the economy. He won’t spend any of it and will be out of debt in a week. The IMF will get a ‘can’t pay, won’t pay, awa’ tae buggery wi’ ye’ note.

The digressions come fast and frequent tonight and I think I know why. Trying to define a Libertarian is like trying to write a cat-herder’s manual. I know what I think it is, but then I am one individual with one individual’s view. I might be the only one who thinks the way I do… and so might you. Recognising that might well be the first step to Libertarianism. Or might not.

Maybe the first step is recognising that other people think differently and might not want to live their lives the way you live yours. Oh, you might think you have the perfect life and feel the need to tell everyone. Do so, by all means. Tell everyone how you live. Force them to live your way and the Libertarian Police will drag you away to ‘Never Coming Home’ land.

I like to smoke. Some people do not like to smoke. I have no interest at all in making any attempt to force anyone to take up smoking. I am not ‘pro-smoking’. I like it, if you don’t like it. don’t do it. But do not force your lifestyle choices on me. Yours might be ‘right’ in your mind and mine might be ‘wrong’ but that does not give you the authority to initiate force against what you see as my ‘wrong’ choice. It does not affect you. Despite the pretend science, no, it really does not.

I do not recognise the concept of authority.

No human has any innate authority over any other. It sounds Socialist I know but it is the absolute opposite of Scialism, a vicious creed based on strict heirarchy. The Socialist drones are the only ones who do not see it.

So the Idiot King was born to Mrs. Queen and one day will be King Jug-ears III. He is a gullible fool who thinks himself important because he does not have the brains to see otherwise. Charlie started as a mewling helpless shit-machine as did we all. Being Son of the Queen does not make him superior. He is not a superior being, he is a very naughty boy.

I am no different to the would-be New World Order Kings and no different to the druggie in the gutter. I am made of the same stuff in more-or-less the same way. So are you. The suicide bomber, the ISIS or IRA terrorist, the Nazi, the Jew or the gay single parent one-armed dwarf on benefits. All the same. Human.

This is what Libertarianism recognises  Not the differences, even though Libertarianism encourages difference. The underlying sameness of humanity. There can be no Holocaust under Libertarianism because Libertarianism does not recognise groups that can be hated. It deals with individuals. One by one. With no regard to skin shade or religion or special body shape or anything at all. One by one, the individuals live their lives, unmolested by other individuals. Initiate force or fraud and the Libertarians come for you. Live your life your way and let others live their way, and you will never come in contact with any official of any kind.

Does that really sound so bad? Is it really so scary that those in authority have to stamp it down and discredit it at every opportunity? It is not anarchy, it is not Somalia. It is peace.

Maybe humanity isn’t ready for peace. Maybe it never will be.

There is more to this. Formulating thoughts on Libertarianism probably isn’t easy when sober. One day I’ll try.





24 thoughts on “The Libertarian.

  1. OK, that’s fine by me, but there’s at least 5 billion religious fanatics who’ll slice, dice, and ice you before they’d let anything so liberating have breathing room.


      • ‘At least’ 5 billion religious fanatics just lining up to slice off your head? That’s hyperbole gone hyper. I prefer to think of the 100 million people shot, gassed, worked and starved to death by atheist dictators over the past century. That’s the reality.


        • Even if true, it wasn’t done in the name of atheism, whereas religiously motivated killings are. Mao and Stalin did not kill people because they were not atheist, but because they were not communist.


          • I don’t accept that argument. The biggest mass murderers in history by far have been evolution-believing atheists, yet people like Edgar plague the internet with the same tired old cliches, except with his 5 billion religious fanatics about to carve you up into squares, he’s even gone more mad than they usually do.


            • It isn’t an argument, its an observation. And your comment in no way actually refutes what I said, you simply restated your original point. Whether true or not (and I have no idea if what you claim about is even true), they were not motivated by atheism, but by usually communism or something very similar.


  2. There is something about Libertarianism that doesn’t quite jell. It’s a bit like Communism. It only works if everybody does it.
    And it’s all very well doing your own thing as long as no one else minds.
    One of my sons told me once that I could do anything I liked, so I asked him who he thought was going to pay his school fees.


    • Full-on Libertarianism cannot work. Human nature makes it impossible.

      The best we will get is a small state somewhere that the drones don’t know about.

      Wales, maybe? Nobody in Wales gives a shit anyway.


      • Except the ‘Assembly’ – or are they calling themselves the ‘Government’ now like the Scottish ‘Executive’? The Commies Cymraeg in Cardiff definitely give a poop. I believe they made Wales the first ‘country’ to adopt Agenda 21, so no more visits to Borth and Aberystwyth for me in case there’s a gas chamber at the top of the funicular railway. These nouveau banana republics like Wales and Scotland (I’m trying to cram in as many languages as I know) show that smaller (and supposedly more individual and local) doesn’t necessarily work.

        Mit freundlichen Grüßen,



        • Just the man I need. Calm down. Nothing like that. Should I be so lucky.

          No, no, this is about Wales. A village half way up a mountain. A coal mine with pit ponies. A hut a bit further up for brass band practice. A funicular railway. And a very long beach. I was about four at the time, about a hundred years ago. Any ideas of where this could be? Thanks in advance if you can help.


          • The only funicular I know in Wales is in Aberystwith, but that’s not a village, although it’s not huge, so you might have thought it was a village when you were wee. Could it be half way up a mountain AND have a long beach? Obviously it has a beach and the railway goes up a hill. I imagine there are other funicular railways in the Principality/People’s Democratic Republic, but our host would have a better idea.


            • Sorry, I forgot to mention that we caught a bus to the funicular, so that and the beach were separate from the village. The village also had rolling sort of little hills half way up the mountain where we picked blackberries. And there were a lot of sheep that got in gardens and ate the flowers.
              It was a long time ago, and I suppose I hoped that you are nearly as old as me.

              PS. It was during The War. And I have so wanted to know where it is.


              • Try Borth. A bus ride to Aberystwyth, 4 miles of beach – another bus ride to Ynyslas at the far end. Not sure about the band, but there are ponies on the hill. Not that they have ever seen a pit!
                Apparently there was a railway at Swansea, and almost certainly a pit. Plenty of beach too. Not sure it would have been ideal during the war though.


  3. Way back when I was a lad, we had these things called Continuation Schools. It was where you were sent if you found yourself on probation for a crime, expelled from high school, or just being violently crazy or retarded. If you were under 18, they could not just let you roam the streets or stay at home. That was your destination if you were considered a “bad” kid. They were basically holding pens for future criminals.

    We still have the same problems with youth these days, only to a larger degree, but to make everyone feel better about this, the names were changed several years ago to “Juvenile Court and Community Schools!”

    In the ultimate salute to political correctness, (Translate=liberal idiocy) a School here in Vista let the students rename the place where the future inmates are kept. They are calling it, “Innovations Academy of Empowerment” God, does that not flow off of the tongue? You want scumbags innovated and empowered?

    Perhaps, as a follow up, we should rename the San Quentin Sate Penitentiary the “Bright Fresh New Start”…..


  4. It’s a very difficult question. The main thing is that a libertarian society would not and could not be tolerated by what you called the ‘Fat Controller(s)’ yesterday. But supposing there weren’t all these checks and balances to ensure a global government by stealth.

    Firstly, is there any such thing as a true libertarian? We all want to see an end to these continual, pointless laws and laws which aren’t laws, like the photography thing, but we need certain laws and they’re going to go further than some libertarians want and not far enough for others (in this fictional scenario to build a libertarian Utopia).

    “If the law was simple, there would be no long drawn out trials costing millions. There would be no confusion.”

    My favourite former Soviet subversion agent, Yuri Bezmenov, explains that we used to be able to sort out family matters and neighbourly disputes largely among ourselves, but it has been engineered to bring in the law (and if ‘necessary’ social workers, ‘health’ workers, etc.) to hammer it out over months or years at enormous cost. It’s to increase strife in the community. Divide and conquer.

    It’s why corporal punishment was done away with in schools. Rather than a few lashes of the belt sorting out the problem there and then, police, social workers, etc., are brought in to exacerbate the issue, institutionalise the youngster and shove the State in everyone’s face.

    Same with these ‘hate’ laws and ‘equality’ legislation, generally. Like Mr Bezmenov said 30 years ago, nobody at work bothered if you were ‘gay’ then they started wanting to be recognised for it and getting special rights – or at least the militant spokesgays did.

    But we’re in fictional land where normality has returned and people want common law: do no harm; cause no loss-type stuff and otherwise be left alone.

    Sounds good to me.

    But what happens with all the brainwashed drones? Even in this fictional world they’re everywhere. ‘I demand you celebrate my love for candelabra’ or whatever. ‘I demand a ‘holy’ day for worshipping the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pastafarians demand equal access to Pennsylvania courthouse holiday display.

    So you have to create a new country where only sane people are permitted and if you want to sue someone for expressing their opinion that it is morally wrong – nay repugnant – for a man to marry a chimney stack – these people should not be invited.

    So we finally have our new land of libertarian freedom. Everyone has a gun, so the crime rate has fallen due to the criminal libertarians knowing this and the judges passing just sentences for crimes committed. But isn’t everyone a little bit conservative? Or socialist? Or liberal? Or religious/spiritual? Or prejudiced?

    And presumably, this libertarian land would be atheistic. Something else Mr Bezmenov says (and I’m not here to defend other religions) is that when a country loses its religion, it’s gone. That’s why Western governments and the EU have been at such pains to get rid of our Judeo-Christian culture – to aid our demise and help end the nation state.

    So I don’t think there can be a libertarian society which would work for more than a very short time before internal wrangling made it implode.

    The best we can hope for is what we had: a Christian-based right and wrong and relative freedom, which is being thrown away by leftie-liberal lunatics programmed by the social engineers.

    Sorry; the libertarian society is off the menu.


  5. My favourite concept of useful law is similar to Stewart’s: law stops us from doing to others what we don’t want them to do to us.


  6. Spike Milligan had a “throwaway” line in one of his “Q” series – “If you want to know the CRIME , ask a policeman”, resonates so much clearer to me after 20 odd years of nanny stateism.


  7. Leggy,
    Erase the = and the x, and you get;

    Didn’t Carol Vorderman get that wrong, once?
    Someone gave her two.


  8. One improvement to modern law and order would, I think, be a re-introduction of corporal punishment at the low end of the scale. So, if you get pulled in by the police for drunk and disorderly, assault, minor theft and so on then the treatment would be to be charged by the police (no CPS for crimes below a set level of seriousness), up before the three ranking police officer of that station who would also double as magistrates, and if found guilty back down to the cells for a caning administered by a machine.

    Then out of the door and that’s the punishment done.

    Open to abuse, yes, but the great thing is that all of this only pertains to very petty offenders and would be subject to some mandated judicial oversight. The idea is to closely associate the crime and the punishment in time, so even the thickest offender pretty quickly gets to associate pain with crime.

    This sort of thing is basic animal training, and as most of it is going to be applied to children and teenagers, animal training is exactly what you’re doing. Singapore does this sort of thing, and enjoys very, very low crime rates simply because all criminals start off small and work up. If you catch them at the just beginning, small crime stage and apply painful punishments at that point then they stop committing crimes for the most part, and never carry on up the criminal career ladder.


    • It’s illegal to humiliate them now, but a couple of hours in the stocks with a ready supply of Tesco-reject fruit and veg would work wonders.

      There’d be no need for a criminal record either. Just a note that ‘if he does it again he goes to court’. That note should not be allowed to show up on a CRB check. That gives the first-time crook a quick shock and doesn’t damage his chances of going straight. As it is, get a criminal record and the only career available is crime. What idiot thought that one up?


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