For the Cheeldren.

It’s all ‘for the cheeldren’ these days, isn’t it? They are our little treasures, the precious little bastards. They are your future, the ones who will refuse to pay for your scrounging pensions because why should they? Why should they have to pay to keep the ugly wrinklies alive? Better, surely, to fight and eradicate the ‘grups’. Star trek reference there, from the Kirk ‘ah, we come in peace, shoot to kill’ days. I tried to find it on YouTube but failed, it’s full of this stuff now.

I can’t digress much, I have an early start tomorrow. Must focus!

Cheeldrern have been raised to the status of demigods. Look at the comments on this Chav’s Tale, and be relieved that those who regard the cheeldren as utterly untouchable are among the worst rated. Some common sense is filtering through.

A quick link to close (it’s a hurried blog tonight, I have to wake at unpleasant o’clock and do a double shift). This is worth reading though.

The site as a whols is fascinating. Some of it is a bit swivel-eyed but as with the Daily Mail, read it with filters fully engaged and you can find the snips of truth in there. Thisparticular article does make a lot of sense, as do many others…

The State owns your children.

Soon, the State will decide, at every birth, who will be the parents of that child.

The drones have asked them to.




8 thoughts on “For the Cheeldren.

    • There is a thing on local radio called ‘Cash for Children’. Sounds like a good scrappage scheme. I wondered if they did it by weight and it eas wrth catching the fat ones.


  1. Oh but the ‘this stuff now’ is fucking hilarious. Thanks Legs, that’s a perfect focus for something I’m pulling together.


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