Buried by nothing.

The Daily Mail today has story after story about some drunken bimbo who sucked a load of men’s danglies for a cheap drink. It is a nothing story. She was not forced or coerced into it, it was something she agreed to do.

A very silly thing to do, from a microbiologist’s point of view. It’s a game of STD roulette. One cheap cocktail isn’t going to kill off any cock-bugs she might now have festering away in her mouth. The woman is an idiot and, frankly, a tart, but she did nothing illegal. Neither did those who organised this Bacchanalian bukakke session.

I could never understand the point of bukakke. But then it is Japanese, and they do a lot of things that make me go ‘Huh?’ It’s a country I could visit for a year and be constantly amazed from dawn to dusk every single day.

Yeah, it’s true, being able to name the actual beasties involved in STDs and having books describing the symptoms – with colour pictures and all – does tend to limit your sex life somewhat. I’m not at the stage of spraying women down with bleach or vigorously rubbing them with olive oil before touching them (well, not unless they insist) but I don’t think I’d be keen on kissing a girl who has tasted tadgers at a rate of ten a minute. Having to fill out a risk assessment and wait for the lab results would rather take the edge off the occasion.

Yet it was her choice, there was no evidence of force or coercion, so it’s really not a story at all.

Buried in a little box amongst all this tittilation was another story entirely. Something that really should have been regarded as far more important than a silly tart who’d do anything for a cocktail.

It was a quick and amateur burial for the Birmingham story and the loose floozy seems to have dropped off the radar already. The street battle in Birmingham has scrolled well down the page anyway, no need to worry about that one any more. There is something much bigger to bury. This one will not be a shallow grave, this one will need a fleet of diggers and several tons of concrete.

The last glowing ember of the Savilator’s pyre ignited a paedo frenzy in the authorities. An unstoppable witch-hunt of the old and the dead. Those who could not remember and those who could not speak. It has now reached the level where Leonard Rossiter’s decayed remains stand accused of witnessing an assault – not of committing any assault – while those who allegedly carried out the assault remain unnamed. Their families have no money. No point chasing them.

The ‘conspiraloons’ have long spoken of a paedophile ring at the highest levels of government and have been routinely brushed aside. Now it seems Leon Brittan once had in his possession a dossier detailing the dodgy doings of Paedominster. The conspiraloons were right (again). He handed this dossier to someone else who promptly lost it. Oh, but the Paedofinder General has heard of this now and demands its recovery. Potentially, this could cause the absolute collapse of the government. Cameron is already suffering the shame of Coulson imprisoned for being a prat, and of a different close aide found with masses of child filth on his computer. More of this, he definitely does not need. This is a story that will have to be buried so deep that even Satan’s champion hot-rock-burrowing pet mole can’t find it.

But how? The whole of the MSM has been agitated to report every accusation that someone once looked askance at a pre-teen. The Leonard Rossiter case, in which he was accused of not actually doing anything but of seeing something possibly-sexual take place on the set of a film called ‘year of the sex olympics’, proves this point. The thinnest of threads is enough to make a connection to Paedogeddon.

Back in 1640’s England, Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General, took the sight of a mole or birthmark as a sign of the devil’s touch. Anyone sporting a third nipple, a common extra bit on humans (even I have one), must be using it to suckle their familiars (I have never owned a cat). His drones used a stage-knife with a sliding blade to ‘prove’ that the witch did not bleed when stabbed. Where there were no thin threads to grasp, the Witchfinders simply made one up.

Speak out against them, as several modern celebrities have found, and you must be a witch too.

All that stuff about witches sailing in sieves and flying on brooms and dancing naked in the moonlight was all made up. I know the New Agers and the Gerald Gardner followers think they have to be naked in the woods but seriously – at the end of October in Aberdeen? Get stuffed.

It was all made up. Not by the ‘witches’, who were subjected to tortures that would have made anyone confess to being the inventor of ringworm or accepting the blame for it being dark at night. These stories were invented at the trials of the ‘witches’. By witnesses for the prosecution. Then, as now, there was no claim too absurd for the drones to accept. Nobody ever thought to ask ‘but if they are so powerful, why haven’t we all been turned into frogs by now?’ Then again, this was an era when field mice were put on trial for eating crops… not that humanity has progressed all that much.

So when the paedofinders get wind of actual, documented evidence rather than just the word of someone remembering something someone might or might not have done half a century ago, naturally they are very interested indeed. This is the big one, the primary coven, the centre of the modern witch’s power. The thing is, it’s not in the BBC after all. That distraction has failed. It’s in government.

This is going to take serious burying and there are going to be sacrifices held up as new distractions. Big sacrifices. It has already begun.

There’ll be more because the very idea of the merest possibility of the existence of evidence of institutional kiddie-fiddling at the highest level is not going to just go away. Oh no, there is a wave of witch-frenzy in the land once more and those witches must be caught. It is going to take some very big distractions indeed to shift the proles’ attention. Another round of ‘wine cures/causes cancer’ isn’t going to do it. This calls for the full Winston Smith Room 101 experience – ‘Don’t do it to me, do it to [them]’.

They are trying the ‘silencing’ approach – via Olde Holborn on Farcebok I see that Google UK has been told to censor some results on searches concerning Leon Brittan and the paedofile. Searches in other countries are not affected. Brittan himself has been accused of a long-ago rape. Is there anyone in Government not involved in this?

The increasingly bizarre claims about the Savilator (there is one on YouTube claiming he was a wizard – no, really) have all been accepted without question. Even the ones where he was demonstrably somewhere else at the time. Gary Glitter was caught fair and square and spent time in a Cambodian prison for it, but everything on the Savilator came out after his death. Some of it is probably true, but much of it is definitely not. Yet no attempt is made to differentiate between the real and the rumour.

Now there a whiff of documented evidence, the CPS must have it. They have been embarrassed time and again after dragging a celebrity into court only to have them acquitted. A few cases have stuck but most have failed. Starting with real documents would be an enormous coup for them and taking down some big names on the basis of actual evidence for a change would do much to restore their credibility.

The political class and their puppeteers in grey suits must do everything they can to squash this story. They will shed one unworthy cause after another and throw them to the wolves to sate the blood-lust coming for them. They have started with the Cult of the Green God but that is only the beginning. There will be more.

Don’t be distracted and don’t be placated. These are the people who pass laws saying that cartoons are real children, that baby photos are obscenities, that any contact with any child at any time – even by another child –  is a sexual assault. They are the ones who steal children in secret courts. They are the ones who have brought upon us a society where adults dare not approach a crying child in the street for fear of arrest amid cries of ‘Witch!’. Show no sympathy for them. They have none for you.

Years ago, ‘Common Purpose’ was just a conspiracy theory. It turned out to be real. Then there were all these tales of government grabbing children for their own perverted pleasures. They were a persistent conspiracy theory but, like most, I considered them too horrible to be true. And yet… and yet… here we have an ex-Home Secretary admitting to the existence of a detailed file on the subject, which he was instrumental in ‘disappearing’.

Is it true? Could it be? Is this the reason why councils have child-harvesting quotas? Are some proportion of those harvests being taken as taxation by snakes in suits?

If it is so, the evidence will be in those current government fads being thrown to the wolves one by one. If true, the politicians have no choice but to shoot down bigger and bigger game to hide behind. If true, and the politicians don’t make it obvious by those sacrificial offerings, there will be no distraction in the way of the frenzied mob.

If it’s not true, of course, there would be no need at all to suddenly backtrack on anything.

They say that when you are in a hole you should stop digging. It looks like the hole they need for this story will require considerable digging. It’ll be a very deep hole indeed.

When they’ve dug it, will they be able to get out of it?


An afterthought…

You know, if you wanted to utterly control someone who was ostensibly in power, what would be the best way to do it? Get them involved in something that, if it was ever made public, would destroy them utterly. As long as you are the only one who knows about it you have total control. But if it leaks…

Someone, somewhere, might well be running for cover right now.


20 thoughts on “Buried by nothing.

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a delicious thought. The Governments are in it.
    I don’t believe a word of most of this Historical Abuse lark. But I will definitely be prepared to make an exception if it is The Government. I don’t care which one. Any or all of them will do.

    We and they should have known, of course. This is what Witch Hunts do.

    Off to feed my pet Crow, and collect some Lesser Crested Newts.


  2. Check out the ‘Mail’ this morning – the new claims now centre on Savile’s brothers.

    What IS the collective noun for a group of paedos, anyway? A grope?


  3. Why does almost every Western government have leaderships composed of characters who are keen to give away their countries, accept the climate con, smoking bans and other UN nonsense and punish those who oppose political correctness?

    Either these people are paid to do it or more likely are compromised so horrendously that they are compelled to act the same way. What ‘better’ way to have a world full of puppet rulers than having video of them doing unspeakable things to young children?

    If the information ever got out, not only would their careers be over forever, probably their marriages as well and their freedom, especially if the youngsters’ lives were snuffed out at the end of it, which is the most likely scenario.

    I’m in no doubt some people in power are desperate enough to do this as an initiation into the Big Boys Club (not realising they’re being filmed, of course).

    Like you say, a lot of these ‘conspiracy theories’ are being revealed as the truth. They only get away with it so long because the public aren’t used to such lies and evil acts, so don’t believe the evidence (or disappearance of same).

    I wrote on Hope Not Hate’s Facebook page last week that they seek out every little faux pas (in their opinion) said by anyone remotely connected with UKIP while ignoring the dozens of mainstream councillors accused or paedophilia.

    Of course, my comment was removed and I was banned from commenting further.

    It’s just one reason I’m convinced that HNH is a government front to take the attention away from their far more grievous crimes.

    They also won’t allow comments on their blog which disagree, because they know that if it came to a debate, they would not have a leg to stand on. They want people to believe that opposition to more and more immigration is a fringe/loony position, whereas 3/4 of the population want a reduction, including a large proportion of immigrants themselves. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/01/07/uk-britain-immigration-survey-idUKBREA0600F20140107

    The fact is that we have absolutely no say in anything and these people in power who have obviously been ‘got at’ in some extreme way are ensuring (as I wrote the other day) “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” (‘1984’)

    Because, it’s either them or us and our government would rather stomp on the 64 million of us than have their terrible secrets exposed, whatever they are and they must be heinous.


    • Yes, you are correct in all you say. Think on Belgium, the paedophile capital of the world, where else would the EUSSR set up government?


    • XX Why does almost every Western government have leaderships composed of characters who are keen to give away their countries, accept the climate con, smoking bans and other UN nonsense and punish those who oppose political correctness? XX

      MOMENT! I was from my 3rd form to my the sixth form with similar bastards, and they actualy BELIEVE it. THAT is the problem we have!

      EVERYTHING they were spouting in common room debates, and the debating “clubs” are EXACTLY what they are putting into effect now.

      SO, unless you accept that “C.P” got hold of them at 13, and “nurtured” them, then it is all “My own work.”

      These are the ones that have DEVELOPED “Common Purpose.” NOT the other way around.

      Now. The “link” here, is that it is ALSO the generation that were around as they started flouridating water.


      Read some web sites from the likes of Harvard medical school, John Hopkins uni, and others of such high standing medical “authoritys” as to what THEY have to say about the effects of flouride on the brain! (Interesting is, NONE of them are being denied!)


      • ” Children who both used topical fluoride between the ages of 3 and 6years
        and fluoridated toothpaste……..were more likely to have more behavior problems.”


        Just as one example Or;

        “The prolonged ingestion of fluoride may cause significant damage to health and particularly the nervous system,” write researchers Valdez-Jiminez, et al. in their report. “Fluoride is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which may cause biochemical and functional changes in the nervous system during pregnancy, since the fluoride accumulates in brain tissue before birth.”

        There you have it, folks. Fluoride chemicals, which are derived from the waste emitted by the aluminum and phosphate mining industries, by the way (http://www.naturalnews.com/031541_Fluoride_d…), cross directly into the brain where they lodge themselves and cause disease. They also enter the thyroid and pineal glands and disrupt proper hormone production, which leads to various other illnesses.

        There simply is no denying the deadly truth about fluoride anymore. Ample evidence is continually being released that exposes fluoride as a highly-toxic chemical poison, and even the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) admits that fluoride is a toxin. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also initiated damage control recently by lowering its fluoridation recommendations following the release of studies showing that fluoride harms children (http://www.naturalnews.com/030952_CDC_fluori…).

        “It’s apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain,” says the US National Research Council’s (NRC) expert fluoride panel. “Fluorides also increase the production of free radicals in the brain through several different biological pathways. These changes have a bearing on the possibility that fluorides act to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.”

        Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032957_fluoride_brain_damage.html#ixzz2ztSKas4l





  4. Perhaps we’ll find out one day what Brown knew about Blair to blackmail him into standing down. The ghastly Gorgon knows too much!


    • This is what makes the entire ‘right to be forgotten on the internet’ such a total farce. Government think Google runs the internet. If they control Google they can shut down the internet. That’s like thinking they can destroy a city by burning the phone book.

      Nothing is deleted. Google just blocks a few results from UK searches. Using Google.com instead of Google.co.uk gets around it at once.

      As does using any other search engine.


  5. I have to admit that, although I don’t dismiss everything Icke says, the habitual abuse and slaughter of children bit was one which I found hard to believe. Not the insinuation that there might be a few kiddie-fiddlers around in Westminster – statistically it was always likely that there were at least a few – but because he described it as being on such a massive, almost “routine” scale; almost, it seemed, like something of a “rite of passage” if anyone wanted their political/public service career to go anywhere. If nothing else, I reasoned that involving oneself in something so abhorrent to public sensibilities would surely be far too great a risk for any public servant with any ambitions at all to take.

    But it seems not (so it looks like I might have revise my previously-doubting view on shape-shifting lizards and alien vibrations, too!) Here we are with, not just a few, but over 100 “potentially significant” files simply vanishing into thin air. Now, one or two suspect persons might result in, say, a couple of files each at most, but … over 100?? And even if a proportion of these files were on people who (if investigated) turned out to be totally innocent, that still leaves a whole lot of abusers out there in positions of power and influence. No wonder they’re closing ranks faster than the police force when a suspect dies in custody!

    As someone who works with paper files all day every day, I have trouble finding somewhere to store/offload/archive 20 files at a time – these things take up a lot of space! – so there’s no way that over 100 can be “lost” in the true sense of the word. It’d be like accidentally “losing” an entire desk, or a whole filing cabinet at a stroke. Whatever happened to these files – whether they were taken away by someone in authority “for investigation,” locked away in a secret saferoom somewhere, or the entire contents of each and every one shredded – it couldn’t have been done by accident. Someone, somewhere, some time between the 1980s and now, deliberately “vanished” them, and it would have taken time and effort. Just the process of shredding the contents of so many files would have taken pretty much a whole day. So whoever was responsible for “vanishing” the files would surely remember doing it (or one of their minions would). So why aren’t they saying so? And what about the victims? They’ve been coming out in their droves now that Ozzie Rolf is in the slammer, so why haven’t there been dozens of calls to Childline about abuse by subjects of the “missing” 100 files? Strange, to say the least.

    But as you say, Leggy, they’re going to have to pull something really, really big out of the hat to make this “yesterday’s news” any time soon. And d’you know what? I think there’s only one issue guaranteed to distract the drones. It is, of course, the one issue that we all love to hate on here – the smoking ban. When they start making noises about relaxing or repealing that, we’ll know that they are really, really serious about burying this story. Because, unlike climate change, or the world cup, or the economy – in terms of distraction-value – that’s the one that’s guaranteed to work, every time. Nothing turns a usually-compliant drone into a frothing-mouthed, ranting dervish quite like any suggestion that the War on Smokers is on the wane. Go on, all you bigwig politicos currently feeling just that teeny-weeny bit worried – it may hurt just a little bit but, well, needs must and all that …


    • I also thought the ‘paedo ring at the heart of government’ was going too far but maybe it wasn’t after all. The shapeshifting reptiles, while not totally unfeasible, is still too much but pretty much everything else Icke has said has come to pass. So I won’t dismiss them entirely just yet.

      Ah, if they even talk about relaxing the smoking ban, they are shafted either way. It is so widespread that it must be part of the blackmail holding them under control. I don’t think they have any real way out now. The only way is down.


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