Well, that was entirely expected.

The Government has solved the problem of paedos under the cot. They are going to investigate themselves and find no evidence of wrongdoing. To placate the masses, they are also going to investigate the NHS, the BBC and the Church (just the one religion, naturally) where they will find plenty of big name scapegoats to take the drones’ attention away from them.

Cyril Smith will be held up as a case of ‘well, there was one, but he’s dead now’ and a couple who have already been outed will take a fall. All the rest will be found outside Westminster.

The police will be threatened into silence, again.

And the government will continue to act outside the law.

Labour, meanwhile, have announced new plans to sexualise children in schools. Ostensibly to counter the effect of online porn. None of them seem to have grasped that children do not need to access online porn when it is delivered to them in the classroom.

Seriously. Announcing plans to sexualise children while pretending there is no child fixation at the heart of government. They really do regard the public as idiots, don’t they?

Unfortunately, looking at the rest of the distraction-drivel in today’s news, it seems they might be right.


26 thoughts on “Well, that was entirely expected.

  1. Say what you want about the Men Of Maggie- the Tebbits, Parkinsons et al but they were, by and large, men of great personal integrity and often courage. Personal Wrong Doing resulted in either retiring to the bedroom with a service revolver or at least retiring to ‘spend more time with the family’.

    For those of us still able to speak 1980s ‘Political’ , Tebbit was on air the other day telling us what happened: Someone or Someones VERY highly placed (maybe even Royal) were found to be acting in way no gentleman should. Persons so highly placed that to have publicly dealt with them would have seriously damaged the whole country. Words were had, careers were ruined and someones found themselves ‘promoted’ to Special Envoy To A Leper Colony or fulfilling some important diplomatic role somewhere nice and quiet like Beirut in the Happy Season.

    The fact that the “Strangler” felt able to say even what he did publicly tells us that 1. he personally didn’t like the decision that was taken above his pay grade and would have preferred the miscreant to have been hung, drawn and quartered at Tyburn and 2. The miscreant involved is now dead.

    Oh and since when is the head of the NSPC ‘independent’? Surely they have more vested interest than most…


    • I agree with your translation of the Tebbit coded message.

      As for the NSPCC, like all such ‘charities’ they have a vested interest in maintaining the existence of the thing they claim to be trying to eradicate.


  2. Paedos are manipulative, right? Engineering ways to get children away from their parents and into their filthy clutches so they can do what they like with them …Hmm….

    Paedophiles LOVE children and can’t do enough for (and to) them …


    • Paedos manipulate their way into jobs where they can have access to children. It’s not that preists are paedos, it’s that paedos try to become priests. Also scoutmasters and teachers and so on. Once they get into those positions, parents actually trust them!

      Their other alternative is to get into a position of power where they can be above the law and blame someone else. I think that’s the kind we’re dealing with here.


  3. they are also going to investigate ….. the Church (just the one religion, naturally)

    As a lad, I was never the choirboy type, being too busy making mischief elsewhere, so I was never exposed to the close attentions of the clergy. However, when I was seventeen, and travelling through the countries of the ‘religion of peace’, I found myself the subject of the close attentions of many distinctly unsavoury local men, and on several occasions had to physically defend myself from their amorous advances. The general consensus out there is that women are for procreation and boys are for pleasure. Which of course all stems from the religious insistence that all women must be virgins when they marry, leaving not much scope for the release of pent-up male hormones.


    • I am reliably informed that the existence of nuns was because of the monks. Originally they were ‘handmaidens’ (cough) and their purpose was to keep the (human, remember) monks from shagging each other. They had nothing else and yet the Bible clearly states ‘Gonnae no’ dae that?’ at several points.

      Eventually, after enough (cough) handmaidens hade been hastily retired to the country when they fell pregnant, the Church made them take Holy orders and a vow of celibacy too.

      The monks? I don’t know, bromide in the communion wine perhaps? Or perhaps that’s why they brew such strong booze. Makes them forget about it.


  4. Ed Balls has been trying to get sex ‘education’ for 5 year-olds for years. Why would any sane person even think to campaign for this?

    Now, we have his wife, Mssss Cooper saying, “For years we have talked about the importance of empowering our daughters, giving them the confidence to challenge abuse and bringing them up as feminists.”

    Who has been talking about this for years? Cooper and her maladjusted husband? What makes her think she has the right to make schools churn out all girls as feminists?

    As if that isn’t bad enough, she says,

    “If we are going to achieve a real-step change in tackling violence against women, we need our sons growing up as confident feminists too.”

    Proving she is either equally as nuts as Balls – or there is something else going on. They are both Grade A ideological subverters destroying the family.

    He knows that the younger that children ‘learn’ about sex the earlier they are likely to start and he also knows that this leads to dysfunction and the difficulty in youngsters forming permanent relationships when they are older.

    She knows that the natural head of the family is the man and she is mounting the attack from the top. Emasculate the men and turn out future generations of feminists who think that “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” and that’s family life practically gone forever and with it our whole society.

    And with youngsters being forced to have unnatural and unhealthy beliefs about sex and relationships, I wouldn’t be surprised if it produces more paedophilia as the rules for normal behaviour go flying out the classroom window.

    Naturally, the ‘lessons’ are to be compulsory, as the state now thinks it owns all children.

    As usual, you have to wonder what hold the PTB have over these pathetic politicians to make them destroy our culture. Have they been filmed having sex with children? You can bet some of them have, which is the reason they’ll do anything and everything to destroy our country.

    Yes, they’ll metaphorically exhume a few corpses for a show trial because it used to happen, but there’s no evidence of it now – while they frantically worry that their heinous secrets will finally be revealed.


    • There are no doubt a few schoolboys who think they are God’s gift to women and can do as they please. Why should there not be, when there always have been?

      The lessons will be compulsory for all boys to ‘curtail’ the activities of a very few. Those very few will be unaffected. It will be designed that way because if they were ‘cured’ of being gits, the compulsory lessons would end.

      The majority, the non-gits, will be feminised and enfeebled. Ripe for control.

      Women will not get a good deal out of this. They will be fooled into thinking it’s for their benefit but it’s not. Their future choice of husband will be between Julian Clary and Oliver Reed.

      There will be nothing left in between.


  5. Labour appear to have learnt nothing from Harm-man’s support for PIE, the idiots!

    But if girls are being partially undressed by boys in the same class, I have to ask, “What happened to school discipline?”

    It’s basically assault (if the DM can be even half-believed) and should be dealt with severely.


    • One thing in Mrs. Testicle’s favour – that announcement was a masterpiece of comic timing. She could not have made Labour look more ridiculous if she had done the announcement naked, coated with custard and with a cherry on her head.


  6. “Naturally, the ‘lessons’ are to be compulsory, as the state now thinks it owns all children.”

    The state employees DO believe the State owns (or more accurately CONTROL of) the children in their warped world because ignorant parents and I am one, register their children’s birth details with the state under threat of fine which according to the Oxford dictionary is COERCION.

    Think about it. Cars are registered and the state has no qualms about crushing a car if the appointed person doesn’t do what the state demands.
    Homes are compulsory purchased against the wishes of the owner because the state runs a register of title.

    Take the buggers out of school and give them an education instead of indoctrination. My good lady and I did it with number two son and it was the best thing we have ever done for him.


    • Good for you. I hope I’d/I’ll do the same if/when the time comes. I’m leaving it late, but you never know. I could be just waiting to bump into Ms Right. She’ll have to be 15+ years younger than me to produce a few sprogs. I always fancied 8. Four of each. She’ll have to be 25-30 years younger. Philippines?

      But I couldn’t stand the thought of my children being in a state school for 6 or 7 hours a day. Or even 6 or 7 minutes.


    • Nobody owns their car. They are the registered keeper. Not the owner.

      The same has become true of children. You are not their parents, you are their carers and if you don’t measure up to State standards then your carer responsiblilites will be reallocated.

      As for your body, well, you might think you own at least yourself, but the opt-out instead of opt-in for the body scrappage scheme says otherwise.

      Like a drink? Can’t have one. The State owns your liver and you might damage it.

      That piano wire idea… I’m starting to think it might be a good one.


  7. I (like you) have been reading anna racoon’s wonderfully sane blog. This witch-hunt has been orchestrated from the very beginning (scripted, is what someone else said). Most of the ‘perps’ are or have been Tories. Odd that. We know the lefties are perfect, don’t we? Hmm…..

    I used to date a leftie (‘struth!) and I’ve never met someone so indoctrinated about the party line. Almost like a stuck record. Unfortunately this mind set does not leave room for anything else. Like…rational thinking. Oooh no.

    They strangely see the Beeb as still being right-wing. To the rest of us who have still got a brain, the Beeb has been infiltrated by the lefties for years. But the lefties can’t see it. They are still following the party-line faithfully, down to the last letter and out to ‘get ’em’. So the Beeb is under attack. Those ‘filthy perverts’ need to change their ways. Or else!

    They hate Mrs T with a passion. Anyone who had anything to do with her is tainted. And so an easy target.

    If it wasn’t so serious, it would make you laugh.


  8. Oi !! Leggy Your bloody like button upsets my PC. I get a blank panel on top of the comments which flashed on and off (or rather there and not there) quite fast , made my whole screen jump up and down and I only got rid of it. by a shut down and restart. I blame Blair for this. Balls. Blame him as well


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