Dictation rights.

In my favourite local curry house, pork is not an option. I love bacon but the shop is Muslim-run so they don’t do bacon. They stick with lamb or chicken, although they will do beefburgers and fish and pretty much anything you want as long as it’s not pork.

I know they are Muslim and I know they do seriously good curries, and I know they can cook anything on their menu to wonderful noshery level. So I go there often. Even if it’s just for a pakora or a bhaji as a snack on the way home. If I want bacon or ribs or black pudding I go to the other places. It is not a chore.

It would never occur to me to demand a bacon roll in there and then get the legal system involved when they inevitably stated that they do not do that. It’s common sense. I know they don’t do that. I also know a place just down the road that does do that. And I can buy bacon and make a bacon roll at home, it’s not difficult. Why would I try to ruin a perfectly good business just to prove a really rather silly point?

Yet this is the modus operandi of the Queer Mafia these days. Find a Christian organisation, demand they do something they don’t want to do and then call in the Law because their ripped backsides are offended by a refusal to rip them some more.

Interesting that the Poofta Stasi never seem to pick on Muslim businesses, isn’t it? Yet the Christian approach is ‘ooh, no, we don’t approve at all, let’s have a cup of tea and go ‘tut’ for a while’ while the Muslim approach is ‘hang the buggers from cranes’. One is far more dangerous than the other, but the Botty Investigators have not managed to spot the difference.

You know, most normal gay people really have spotted the difference there. They have noticed that while Christians moan and shout about gayness being a ‘God Says No’ thing, they don’t tend to demand that gay people are thrown off mountains or hanged from cranes. The Christian response is more of a ‘You know, that’s bad, m’kay?’ or ‘Well we don’t want to be involved’. Hardly quite as threatening, is it?

It’s also true that just as most Christians are not loony Westboro Baptist Church, most Muslims are not Alky Ada, so too most gay people are not loony Stonewall find-a-target-and-dictate-to-them nasty vicious spiteful bastards.

I am not gay and I am not religious. You can lift every shirt St. Michael ever made for all I care and burgle every turd that its owner has carelessly failed to staple to his colon. You fundamentalist fundament prodders demand the world accepts your lifestyle without criticism. Fine. How about you accepting other people’s lifetstyles without buggering up their businesses just to make yourselves feel all Righteous inside? Would that be an idea, do you think? In fact let’s make it simple. Do you think?

Any fundamentalist of any belief system – religious, climatologist, feminist, ASH, fatologist, drinkiehatemeister or backdoor pokie visitor – is a git. None of them do their real cause any favours at all. All they do is open the floodgates of ridicule and laughter.

Really. A private business does not want to bake a particular cake and this is a matter for the Equality Commission? And they take it seriously? What a bunch of fucktards. They only had to say ‘Try a non-Christian baker’ and let’s see how they get on with ‘Ahmed Aziz’s Porkless Pie Bakery’. Would the Camp Crusade complain again? Fifty quid says they would not even try to place the order.

When you dictate your beliefs over someone else’s, you do not have equality. You have control. You have dictatorship, suppression and the road to another Holocaust.

Gay people should know this. They were in Germany’s last Holocaust. There are those alive now who remember when their sexual preferences meant jail time.

And yet they want a new suppression. A new Stasi. A new hate-fest. A new discrimination that can only lead to a new Holocaust.

Just so they can get a cake. They are willing to destroy a whole section of society for a cake. And the law is on their side. Can you think about that and still believe in reality?

How shallow, how easy, how trivially simple was the destruction of humanity…

It’s a great opening line. Best try to write the rest of it before it happens.

Nah. Too late.


Incidentally, Bert and Ernie were just pals. No evidence of any gay involvement and definitely no gay marriage. They might as well have tried it with Mike and Bernie Winters.


38 thoughts on “Dictation rights.

  1. I am only surprised that someone hasn’t produced them the worst cake ever made, with ‘Bill and Ben, the Bendy Men’ in wonky writing on top and a hefty dose of something smelly in the mix! Free of charge and signed ‘Do not eat on any account’. Perhaps a bouquet of dead wilted flowers to go with it.
    The lesson to the starfish troopers would of course be ‘Be very careful what you wish for, you might just get it!’
    I have only ever had the one personal experience of this; a fruitcake came in the bike shop where I worked and demanded a bike with some sort of weird paint scheme and velvet seat. Fine, we said, but you pay the full price up front as we can’t sell it to anyone else if you change your mind.
    Disappearance of fruit out the door and nothing more heard.
    Funnily enough, we had quite a few customers for the leather wear and T shirts who were of that persuasion, but they just bought stuff they wanted and didn’t make an issue of it; good customers some of them, we gave them a discount and they brought their friends in to shop.


  2. Here we go again, as they say.

    I have related my story a few times of the lesbian who phoned me to order a flag of the EU with the yellow stars replaced by the colours on the ‘rainbow’ flag. I immediately suspected what it was for, but I enquired anyway, to be told she was ‘marrying’ her Dutch girlfriend over there. This was in 2005.

    I declined the order there and then and explained it was against my beliefs and (knowing me) went further with a bit of a lecture.

    Later in the day, she sent me a lengthy email thanking me for my honesty and saying that most people would have taken her money while privately despising her.

    I too emailed her a lengthy email saying I didn’t despise her.

    That’s how grown-ups do things. Most flag retailers have their websites full of flags for homosexuals, bisexuals, ‘gay bears’, pink Union Flags, Welsh flags with a pink dragon and other abominations! There were plenty of other companies more than willing to take her money while equally not despising her.

    It was a bit different a couple of years later when an email from someone arranging a ‘Pride’ parade in one of our cities emailed me looking for the standard flags and bunting in quantity. I told him I didn’t sell such flags and of course (knowing me) explained why.

    That did ruffle feathers – I was dealing with the fundies now. The next email threatened me with being reported to the police. Nothing came of it, so either they didn’t, or the police told them to buy their flags somewhere else as they have criminals to catch.

    I see the Mayor at this ‘wedding’ (there is no such thing as a ‘gay wedding’ in N. Ireland) spouted that old chestnut: “Businesses should not be able to pick and choose who they serve. There would not be any debate if the cake had depicted an anti-racism or anti-ageism slogan.”

    These politicians don’t get it, do they? It’s the same in the comments, “They wouldn’t be able to refuse service to a black person based purely upon the basis of his skin colour.”

    Why don’t black folk complain about always being used by the homosexual apologists to try to justify their illness? (Same-sex attraction was only removed from the list of psychiatric conditions due to pressure from militants. Why doesn’t ‘Schizophrenia Pride’ emerge and demand theirs is not an illness but something to celebrate? If we don’t celebrate with them, we’ll be Schizophobic.)

    Of course, the ‘authorities’ can try to bully people into ‘complying’ with anything. The exact same situation is going on with a baker in Colorado. In fact he has been ordered to bake cakes for ‘gay weddings’ (even though there’s no such thing in Colorado either) and told to go on re-education courses. Seriously.

    And in just one of many such incidences, a taxi driver was ordered by York Council to remove a small England football badge from his car, calling it offensive.

    L-I: “When you dictate your beliefs over someone else’s, you do not have equality. You have control. You have dictatorship, suppression and the road to another Holocaust.”

    The penny might drop one day. It might drop that they’re just being used. As if the same people who routinely use our fittest young people as canon fodder, give our country away and neglect the old and sick care about their little gay weddings. It’s about control; subversion; cultural decay.

    A person’s conscience is out of bounds of the state. It’s a complete attack on freedom: freedom of contract, property rights and of course conscientious objection. It further undermines the foundations of each of our rights.


        • One of ther young and naieve at work (he’s actually intelligent, but still thinks the world is basically good) pondered on how humanity might develop in the future. I’ve mentioned it before but didn’t mention my argument killer. Which was that humanity is doomed as long as the government insist on paying the stupid to breed, while ripping the hearts out of those who try to make something of their lives.

          He’s a little less naieve now.


    • “businesses should not be able to pick and choose who they serve…”

      I imagine that businesses can (as they should be able to) decline an order if they want to and I’m not sure that they’re required to justify their decision.

      Well done to the bakers, though, for being honest – I’d be inclined just to say we don’t do pink icing and get on with my life. I’d have a sliver of respect for them if they had the guts to target Muslim businesses and the fallout would be worth seeing as each tries to trump in the offended stakes.. Monty Python would’ve had a field day.


      • I was giving a statement to the police (on a totally unrelated event) shortly after the ‘Pride’ incident and asked what they thought about homosexuals insisting on having items specially made for them contrary to my beliefs. One of them suggested that if it happens again that I lie and say the equipment is broken. I said I can’t do that…


      • It is a matter of Contract Law. No-one can be forced to enter into a contract. If I am wrong and a refusal to contract is liable to result in compensation it would be interesting to find a Jewish landscape gardener then sue him for not trimming the privet hedge into swastikas. Or would that be illegal since I’m not a woolly-woofter?


    • XX “Businesses should not be able to pick and choose who they serve….”XX

      I do not know how the law stands now in G.B, over this “Love a queer” legistlation (Or a Paki, or a wog, or any of the others) BUT, if you go into a shop with multiple staff, CAN you “pick and choose” who you are served BY?

      If, as you get to the cash point, they change shift, and a sand nigger in full bin bag climbs up to the till chair, what would happen if you refused to be served because “I can not understand a word it sais!” Or something similar?


  3. I think the Xian Bakers should have simply refused the order and REPORTED it to the Daily Hitler and the N-SS-PCC as all good citizens should.Two characters from a CHILDREN’s TV Program, depicted in a sexual relationship? Sounds like 2nd hand Paedophilia to me.
    Bert and Ernie are probably on Yew Tree’s radar anyways.


  4. “There are those alive now who remember when their sexual preferences meant jail time.”

    Is Max Clifford still alive?


  5. The pendulum is still swinging but it seems to be paused and soon it will swing back on itself. I await the time when everything settles down and being a homo is again a capital offence. It’ll go a long way towards reducing the welfare bill too although I’ll miss all those nice lezzies on the site I accidentally go to.


    • I don’t want it made a capital offence, I would be happy with a real version of ‘equal’ where nobody is more equal than anyone else. Not much chance of that though.


  6. I’ve always believed that you can believe what you like and think what you like – as long as you don’t ram it down somebody else’s throat and expect them to agree with you. It’s good to disagree. People disagree with me all the time, but we don’t get into a punch up about it – we just agree to differ.

    That’s how it should be.


    • I disagree with people all the time too. Sometimes because they are wrong, sometimes because it’s just funny.

      But as you say, anyone can think what they want. Anyone can tell anyone else what they think. It’s when they try to force their view on others that the problems start.


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