More piddling around.

Cameron has now taken up the spiffing idea of making it illegal to not report child abuse.

Isn’t it already? I am no lawyer but I was under the impression that if you knew about a serious crime and covered it up, you were an ‘accessory after the fact’ and could be charged as such.

In which case this is just another pointless addition to the thousands upon thousands of silly laws, most of which criminalise things that were already illegal anyway while the rest serve only to restrict freedoms.

Then there are the unintended consequences. All those who see something that they think might possibly be considered abuse – a parent saying ‘no’ to a child demanding sweets and the resultant tantrum, for example – are going to call the police. They have to. They might be arrested if they don’t.

What about all those currently reporting historic abuse? Why did they not report it at the time? Don’t they know that not reporting it is a serious offence? Off to the cells with them.

All this new law would achieve would be one hell of a mess. Just as all the other laws have done.

It would be more honest if those in charge stood up in Parliament and stated, clearly and succinctly, ‘We have no clue what we are doing’.

Trouble is, they think they do.

That is why we have ‘being fat should be treated like smoking’. I’m afraid this is a fat-free area, madam, you will have to be fat outside. There is a fat shelter out there but the law states it cannot be as wide as you.

Yet another ‘my life is perfect and yours must be controlled’ weirdo gets airtime. Once the smokers were publically villified and nobody brought up the matter of ‘hate law’ it was open season to air any pet hate as long as it ‘costs the NHS money’.

Of all the women pictured, only two are bordering on what I would call ‘obese’. The rest are just ‘cuddly’. No doubt they would look and feel better if they shed a few pounds but it’s their body and their choice. Personally I don’t like to see the entire ribcage showing and shoulder blades should not be visible without an X-ray. I prefer, as the old saying goes, ‘summat ta get a hold of’.

I do not want to see a catwalk model with no clothes on. I have seen anatomy books, there is no need for me to be able to see it in 3D. If a woman stands in front of a light and I can see her pulse and peristalsis, that is not a turn-on. I have no interest in any woman who weighs less than her photograph. Girls should have curves. They should not be made of sticks.

Well, not unless they are naturally made of sticks. Some girls are naturally thin – that’s okay, they do tend to have sufficient substance so they are not transparent. Naturally thin is never stick-thin. That’s anorexic and people die of that.

I mean it’s bad enough having spent a lifetime in the biological sciences without having to deal with it in my spare time too. Yes, I know what your internal organs look like but I have no wish to inspect them personally.

Okay, fat can go too far. Layers of leg are not attractive (not to me, but some people really like the bulges) but again it is up to the individual to do something about it if they want to. In that sense, and that sense only, it is like smoking. Some people like to be fat. Leave them alone.

The war on fat has led to children pressured to be rake-thin. Not by the NHS so much, it’s more insidious than that. The pressure now comes from their peers. And they cannot win. Schools and the NHS order children to force their parents to feed them healthy food but when they do…Gotcha. Either way, kids, you lose. Get fat and they set the dogs on you. Demand healthy food and you are on the road to anorexia. The Pharmers get you either way.

The Pharmers will sell you drugs if you do not conform to the British Standard Human and nobody does. It is not possible. So they will sell you (rather, they will fleece the NHS for) drugs nobody has ever needed before to fix problems that aren’t. All because we are governed by gullible idiots. There will be a truth serum somewhere behind this new ‘tell us about abuse whether you know of it or not’ law and it will not be a truth serum at all. It will be a drug to make you say what the Witchhunters want you to say. That it wasn’t an MP after all. It was a dead actor who sailed in a sieve and flew on a broom. From the churchy part of the BBC. Do they still have such a part? They used to.

And then there is the Champix for drinkers. Oh yes, it is, it works in exactly the same way and will have exactly the same effect. Shut down the so-called ‘reward’ part of the brain and you can take no pleasure in anything at all. There’s one for fat people too. Soon there will be one for sex ‘addicts’ and porn ‘addicts’ and shopping ‘addicts’… have to get a hard hat, it will soon be raining men (and women) from every tall building.

Well, I only have a little whisky tonight. The remains of a Lochlan. Fortunately it is supplemented with one of two Christmas wine bottles I had forgotten about. I started with twelve, can’t imagine what made me forget about the last two. Possibly the first ten. Anyway, it’s a good one.

Next week is going to be awful. The guy who does Local Gadget Shop is on holiday again. I wasn’t going to cover this time. Last time I was on 1pm-6pm at Local Shop so while covering 8-10 am was a chore, it wasn’t all that bad. Now I am on 3-9pm at Local Shop so it will be a right bastard. I wasn’t going to do it but the area manager says she will just have to cancel his holiday. He has flights booked for Monday. I bet his holiday cost a lot more than one week’s wages.

I will do it to save his holiday but this blackmail is the last straw. I will cease to be a Secret Ninja Cleaner before Christmas this year. If she so much as mentions cancelling my visit to Wales in August, she will have my notice that day. She has nothing to threaten me with. She has seen my CV. Does she really imagine I need a reference from a cleaning company?

She is trying to be manipulative. Amateur. I am tempted to bring down the entire company just for the hell of it, but probably won’t. This corner of it though, this area manager’s part, is going to see some tough times ahead.

The ‘proles are beneath us’ attitude filters down from the top. Each layer needs someone to look down on. Someone to boss around. Someone they believe to be less intelligent than they are.

Unfortunately, those at the top are idiots. The layers below them get progressively worse. Then you get to the proles at the bottom and they are much better people than the arses at the top.

It took a year and a half of living at the bottom of the pile to realise this, but there is much more common sense and hard work going on among the proles than at any level of authority.

Sure, some of them are not all that bright, but at least they are not malicious.



22 thoughts on “More piddling around.

  1. Good idea to make not reporting sex abuse a crime. I am tired of people who can report it at aged 50 but not at aged 20, especially if the bloke wasn’t wealthy at the time.

    Don’t you know that people at the top of the pile wouldn’t know how to clean anything? Apart from requiring common bleeding sense, it is also much too much like hard work.


    • Top of the pile? The staff of Local Shop have no idea how to clean anything and as for some of the customers… well if I was visiting their house I would not eat or drink anything in case I had to go to the toilet.

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  2. In t’yard where I once toiled they actively promoted idiots and pains in the arses to increase productivity. I kid ye not. End result was exactly the scenario you describe. Same happens in t’co-op and the NHS, the unions, need I go on?


    • It has been said that in workers, only two qualities really need watching for. The intelligent to idiot scale, and the lazy to industrious scale. Lazy idiots are harmless. Lazy smart people are valuable, as are industrious smart people. Beware though the industrious idiot, these cause trouble.


      • @Dan H, you have hit the nail on the head about industrious idiots. I did have one employee who could best be described as an ‘entitlement princess’. He was idle,stupid and a complete pain in the assets unless he wanted something.

        @Legiron Your cleaning company sounds like it is being run along the same lines as United Carriers, the parcels company who thought that overnight deliveries were just a fad that would soon fade away.


        • It might be just this part of it that is run in a silly way. It has lately occurred to me that I have run my own busoiness before, have now learned an awful lot about commercial cleaning and how not to run a cleaning business. Setting up as a rival is a real option at this point.


          • The university of life; always learning something. (At least for those with a thirst for knowledge and those not too dull to learn).


          • Go for it. You will have a good idea of some employee qualities to avoid and some to look for, and if the current company is as bad as you say, you will get a great response to your ads.


    • The same was true in universities. The useless and hazardous were sent off to admin to keep them out of the labs, and nobody thought about the consequences of letting those idiots climb the control ladder.


  3. Sit back, kiddies, here’s my story.
    Many years ago, in a place far, far away, I found out that I was working for a gay paedo. He wasn’t into babies or toddlers or anything like that. They were usually aged between 12 and 15 – the ones I found out about, anyway.
    I showed what I had found to someone official, and he contacted an agency, obtained their number, and I called them.

    The evidence that I had was relatively weak (no photographs of torn anuses or anything that juicy). The nice policeman made it quite clear that I’d have no anonymity. As my boss was an extremely powerful man with very good connections, if he was exonerated the consequences for me would be severe, and he could come after me to euphemistically tear me a new arsehole.

    After careful consideration, I elected not to proceed. All I had were electronic messages and emails, none of which said ‘You bastard, you did it in my bum’ – well, I did, but they were for me.
    They got him a few years later – he was given twelve years. It appears that they went on paedowatch after my call after all and gave him enough rope, kept him under observation, etc. I should make it clear that these serious offences occurred after I left that position.

    The point that I am attempting to make is that it is a matter of degrees. If his dialogues had been a little less forthright, I’d have passed it off as banter or fantasy. I knew that he indulged in twink rent boys over the age of bumsent. On the other hand, had the evidence been harder, it would have been natural to take the accusation all the way.

    I don’t need a fucking law to tell me what’s right. Do you think I was?


    • A few lifetimes ago I took a half-course in Scots Law.

      One of the points made was that in Scotland, it is an offence not to report a crime. Rarely, rarely enforced. The lecturer thought it might be to discourage personal vengeance, we Scots being what we were.

      In England it was up to you – the victim used to have a veto on prosecution – but if you failed to report a serious crime, you at once went under the microscope.


      • As far as I understand it, once a crime is reported to the police it is up to them to bring charges or not. The victim/reporter has no further control once the crime is in police hands. So the victim cannot withdraw charges since it’s not the victim who lays the charge.

        Ther eis no point pressuring a victim to withdraw the charges in Scotland. They can’t.


    • You were right. And you did report it. Okay you opted not to be involved further and with good reason but you did alert the authorities about the crime so I’d say you’d be safe under the new law.

      And they caught the bastard. They might not have, had you not brought him to their attention.

      So, score one for you, I’d say.


  4. I’m not absolutely sure that your manager can cancel your colleague’s holiday at this late notice. I’m not 100% certain, and it’s too late to look it up, but I’ve got a feeling that (some special employment categories aside, like the police or the army) an employer has to give something like twice, or one-and-a-half times the length of the holiday’s notice if they want to cancel it (if that makes sense, i.e. in this man’s case, she’d have needed to tell him a week and a half ago or thereabouts if she needed him to work during his reserved holiday dates). I also think that they might find themselves on quite thin legal ice if they try and do it to the same person too many times (because, as holidays can no longer be “carried over” from year to year, in effect it becomes the same as denying people paid holiday altogether to keep pushing it back and back and back until it’s too late to take it).

    Employers can tell you when you can take your holiday (e.g. if a factory always closes for two weeks at Christmas and two weeks during the summer etc), but if they operate a more “flexible” arrangement like this (as most do), they are somewhat restricted as to when/how often they can tell you not to, and they certainly have to allow you to take it before the next leave year starts. If they don’t, they’re breaking the law – but I bet she doesn’t know that (nor, probably, does he – perhaps you should enlighten him)


    • He works two hours a day, six days a week so gets less than £80 a week. If he can afford an overseas holiday he either has another job or has a good pension and only does this job to give himself a reason to get out of bed.

      I suspect, if she cancels his holiday, his response might be one finger followed by a tribunal. If I get to see him before then, the tribunal is a certainty.


  5. Fortunately it is supplemented with one of two Christmas wine bottles I had forgotten about

    Excellent wines from Torres. When I lived in London in the 80s, I used to buy Torres wines from a small wine merchant in Maida Vale who was, I believe, the sole importer of Torres wines at that time. They were cheap (relatively) and very good. I’d forgotten all about Torres wines until I followed that link. Brings back some memories…


  6. If I ever have the temerity to know anything about any crime of any nature, I will definitely remain anonymous when reporting it. You never know who might want reprisals, ten or twenty years later. And this new law doesn’t help matters. Talk about Nazification of the UK?!


    • An anonymous tipoff would be the only safe way, but does that count as ‘reporting’ if you don’t identify yourself as the ‘reporter’?

      On the other hand, if police acted on an anonymous tip then later found out that you knew about the crime, you could just claim to be the anonymous tipster 😉


  7. Surely, another unenforceable law, for the obvious reasons. Presumably the folk who promulgate this nonsense are intelligent and educated? Surely resources would be better directed, or as usual, am I missing the point/plot. As for stupid employees. If they are industrious it is a good idea to make them the ‘Health and Safety Officer’. It makes them feel important and that they are actually achieving something. When in fact all they are doing is checking fire extinguishers.


    • No, it can’t be enforced unless they can prove you knew about something you weren’t actually involved in.

      It’s not for the present. It’s for the past. It’s so that they can say Leonard Rossiter broke a law enacted 30 years after his death by not reporting the molestation he is alleged to have witnessed.

      And yes, ‘safety officer’, ‘fire warden’ and ‘quality control’ are perfect places to put the idiots.


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