Busy busy busy.

I am formatting the short version of ‘Channelling’ for a new freebie. It must have a different title because that will be the name of the book. Also the cover for  the final version looks like this –

channeling_350… but the short version will need something different. Once it is done I can leave the rest of that novel alone and concentrate on the three nearly-complete ones. The damn fornatting takes as long as the writing.

I push out these shorts as a sort of sampler. An advert. In the back of the freebies is the list of ‘By the same author’.but.. they cannot be hastily assembled crap. Read a free story that is obviously tacked-together rubbish and would you even consider the ‘by the same author’ stuff? No. It has to be professionally presented and the time taken to do that is well worth it.

Sean Gabb has a bit to say about this too. All I will add is that these days if you are paying to self-publish, you are being ripped off. Times have changed.

Meanwhile, in the non fiction world, the Fat Controllers are spending a lot more time on their golden commodes. The chilli sauce of vaping is coming out of their other ends now.

As for me, I must live in the fiction world for a few days. It’s like a holiday because it makes far more sense than this one.




19 thoughts on “Busy busy busy.

  1. Leggy, I salute your forays in the world of literature. How you find the time to write fiction, work full time and contribute to a blog is a frank testament to your energy and talent. Keep it up sir, as you are inspiration to us all.

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  2. ‘fornatting’ Leggy? Don’t ferget to spell check the speel chucker.

    I use an Apple and it has an irritating habit of correcting words without my noticing to something that’s spelt correctly but absolutely isn’t what I meant to say. Not as bad as Microsoft’s version though…

    Proof reading is a pain in the neck isn’t it?

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