He made the trains run on time.

That was the excuse offered by those who said Hitler wasn’t all bad. Yes, he made the trains run on time. It was where they took people that was the problem. Millions of passengers would have been quite happy for their trains to arrive about five years late.

Whenever anyone brings up the Nazi connection to the antismokers (who have much the same ideas in mind for us all, if they could only make the trains run on time) we are beaten down with some twisted interpretation of Godwin’s Law. They are not Nazis, they claim, they are only looking out for the health of the coming Aryan race – oops, I mean ‘the cheeeldren’.

Tipped by Regina by email – this article expounding the virtue of another part of Nazi ideology. Their antismoking movement.

It is written with the PC-sensitive sunglasses on. Those are special sunglasses that turn completely opaque if you look at something that might threaten your politically correct indoctrination. Yes, Douglas Adams thought of it first but he did such a good job of it I am stealing the idea.

Research into the harmful effects of tobacco were funded by the Institute for the Struggle Against Tobacco, which was established in 1941 and funded by Hitler’s Reich Chancellery.

They funded their own lobby group using tax money. Only Nazis would do such a thing. Oh, wait…

The institute conducted research into the potential damage or mutations that nicotine could cause to the genetic material of the master race.

Nicotine is harmless. It is probably the only thing in burning leaves that could definitely be considered harmless. Yet they concentrated their efforts on nicotine in tobacco while not bothering about the nicotine in other food plants. It’s somehow special in tobacco. Only Nazis would twist science to that degree. Oh, wait…

“Nazi officials moved aggressively in an all-out campaign against cigarette smoking in which tobacco was proclaimed ‘an enemy of the people,’” according to Proctor. Hitler frequently pointed out that he had quit smoking in 1919, and that fellow fascists Mussolini and Franco were also non-smokers, unlike Allied enemies Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt.

Yeah, and who won that war? Actually, looking at today’s world, I’m not really all that sure any more.

…the campaign also involved “psychological counseling, nicotine gums, methods to make cigarettes distasteful using silver nitrate mouthwash, and injections [of a chemical] that bonded with compounds in tobacco to produce a disagreeable sensation.”

I didn’t know that nicotine gums and antismoking drugs were Nazi inventions. Seems they fell for the same Pharmer hype governments do now. ‘We can get them off the bad nicotine by selling them good nicotine’. Governments, it seems, still have almost no IQ to speak of.

At the same time, tobacco was never outlawed in Nazi Germany. It was too important a source of revenue. According to Proctor, by 1941 tobacco taxes made up a whopping one-twelfth of the government’s income. In wartime, this was important funding.

So they villify a group of people who contribute a massive amount of extra tax. Only Nazis would… oh hell, you get the idea by now.

The Nazis were also very heavily into vegetarianism and Green policies. Meat was bad, anything other than ‘sustainable’ energy (it never really is when you look hard at it) was bad.

The article tries to twist and turn to avoid labelling the modern Nazi policies as actual Nazi policies but it spectacularly fails unless you are wearing those PC-sensitive sunglasses. Even their claim that loads of women were saved is based on a guess – and their lives were extended so that they could suffer more oppression. Is that really such a good thing?

There is only one reason left to believe that the Nazis did not win WWII.

The trains don’t run on time. When they do, well…

10 thoughts on “He made the trains run on time.

  1. I think it was Mussolini who was credited with making the trains run on time.
    Fascism was once considered rather progressive and fashionable among “progressive” people. Churchill ( who went from the Conservative to Liberal party and back again) actually wrote and said some very complimentary things about Mussolini in the early days of his government.
    Around the same time ( early Twenties) Goebbels was expressing admiration for some aspects of the Bolshevik leadership.

    For the overlap of ideas between fascism and today’s PC brigade, read ” Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg. Highly recommended.

    Incidentally, the pro EU brigade used to be very fond of railway analogy.
    “The EU train is in the station about to depart and all must get aboard” . That sort of
    Thing. There was one phrase, used in Germany, which they never used
    here. ” Die Weichen Sind gestellt” – The points are set.


  2. Yes it was of Mussolini who was said he made the trains run on time. However the real tale is that the story came from the railway workers and that it was a joke about Mussolini’s train being the only one to run on time as the schedule went to hell whenever he travelled.


  3. “progressive” people

    Words, like Science, are otten twisted.

    Socialists/liberals redefine words in order to enhance the perceived credibility of their arguments. In this regard, a good test of whether a word is meaningful in a particular context is to ask whether its opposite is meaningful.
    For example:
    Socialists/liberals and interventionists often describe themselves as ‘progressive’. Yet would any party believe in regressing?

    Are there ‘regressive’ liberals that they are different from?

    Are there not ‘progressive’ conservatives?

    Does being a ‘Conservative’ make you ‘regressive’?

    What would a ‘regressive’ politician have for an agenda?

    If it involves down-sizing govt control and regulations over our lives, I am ‘regressive’.


  4. So they villify a group of people who contribute a massive amount of extra tax.

    Governments do not so much want you to quit buying tobacco (there’s taxes in them thar smokes), they just want you to quit using tobacco.

    An amusing thing about the master tobacco settlement reached in the US…almost every state took the predicted tax amount to be collected and issued bonds backed by money to be collected at a later date. They then spent the money on general stuff, not tobacco-relief and cessation. But people have been reacting to ever-increasing prices by reducing smoking, or, horror, using e-cigs. So taxes fall. Taxes that are supposed to retire bonds. Which will have to be paid, somehow. Taxpayers to the rescue!

    Nobody could have possibly foreseen that.


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