Drive-by blogging.

I’m already up later than I should be. I arrived at Local Gadget Shop at a quarter to eight this morning, expecting a 15 minute wait and therefore armed with sufficient ciggies and a can of chemical fizz. No bugger showed up until 8:20. Apparently I was supposed to be doing 8:30-10:30, not 8 – 10. Stupid bloody managers.

Okay. so what the hell is Cameron up to? Currently embroiled in rumours that the whole of Wastemonster is full of leering men who prowl the streets saying ‘Want to see some puppies, small boy?’, what does he do? He hides all his middle aged men and replaces them with young women. Priti Patel, okay, she has spoken some sense in the past so promoting her is a good idea. But what about Fester McFey? Nobody seems to like her very much. As for the swimsuit model (phwooar, but can she run a country?) and the apparently anencephalic lawyer woman who is Ozzy’s choice to help run the economy, what is their track record? Never heard of them. Is Cameron initiating a pogrom? Can’t accuse him of running a government of dirty old men if there are no men in it (he doesn’t count).

Then there is Wee Willie the Hague, who has announced that not only has he dropped out of the Cabinet, he is dropping out of politics entirely.

Some commenters have made the obvious connection even though there might not actually be one. Still, the connection is there to be made and many will make it. Will some of those now exiting in a hurry find that they are the scapegoats of the future?

Watch how fast you run, old white men. The mob is looking for runners at the moment.



13 thoughts on “Drive-by blogging.

  1. “Hague . . is dropping out of politics entirely.”
    Thank 4ck for that. Slimy patronising twat; give him back his lemonade round.


  2. I used to like William Hague. All that northern bluntness. Loved him when he was in opposition to Tone the Fone and Sell-our-gold Gordan. Unfortunately, something went wrong as soon as he was promoted to Foreign Secretary. The press ignored him for a start. It was hard to know what was going on. Did they do that on purpose? Too many elderly male entertainers to track down for a start….

    So CallmeDave is promoting a rack of top shelf beauties? Well, it’s all very good, but what have they got between their ears?

    Has anyone noticed how the young are suddenly being promoted into positions of power? Like the armed forces. All the older chaps/chapesses seasoned with experience and maturity are being pushed out in favour of raw recruits. It doesn’t bode well for the future, especially with what’s coming up in the middle east.

    Of course, it’s all in line with the EU…..


    • Hague didn’t seem half bad – twenty years ago – and his missus looked a right goer in her younger years. He could have done with being six inches taller and with forearms like hams.

      The appeal of being in the Cabinet could wear on some of those with children. Tough titty, Tory totty. Don’t come crying to us when Jocasta starts dabbling in Class Bs.

      It’s not as though there aren’t any effective female politicians. They’re obscured by the ghastly ones who cover up their ineptitude by pointing at their privates and claiming it’s because of that – (I am thinking of Julia Gillard – that repulsive bag of putrescence).

      Thank Christ Wollaston’s name wasn’t mentioned.


  3. *taps foot and waits impatiently for the first MSM comments about ‘Dave-osconi’s Bunga Bunga Cabinet’.

    Haven’t had a ‘gate’ in a while, so maybe they can get a ‘Swimsuitgate’ in before the weekend. Does give a whole new meaning to “chillaxing with Angry Birds” though…..


  4. iDave has just done the Harem Shuffle. MPILF’s to the front line, there must be an election coming up. It’s just re-arranging the deck chairs though. Do they have collectively a brain cell in their heads? I don’t know, I’ve never heard of any of them, and It doesn’t matter, the real decisions are made in Brussels, and those of us with actual brain cells in ours, know it.


  5. Wimmen just love to be patronized especially when it suits them. Perfect job for the girls—chance to show off their figures faces and clothes in front of a massive audience. Who the hell will ever listen to a word they say.
    Still it advances gender equality—which for Parliament will mean when women get to 100 percent. Getting there very fast in education NHS and CPS. Love it–better than a trip to the zoo.


    • But for me no-one does it better than that ghastly mare Caroline thingy of NuLabour. Her self-importance and conceit seemed to be in indirect proportion to her capabilities and charisma. I can just imagine her swinging through the corridors of power, flicking her hair and turning on her wide, horribly gap-toothed smile as she imagines that every male lusts after her (they’re probably having too much fun with Justin or Darren). She sums up everything I loathed about NuLabour. I suspect she got where she did through cunning – speaking tosh but throwing in the ‘right’ words in a sentence: diversity, respect, world as a global village, collective responsibility and so on. This made her One To Watch. The lower order NuLabour wimmin were (are) simply dreary and barely articulate.

      God, the Tories are awful but I don’t think I could bear it if Labour got back in.


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