Dammit. This was right at the beginning of Panoptica. It’s how the authorities first take notice of the poor bugger who gets his story told.

I’m still ahead. I have implanted chips in the book, not phones and wristbands. Not far ahead though. Certainly not far enough.

It seems my central premise concerning the rise of Panoptica was right on the money. None of this control-gadgetry was forced on the drones. They raced to the shops to be first to buy it all. When it is offered as implants (it will be) there will be a race again, to be first to be able to open a door by waving at it, or control a TV by looking at the panel beside it. What else will those chips do? Nobody will ask.

Well, second shift will start soon. Last double shift is Saturday and I’ll be getting a good malt whisky on the way home, for writing inspiration. There will be no extra shifts next week because this week is totally dead as far as writing goes, and paying the bills while giving me writing time was the whole damn point of the job! There is no likelihood of any improvement in the situation so a new lackey-job is the only sensible option.

There is a new idea brewing too. Recently I read that something like 50% of modern children have no idea that potatoes and beans are grown on farms. This means they will have absolutely no idea about the toxicity of foxglove or corn-cockle or giant hogweed. No idea what is safe to eat or handle and what is deadly.

I already know adults who don’t believe that the plums, raspberries, gooseberries etc that I grow are edible without some kind of further processing.

So when civilisation collapses, I’ll be well fed while the drones hunt for plastic packaging…


15 thoughts on “Damn!

  1. Heracleum mantegazzianum – botanist? No, learnt that from a Genesis song. Must admit I first thought he was singing ‘Hera clea manty gassy Arny’. Oh well.


    • Ha ha, yes. The Return of the Giant Hogweed, a classic. Such highbrow lyrics too, not silly at all. What band today would make a song about a weed?

      No, no, not that weed. That’s so passé. Leave all that crap to Bob Marley and co, they’ve milked it anyway. The Hogweed track is apocalyptic too.

      Yes, I also know many people who recoil in horror at the thought of eating a real apple or a plum, from a wild tree – of which there are still many, if one looks about – for now anyway! The same people can’t cook an oven-ready (sic) chicken either (or so I’ve heard), so imagine the deal with them having first to pluck and gut one.

      It’s comforting in a way.


  2. Oh don’t get me started on the idiocy of the general public. With very few exceptions, they have absolutely no idea of what is edible or not.

    Last summer, I was out walking with a mate of mine, quite a bright guy, not stupid. There was various herbs etc growing wild, I asked if he knew what it was. His answer “Weeds”.

    Another one goes sea fishing, comes home with sacks of fish. His wife won’t eat it as she only eats fish already filleted etc and comes in a white plastic tray, because she doesn’t like the look of whole fish.


  3. There is a new idea brewing too. Recently I read that something like 50% of modern children have no idea that potatoes and beans are grown on farms

    You are too late!

    Well done, Morrisons.

    “Now in its 7th year, the Let’s Grow programme aims to help schools capture the imagination of the nation’s children by showing them where food comes from and inspiring them to grow their own fruit and veg in the school grounds.

    Since our campaign began, over 26,500 schools have taken part and 5 million children up and down the UK now have access to Let’s Grow gardening equipment.

    Incredibly, that means half of the UK’s children can get stuck into gardening and learn about where real food comes from.”

    Something much to be encouraged. I give all our vouchers to the local school.


    • Half of kids know where food cones from… I should have seen that as the natural corollary to the tabloid terror of ‘half don’t know’.

      Those school grounds used to be playing feilds. Now they are allotments?


      • I should have seen that as the natural corollary to the tabloid terror of ‘half don’t know’ : )

        What I should have said is that at last that sorry state of affairs is being taken in hand and yes, I am informed by the kids next door that their school does indeed have an allotment, which is why they need the vouchers.

        Mind you as I am giving them gardening lessons too they are now aquainted with the joy of mud, the marvels of manure, the delights of digging potatoes and the pleasure of eating peas off your own vines, which I daresay is not allowed at school.

        I designed next door’s garden and so they all have their own small patch.


  4. They don’t know where food comes from? Hell, they (and I mean adults!) don’t know where money comes from! I’m amazed by the number of clients who think that an appointment is ‘free’ because they are not personally paying for it and by the salaried people in the private sector who seem to have no understanding of the concepts of ‘self-employment’ and ‘business’.

    Back to food… I thought that everyone was now eating flowers in their salads – or is that just the Cotswolds?


  5. An ‘Alan Brown’ in the DM comments writes that he’s glad he’s not the only one aware that every baby in the US now has to be chipped at birth. Eh??


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