The Last Day Off.

Tomorrow is likely to be my last day off until the resignation kicks in so I am celebrating. Venison for supper, (rare, of course, and fried in butter, served with a nicely salted salad and a whisky jus) courtesy of this fine Scottish butcher. The whisky jus came with the steaks, I’m a good cook but not that good. The pack says it serves two but after a 7-hour cleaning shift on my own, I was very hungry.

Instead of the usual ‘cheapest drinkable one’ whisky selection, I saw a drink so dangerous it comes in a cage, and so strong it bent the bars –

monkeyI’ve tried this one before. It’s very nice, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in a cage. Who could resist? I have now set it free, pulled its head off and am drinking its blood. Which is what you are supposed to do with things in cages. What will I do with the cage afterwards, I wonder? It’s well made and cannot be simply thrown away. I might have to buy another bottle.

So, with no work to go to tomorrow but intense work to deal with in the run-up to my final day, tonight will be a late writing night. I’m working on Panoptica this evening. It will have two POV characters, mainly because the drone is so damn wearing to write, and likely to be extraordinarily tedious to read if he has the whole book to himself. There will be a non-drone carrying part of the story. Has to be, really, since the drone cannot possibly know much and never questions anything. From his POV, everything in Panoptica is perfect. Until…

As for work, Manager has decided to ‘hold on to’ my resignation letter until she returns from holiday and has another attempt at persuading me to stay. I thiught she might try this one. If I am determined to still quit then she can claim my two weeks’ notice starts from when we meet. Which is why I resigned by email – time and date stamped – and her response means she cannot pretend the email didn’t arrive.

Okay, writing time starts now and ends when my fingers can no longer see.

6 thoughts on “The Last Day Off.

    • Well, the publishing doesn’t cost anything. What I need to do is get a few of those books into some high-profile review magazines. I thought ‘Jessica’s Trap’ might be a good one to try with Fortean Times. That would be advertising it to people who already like the weird stuff.

      But first I need to finish some more!


      • I don’t know anything about c-b publishing but wondered if it had a marketing advantage.

        Someone called David Mitchell is serialising his latest on…..Twitter! Way to get followers – potential buyers?


  1. She’s lucky. At least you gave her the required notice – you could have just walked out leaving her with none. Perhaps after you’re gone, she’ll miss you and actually appreciate your extra fine cleaning methods! She might even try and lure you back wtih more pay!!

    I only tried venison once in sausages and I found it too gamey for me. Perhaps I ought to give it another chance. You make it sound very edible!


    • I signed a contract. That’s something I take seriously.

      There have been a few who have just walked off the job even in the short time I’ve been there, but that has consequences. The company holds a week’s wages in hand and will pay any unused holiday pay, but you won’t get those if you don’t complete your notice. Walking off the job means you’re effectively sacked rather than resigned. I have never been sacked from anywhere – one instance of redundancy is all I have in my past.


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