The drone mind.

Just a ramble tonight, I’m tired and almost out of whisky (once you open a bottle, it evaporates very rapidly, I find. There’s not much of last night’s Black Bottle left at all).

Interesting conversation with Mopman today. He asked if the manager had given me a date for leaving.

I was momentarily baffled. I replied that I had given her a date for leaving. August 10th, just over two weeks from the date I gave notice.

It had not occurred to me that anyone would request permission to resign, or that anyone would think it necessary. The terms of the contract are that either side can terminate the contract by giving the other party two weeks’ notice. I have done this. There is no need to ask permission to leave – it’s a cleaning company, not the Army! I don’t have to buy myself out. My contract will terminate at 7pm on August 10th, the end of my final shift. There is nothing anyone in the company can do to prevent it. It amazed me that he thinks the people he works for have some kind of hold over him. Perhaps he believes she has his soul in a jar somewhere?

It further transpired that he is now being paid at supervisor rate and was concerned that I might be a bit pissed off about it. I am not. I have already resigned anyway and never wanted the supervisor job. What I already knew, and what he is now finding out, is that it is a pittance extra and comes with a mass of paperwork, much of it nonsense. There is important and serious documentation in there but it is under a pile of irrelevant rubbish that is of no real consequence other than to keep an administrator employed somewhere.

Anyway, Mopman has a job interview tomorrow. I hope he gets it. He’s a decent, if somewhat dim bloke and young enough to still have a chance at a career. There is nothing for him in the Secret Ninja Cleaners beyond the supervisor level. Next level is area manager and there will be an awful lot of people ahead of him in the queue for that one. He has been there three years, others in the area have been with the company for over a decade. I doubt he’d live long enough to be promoted above supervisor. I certainly wouldn’t.

Besides, having met a few of those the area manager has to deal with – Gadget Man, Frankenstein’s First Attempt, the Cousin the Addams Family Never Mention and Sitting Down Man, I really would not want to be their manager. Replacing them all would be impossible, the pay for new entrants has been reduced and is too low for the level of cleaning they want done. They are now paying peanuts so only monkeys are applying. The company is killing itself to save money. Mopman is an excellent cleaner. They are not paying him enough to stay and he, like me, is on the old, higher rate.

The job he is going for is as a shop storeman. Not much of an increase in hourly rate but he’d be in an environment where he could reasonably expect to progress up the ranks. Especially since most of the shops locally have a high turnover of staff. They gain experience then move to a better job in another shop. There are always openings at the bottom.

As for me, I have now experienced the retail environment so if I do ever feel the need to return, I won’t be starting from the bottom. I won’t need to come back as a janitor.

And I have seen enough to fuel five horror novels that won’t need a single ghost or demon. There are stories that would have everyone growing their own food and buying nothing at all from shops. Did I mention I planted carrots this year and am looking to grow potatoes next year?

But those tales are for the future. First I have to finish the three nearly-done ones. Then the not-quite-so-nearly-done ones.

Mopman has helped a little, even though he will probably never realise it. The idea that you are somehow owned by your employer even though they have no actual power over you at all had never crossed my mind. It will be woven into Panoptica somewhere. It already has been, in the sense that 10538 believes the State is his benevolent master, but I can now extend that to his immediate employer.

That will make his acceptance of what they do to him so much easier to explain.


12 thoughts on “The drone mind.

  1. The idea that you are somehow ‘owned’ by an employer or such is not as uncommon as you think!
    Last time I had to claim on the social due to unemployment, I accepted a job in Stavanger without consulting what I had thought was a policy wonk but was apparently my feudal lord. Such whining and butthurt you have never seen! They actually had a major moan at me, complete with docking a couple of days of benefit, because I had Dared To Take A Job Without Their Permission!
    My laughing at them probably didn’t help, nor pointing out that they were docking me what was now the equivalent of three hours pay!

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  2. XX Perhaps he believes she has his soul in a jar somewhere?XX

    😀 Now THAT is an idea…. 😀

    One guy I knew used to buy souls off people. He would give them a fiver to sign a bit of paper confirming he now owned their souls. After a few weeks, or in some cases, even days, of headology, it was always amazing the amount who took up his offer of a tenner to buy them back!

    XX 10538 believes the State is his benevolent master, but I can now extend that to his immediate employer.XX

    And THAT is why the dictatorship wants low wages. To ensure EVERYONE relys on at least a PORTION of their “income” on “Government” handouts. (There is a Luthansa 737 pilot living in our house block, with three bastards, and even on pilots pay, he has to claim bastard allowance, and gets part of his rent paid!).


    Because then the dictatorship has them by the short and curleys. “You do/say/think anything that displeases us, and we cut your benefits!”

    It would be a DISASTER for “Government” control if no one was interested in what they had to offer. HEL! People could do, say, and think what they LIKED!!!

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    • Exactly. That’s why, even in those two years of no income, I preferred to survive using eBay rather than claim any benefits.

      Those benefits are not free. They are just the same as any other employer – they are paying you to do as you are told. The difference is that an employer only has that power while you are at work. On benefits, they own you all the time.


  3. Slightly off topic, but have you seen this, LI? And they filed the patent last year, from what I can gather.

    One of Motorola’s more intriguing authentication system options includes the use of a consumer applied electronic skin tattoo.

    The electronic skin tattoo can include an embedded microphone; a transceiver for enabling wireless communication with the MCD; and a power supply configured to receive energizing signals from a personal area network associated with the MCD.

    “Optionally, the electronic skin tattoo can further include a galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user. It is contemplated that a user that may be nervous or engaging in speaking falsehoods may exhibit different galvanic skin responses than a more confident, truth telling individual.”

    And of course, a phone app is the perfect Trojan Horse to gain rapid acceptability of chip implants.

    It really is a bit of a worry…

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    • I suspect it’ll be money that will do it. Contactless cards, pay-by-phone, both are easily stolen. So why not get your money chip implanted? They can’t steal it then, not unless they cut off the part it’s implanted in. Which they will, but the drones already believe contactless cards are safe so it’s an easy sell.

      Since it’s contactless, the chip could be implanted anywhere. Just don’t have it inserted into a body part you really don’t want cut off.


  4. Interesting. The less you pay, the more the staff start to look like intergalactic space monsters, but without the charm. How many skin diseases can an employee have?


    • It’s not the money. Local Shop has some incredibly attractive staff and they have low pay too.

      There is another force at work here, one I can’t mention yet. I am still in range for being sacked. They save money by sacking me rather than letting me finish my notice. I’m not going to make it easy.


  5. The black, Black Bottle glass probably (I have been wrong in the past) came from Alloa, where they make most of the UK’s black glass. To check, look through the empty bottle (down the neck) and point the base at a bright light. If it looks orange, it’s almost certainly their glass (it’s called ‘Amber black’)


    • It does have a certain orangey bit in it. If it’s made in Scotland then it is a suitable receptacle for whisky.

      My only complaint is that you can’t tell how much you have left. On the other hand, nobody else can tell either. So you can claim it’s empty as long as they don’t pick it up.


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