Doctors behaving badly.

Apparently many doctors are recommending Electrofag to their smoky patients. They can’t prescribe it, they can only prescribe itchy patches, vile gum or the suicide pill. They are, however, suggesting/recommending it to the smokers they see who are trying to quit (and probably to every smoker they see, whether they like it or not).

I’m a doctor. Not a medical one. A proper one. If you’re in that place where you want to stop smoking but don’t really want to stop smoking, try an Electrofag. But please don’t get all Righteous and superior about it because if you think you can join the antismoker gangs, you can’t. To them, you are just as foul and filthy as me. Calling smokers names isn’t helping you. Your new ‘friends’ still want you dead and you are pushing away your only potential allies. Still, it’s up to you. Y’all don’t want no help, y’all don’t get no help. Jive-ass dudes don’t got no brains anyhow.

Experts have Said what they always say, which always translates to ‘Give us money and we’ll wreck this for you using made-up Studies which will Show what you pay us to show‘.

Some commenters think this is the tobacco industry trying to take down Electrofag. Why would they? Firstly, they could gradually switch from cigarette production to nicotine juice production (which they are already involved in – where did you think the stuff in the patches and gum comes from?) since they already control the source. Secondly – and this is the part I don’t understand – with all their research facilities and money, why have they not wiped the floor with the e-juice makers? All the fruity and other weird flavours are fun but the one they just have not got quite right is tobacco flavour. Not for me anyway.

Maybe it’s because there is not one single tobacco flavour. You’d have to produce Marlboro flavour and Gauloise flavour and Silk Cut flavour and so on. ‘Tobacco flavour’ is like saying something is ‘Fruit flavour’. Which kind of fruit? Oranges, lemons, apples, passion fruit, kiwi, deadly nightshade, fruit of the loins, which is it?

It might be that for those who have fully switched to vaping, the ‘tobacco flavour’ is pretty close to the flavour of what they were smoking before. Now there is a study worth doing. Ask all those who quickly switched from smoking to vaping which tobacco brands they were smoking before. Ask those who tried vaping and either didn’t like it at all or who (like me) regard it as a supplemental rather than a replacement activity. Are there some brands of tobacco that smokers find easier to translate to vaping?

If so, there could well be an enormous profit waiting for any tobacco company who can produce a range of e-juices that are exactly like smoking their tobacco brands. Forget trying to copy the gadget itself, they are so cheap now even Poundland sell them. No, if you want to keep those customers you need to produce an e-juice that matches their preferred tobacco exactly.

Oh, and plain packaging does not yet apply to e-juices. It will, as it will apply to everything eventually, but not yet. Likewise duty, you could sell the e-juice well below the overtaxed cigarette price.

One thing, tobacco companies. Don’t bother fiunding any research into the safety of Electrofag. There’s no point.

The drones simply will not believe it.



36 thoughts on “Doctors behaving badly.

  1. Somewhere along the way out there I think I’ve seen e-juice blends that purport to mimic Marlboro or Camel etc separately. Don’t remember where though.

    I’d actually be surprised if many docs are doing the recommending thing though: they’d be leaving themselves WIDE open for lawsuits. All they’d need would be three or four vindictive patients/spouses looking to cash in when they eventually came down with death-rattles that they can claim wouldn’t have happened if the doc had just said “Stop Smoking!” Yes, I know the McTear case didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean the next one is set to fail too. Here in the US the BigT lawyers held off thousands of suits through the 60s/70s/80s, but once the dam broke they were in trouble. Don’t forget that idiot decision a week or so ago giving a widow $23, for her husband’s death. It’ll probably get watered down, but it’s the old game of going so crazy that when the game is over, something that had earlier been SEEN as totally crazy is now viewed as “a reasonable compromise.”

    – MJM


      • I had to Google this and it is one for the pile marked “amazing-but-true”. I found this article from India written by a non-smoking immigrant in India who has ashtrays in his house as nearly all his friends smoke.

        But the catch is Johnson died at the age of 36. So for much of his life he must have known full well the dangers of smoking… That Johnson could not quit his addiction is a different matter. But the verdict is clearly less about Johnson’s tragedy as it is about teaching cigarette companies a lesson for peddling a vice. Last August another jury in Florida awarded damages of $37.5 million to the family of another smoker who died of lung cancer at the age of 38.

        One of my relatives died of lung cancer (about five years ago) at 39. What’s really going on here? I never heard of such things before. Relatives who got it were always in the 60s or older. Mind you, she did smoke almost continuously like one of those industrial-strength machines they use for testing cigarettes.

        He mentions something else I had to double check – that Indian films now have warnings plastered on the screen during every scene in which someone is smoking.

        That’s also true.

        Here’s one for the scrapbook. As Leggy would say, “Don’t read this if you have any food or drink in your mouth as I won’t be held responsible for the state of your monitor” – the BMJ actually describes India’s warnings on films as an “anti-tobacco obsession”.

        They’re probably just miffed they didn’t think of it first.

        As well as the flashing warnings, Indian films also have “lengthy infomercials” at the beginning and end (and I read sometimes in the middle too).

        It’s bound to happen here also – probably be a FCTC directive. It started with airbrushing out the cigars from Tom and Jerry cartoons, so it was never going to end there.

        Something which puzzles me is why millions of people don’t sue the tobacco companies. ‘Taking candy from a baby’ springs to mind.

        I was wondering. When I was addicted to drink and there were no warnings on booze (not even about the industry’s ‘Drinkaware’ scheme), could I sue for millions for the loss of what should have been several of the best years of my life?

        It’s also interesting that the comments from Indians are generally better written than you see from your average native speakers (allegedly) in the UK and US on our ‘news’paper websites.


        • Two things:

          1) In terms of air-brushing in foreign films, I’m not sure if it’s in India or someplace else, they replace the cigarettes with little CGI flowers. Seriously. Looks stupid as hell! Heh, and let’s not forget to give credit to that French artist who responded to their censorship by having his bicycle riding poster put up with him holding a big yellow pinwheel in his mouth in place of his pipe!

          2) Re alternate uses for e-juice: When people are growing their own (or even just rolling their own) I would imagine that a sprinkling of ejuice on the tobacco would increase its nicotine strength — good for those who really find they “smoke less and enjoy it more” with a high nicotine brand. It could conceivably even be healthier, although there might be some question about the pyrolitic products of PG or VG.

          – MJM


          • Once I am free from the lunacy this part time job became, I will revive my attempts to make e-juice from ‘leftovers’ (stems and centre ribs) and maybe even from flowers.

            You’re right that burning the e-juice might be very different from vapourising it. However, a water-based nicotine solution extracted from the ‘leftovers’ wouldn’t add the e-juice components.


  2. I haven’t found a convincing tobacco e-juice yet. Although, the more I vape, the less I mind about that. I still love an analogue with a pint, though.


  3. You should consider becoming a ‘plain packaging designer’. If there is a ‘growth market’ on this planet it is in plain packaging. Pick out just one of the ‘evil products’ and with your skills I’ll wager you could earn enough within a year to keep you supplied with necessities and lock in enough royalties to keep you supplied with ‘electronic writing implements’ etc until the end of your days.


    • Plain packaging designer. The easiest job on the planet.

      “We want a new design. What’s in your mind?”

      “Nothing at all.”

      “Perfect. Here, have a bag of cash.”


  4. Doctors are also officially required to encourage their overweight patients to lose weight. When I stopped smoking, I put on weight and have never been able to lose it and keep it off since my young daughter entreated me to give up smoking thirty years ago.
    My bishop was told to lose weight years ago because of an underlying diabetic condition and his doctor then recommended cigars in moderation. He is a very self-disciplined man but says he would have great difficulty in keeping to his weight without his cigars. One of our clergy, now nearly eighty , was advised never to give up his cigars – but that was in Sweden.

    I have an appointment with my doctor in a fortnight’s time and am going to ask his opinion on cigarette substitutes as an aid to weight loss. Watch this space!


    • From my experience, ecigs would help with weight loss, or at least preventing weight gain after quitting smoking. I switched from smoking to vaping two years ago and my weight has remained the same.


    • I’m not sure how true it is or if there is even any real science behind it, but I have heard that nicotine hits the hunger messaging system in the brain. Have a smoke and you’re not hungry.

      If that’s true then Electrofags would do the same thing.

      Of course, it could just be that if you’re smoking, you’re not eating…


    • You should be careful with oil. I’m guessing vaping it would entail droplets of oil going into the lungs, rather than “fumes” from burnt oil. There seems to be a debate in the vaping community about some flavourings involving oil. Leg Iron will be able to provide a knowledgeable comment.


      • I have heard of E-Spliffs being on the market, yes.

        As to E-cigs, I haven’t had a real fag since March. I am vaping, but like the rest of you, can’t find a flavour that actually tastes of tobacco, so I am vaping mocha coffee and vanilla, which both taste like coffee and vanilla. This has advantages when trying to quit, in that when you do get a drag on a real fag, you don’t like the taste anymore. But it is a mystery as to why these E-Fag companies can’t come up with a decent tobacco flavour. After all Trebor has sweets called bitter Cherry that tastes like bitter Cherry, but you know has never been anywhere near a Cherry tree in its life, being all sugar and e numbers.


        • I use my Electrofags mostly with the strange flavours too. I have Absinthe flavour for delightful decadence. Which reminds me, I must vape Absinthe when I pop open the tobacco wine. Drink the baccy, smoke the booze.

          There is a roast chicken flavour that actually does taste like roast chicken, but beware – it burned onto the heater so everything for a while afterwards had raost chicken in it. Use a separate element for that one.


  5. Fact is (currently at least) vapeworld needs a constant and long term supply of wannabe quitters. It just can’t admit that it really wants is young adults to start vaping and eschew fags completely. Ultimately it’s about profit, and we know full well NRT makers and governments need smokers as cash cows. Regards government, this is clearly demonstrated by the refusal to ban smoking and the punitive treatment of smugglers/counterfeiters (individuals as well as organised gangs). Given the constant anti smoking onslaught, any rational person could be forgiven for wondering what the fuck’s actually going on. I say ‘rational’, but it shouldn’t take a genius to figure it out. Anyway, regardless of the sanctimonious attitude of many vapers, one things for sure – sooner or later they will be paying duty on nicotine. Traditionally sin taxes were designed to raise income, not just to discourage. If smokers, drinkers and drivers have to pay why not vapers?

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    • It’s a quandary for the gubblement. If they impose duty on nicotine then it would apply to the patches and gum too. They are already, as I recall, no cheaper than tobacco anyway, making a chunk of the price duty would eat into Pharmer profits and then they’d have less to donate to political parties and pompous pressure groups.

      Electrofag is a real spanner in the works.


      • Yes, it’s always been priced not much below tobacco – yet more evidence that it’s ultimately about money. Don’t think most smokers/vapers have cottoned on yet.

        Have you noticed how government never seems to reward its slaves for ‘good’ behaviour?


    • You wouldn’t hit a man with glasses, would you?

      (correct answer – ‘I’d hit him with whatever I could get hold of’)

      Might be different where you are (probably not) but in the UK, an increasing number of medics are so full of indoctrination that they might as well wear a big wooden mask and rattle a gourd.

      There are still good medics but they are getting harder to find.


      • Our doctors are quite tame. One (ONE!) suggested it MAY be a good idea to REDUCE my smoking. That was it. Never heard again. (Or heard OF again????. I am NOT going to tell you where I buried her, it could be incriminating!)

        Well, I beleive it would be a good idea to try and sleep. Over 48 hours awake, and still not tired.

        And NO, I have NOT taken speed!

        Oh what a task it is getting “old”.


      • Nah, just as bad where I live.

        It’s a fascinating form of health fascism really….either plain packaging on ciggies or an enhanced color pic of a fungating tumour or other……

        I don’t even see the pictures any more….even when I look…

        Hit a man with glasses?…..nah, just steal them off him and tell him to play with the traffic…..


    • I’m also a real doctor (8 years of study between the BEng, MSc and PhD (plus assorted other postgrad qualifications – I’ve got more letters after my name than in it)). My Grandmother always insisted that if I’d ‘worked hard’ I could have been a real (ie medical) doctor….

      Oddly, most of my medical doctor friends describe *me* as the real doctor. They’ve all got one, Bachelor of Medicine degree….


      • Here you can be a Doctor (Arzt) but to be a DOCTOR, you must have a Doctorate. Then, after all that money, and years at uni, you can be an Arzt, but you have a pretty title. It just means you can write, and stay awake all night studying. Other than that, no difference.


    • We are on ‘summer time’. I have no idea what time it really is. I started 10 am Saturday, will be starting 1:30 pm Sunday, 5 pm Monday, 3 pm Tuesday, 10 am Wednesday, no idea what time the rest of the week but at 7:01 pm next Sunday, I don’t work there any more.

      And the managers don’t understand why.


  6. Here’s a quote/comment from that DM article (the one telling doctors not to recommend e-cigs):

    It took me e-cigarettes and patches to give up, it was funny to start with I just went on the e-cigarettes not intending to gave up but did in the end. I guess the tobacco industry doesn’t like the idea but the e-cigarette has to be a whole lot safer than filling your lungs with arsenic and tar I would go for banning the whole burning tobacco thing and insisting people go to a safer method of getting their nicotine fix.
    [My bold]

    I was quite pleased with that comment because it is a form of ‘comeuppance’ for the Zealots. For years, they have been spinning the contents of tobacco smoke with massive exaggerations (arsenic = rat poison: tar = road surfacing: formaldehyde = embalming fluid: etc). By doing so, the Zealots did a wonderful job of preparing a market among the gullible masses for e-cigs.

    I think that it is lovely to watch this Shakespearian tragicomedy play out!


    • Junican, quite true: they’ve dug their own graves. Hmmm…. maybe I should send Glantz my “A pint of government-approved-safe tap water has as much arsenic in it as you’d get from sitting in decently ventilated bar with smokers for 165,000 hours.” to help him out in arguing with the vapers!

      – MJM


    • It is funny to watch. They have spent so long demonising ‘tobacco nicotine’ while claiming ‘extracted nicotine’ is safe, and pretending it’s not the same stuff. Now they have to attack nicotine as deadly… but that is what doctors have been told to prescribe!

      Never mind prosecuting the tobacco industry. What about all those prescriptions for a known and deadly poison? The medics have been deliberately trying to kill us all and through second and third hand gum, trying to kill the cheeeldren too! And all the Pharmers have been pushing this deadly drug.

      The whole plan backfires worse than my Cortina before its carburettor rebuild. It was a bit better afterwards.


        • The new anti-fat drugs are the same. Shut down the pleasure centres so chubbies don’t get pleasure from pies.

          Nor from anything else.

          There was (might still be) an anti-drink drug made from shaggy inkcap mushrooms. They are very nice to eat but react badly with alcohol. It didn’t work. The alkies were already well used to throwing up halfway through a session.

          The Puritans never think it through…


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