The Dreaded Earlies.

Silence tonight. Early start and double shift tomorrow.

And to think, there are those at work who cannot understand why I have quit.

Nine more days to freedom!



30 thoughts on “The Dreaded Earlies.

  1. Do they at least pay you extra for a double shift? Heck, you oughta be able to make a helluva paycheck just working two doubles on weekends! With the extra pay it’d be like working six or seven shifts!



    • I should be asleep but my body thinks it’s teatime. Going to be a tough one tomorrow, but there’s no whisky in the house (for safety reasons – if it was here I’d drink it!) so at least I’ll just be tired, not hungover.

      The pay is an hourly rate and it;s the same no matter how many hours you do. One of many reasons behind my decision to quit was a promise in February of a pay rise in April.

      It’s now August…


  2. Have you got another jobby lined up old fella? Just askin’. Alternatively, I think the model-railway-buying season kicks off early September: this is when all the autistic white males draped in camerae and notebooks that nobody likes have done all their Steam-Special-Spotting-at-Ribblehead, and get down to buying more kit for their layouts.


    • Nothing lined up but… in September, everyone is looking for Christmas staff and all the cheap students they employed over the summer are leaving. I doubt there will be a problem.

      eBay has been dead in the summer as usual, evidenced by the almost daily emails from them begging me to buy or sell something. You’re right, the train geeks (like me) go back to the models at the end of summer.

      I think – not certain yet – but I think I can make the manual brakes really work on an OO gauge truck. In O gauge it would be easy but if it’s too easy there’s no challenge.


  3. Of course there could be another to your job changing or dropping. Being self employed makes a person pretty much unemployable. Don’t you think? It’s far from easy being self employed but then there’s no politics, you can work the hours you want and have time to do other stuff.


    • I was self employed for seven years befiore this job and still am. The only way to escape it now would be to take all the books off sale.

      What I found, as a self-employed microbiologist, was that the working hours are ‘when you’re awake’, there are no paid holidays and if you’re not awake, they wake you.

      Now I have experience of the retail environment which I didn’t have before, so more options are open.

      But there is no escape from self employment for me. It will always be there.


        • Good point. Most of the money I earn is just to pay taxes. Around 20% goes in council tax. Nobody talks about council tax poverty but certainly in summer, it’s a bigger bill than electricity/gas. Which is also heavily taxed.

          It occurred to me some time ago that by far, most of what I earn is only worked for to pay tax. I don’t need that money, it only serves to pay people to annoy me.

          Money has in fact become more of an irritation than something of any value. People and real things are of value. Money is worthless.

          As many, especially Captain Ranty has often pointed out, money doesn’t even really exist.

          Yet, with all the taxes, we need it not to survive, but to not be arrested.

          That is seriously screwed up.


          • Indeed. It’s worse if you’re PAYE – when I compare what I have taken for tax and what he’s asked to pay in tax, it is really fucking annoying


              • I’ve only ever known having a Payroll department process that. I know his is lower because he’s gets deductions being self employed, but he does have an accountant. I hadn’t thought of filling in one myself. Thanks


          • Do you have to pay tax on taxes over there? Over here I believe we have to pay state and (if you live in the right place) city sales taxes on the federal taxes and MSA “invisible tax” they’ve added to cigarettes. In NYC that “tax on taxes” would probably amount to about 20 cents extra per pack.

            – MJM


            • Smokes, booze and petrol get ‘duty’ charged on them. Then there is VAT (sales tax) on the total price which includes mostly duty. So yes, we pay tax on the tax and we pay it with taxed income.

              The only way to reduce the tax bill is to not earn any money. Or become a politician.


              • Speaking of which, the Energy Secretary Ed Davey has been rumbled on a good scam. Most energy firms these days have an eco-tax slapped onto their bills; they simply pass this on to their customers.

                Any firm which is not eco-certified and has fewer than 250, 000 customers does not have to pay this tax of £112 per annum; nor does it have to pay the Energy Company Obligation of £47 per annum either. So, that’s 2x£159 per annum that this politico is dodging!


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