Oh, give me a break, real life!

Someone mentioned in comments, a few days ago, that the State could not find a way to reproduce the cattle (us) while at the same time utterly destroying the family. I replied that there was a way, it’s in Panoptica, but I wasn’t going to say what it was in case it came true.

It just came true. The start of it, anyway. In the world that story is heading into, you don’t need many fertile males. One ram can service many sheep even if he has never met any of them. Once the preferences are established, the available range will diminish. Then those mothers giving birth to the ‘wrong sort’ of child will reject them and the Farmers get to have their very dark fun. The sterilised males can operate as drones to run simple tasks. The excess… oh, dealing with the excess is already well under way anyway.

I’m really only a few years ahead with the ‘fiction’ here, you know. If it takes me two years to finish, it really will be a documentary.

It really does call into question what the NHS is actually for, doesn’t it? They don’t want to treat diseases they don’t approve of. Increasingly, if you have one of the non-approved diseases you are assumed to have ignored their instructions on how to live (this too is in Panoptica but it’s not new, it’s already been true for some time).They do want to change body shape and even gender when it suits them. They do want you to live as directed even when they don’t. They are the farmers, we are the farmed, as far as they are concerned. We are a commodity.

If a real farmer wants to cull some excess bulls, he merely leads them into a truck and sends them off to slaughter. The rest of the herd are none the wiser. That won’t work with humans, we notice when people we know disappear. So the farmers have to make us eject the unwanted from the herd ourselves.

Easy. Give them technology they really can’t understand and then send them something illegal and let them think they’ve deleted it. Then arrest them for possession of the illegal thing you sent them. You know they have it and you know they cannot work out how to get rid of it.

Note that the story does not say what the ‘unrelated matter’ was that caused their original arrest, nor why the police searched their phones. A test run?

That wasn’t part of Panoptica, I have something different to get 10538 into deep trouble. Something that would get you in trouble now, but not as much trouble as in the (possibly very near) future.

I might incorporate it though. Might as well steal from real life. It seems to be stealing from me all the time.



32 thoughts on “Oh, give me a break, real life!

  1. XX That won’t work with humans, we notice when people we know disappear.XX


    “Hej, that nice Mr Cohen has moved out… did he tell YOU he was moving??”

    “Oh, he told me the Government had offered him a new house in a place called Auschwitz. Seems a nice area. I am sure they will be happy there.”

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  2. Isn’t the Y chromosome only needed to determine the sex of the child? XX and the right technology and men won’t be needed at all.

    Men do have the best ‘delivery’ method; I wonder if that’s another reason behind their demonization with the ‘rapist-paedophile’ label.


  3. “I’m really only a few years ahead with the ‘fiction’ here, you know. If it takes me two years to finish, it really will be a documentary.”

    I had the same problem with TobakkoNacht. In 1997ish when I wrote the meat of the story, the idea of banning smoking in plazas outside of buildings, or that “concentrated nicotine oils” were being sold and possibly poisoning unwary children, or that people might have to take cotinine urine tests for jobs, of people killing smokers because they were smokers, or that tobacco might be persecuted enough that “the aging hippies who had so successfully refined marijuana into potent sinsemilla in the 1970s … turned their talents to producing pumped-up strains of HiNic tobacco” or that there’d be “edicts from the United Nations Tobacco Symposium” (as I called it in the story), or that smoking might be illegal in the “workplace” of a brothel (which I believe it is Canada nowadays), or that a sitting President would have to hide in a back room to smoke, or that there’d be little “police drones” flying around cities monitoring crowd behaviors, … any and all of those things were so outlandish just a little over 15 years ago that I had friends advising me that it was just too silly, even for a science fiction story set in the 2030s.

    Eventually I published the “story” part of the book as an e-book on Kindle back at the end of 2008 because I was worried about it becoming a documentary!

    – MJM


  4. Whatever is “one count of possessing an extreme pornographic image likely to cause injury”? A mind-boggling piece of sexual gymnastics, an exhortation not try try this at home or perhaps worse?

    So routine fishing trips on electronic devices have now migrated over from the states. Performing this task in a proper way is time consuming and therefore no doubt very expensive for the bloated public sector. The device in question must be sealed as evidence and then they must take copies of the storage in a non-instrusive fashion. Two copies are required, one for analysis and one for the defence et. Evidence not obtained in this manner could be considered tainted.

    Looks like a gilt-edged opportunity for the newspapers to exact revenge on the politicos and authorities. After all they have their mobile numbers…


    • This one got played out at Hull University a good many years back. They had a rule that possession of any pornography was grounds for immediate termination of computer services. This burned a fair number of students caught out by porn spammers.

      The policy came to a very abrupt halt when someone did a porn-spamming run against the all the computing staff and Uni top brass, then asked the computer unit to suspend all of these accounts.


  5. I’m sure that there was an article on the evening news a few weeks ago about scientists being very close to creating embryos without male input and very little female input.

    People disappearing? Happens all the time.


  6. Some people think that Orwell was a prophet, but I suspect that he got tip-offs from his friends, like the eugenicist Huxleys, because they helped create the future.

    You know to a certain extent what will happen. When you factor in Agenda 21 and take that to its logical conclusions and look at some of the current statutes being discussed and carry them through – you arrive roughly at the same destination: total socialist control and depopulation with the fittest and most compliant being spared.

    Scotland’s GIRFEC (Getting it right for every child) – as usual, sounds like part of a caring, nurturing system, like the Ministries in Nineteen Eighty-Four – but whose ‘named person’ is the State’s way of talking (even more) control of every child’s life and further diminishing the role of the parents.

    And the future will be run mainly by women (I guess that was one of the aims of ‘family planning’). The EU is now planning to make it illegal to be intolerant of feminist views. A EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE (Pdf) lists “anti-feminism” along with the usual areas of ‘discrimination’.

    They are trying to force us men and the majority of women who oppose feminism to agree that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. According to a Netmums poll, “Only 1 in 7 women still call themselves a ‘Feminist’ – with younger women least likely to”.

    The purpose of this Statute is to:
    (c) Eliminate hate crimes as defined in Section 1(c)
    (d) Condemn all manifestations of intolerance based on bias, bigotry and prejudice.
    (e) Take concrete action to combat intolerance, in particular with a view to eliminating racism, colour bias, ethnic discrimination, religious intolerance, totalitarian ideologies, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-feminism and homophobia.

    Then it gives certain ‘guarantees’ like freedom of expression and religion, but we’ve seen already how this is a lie. The very idea is to prevent even any bias. If this proposed statute is successful, the goalposts will be moved from ‘prejudice’ and ‘discrimination’ to mere ‘bias’. We must accept feminists treating us men and the vast majority of their non-compliant sisters as second class citizens or we get done for being biased.

    Common Purpose will snap up the militant feministas. The less actual ability they have for their jobs the better as it will make for an even more clunking system that doesn’t work and people don’t get their pensions in winter because of ‘clerical errors’ and operations are botched or they fail to wake up from their anesthetic – the gas chambers of the future? Hitler started by gassing tens of thousands of mentally ill people in hospitals.

    That’s another way to get rid of people who are a ‘problem’. Have some phony doctors (borrow some from ATOS) deliberately diagnose a disease that needs an operation and you’re on the sleeper to Auschwitz.

    It’ll be like the Two Ronnies’ “The Worm That Turned”. From Wikipedia: “(1980); Diana Dors guest-starred in this spoof piece of dystopian fiction set in 2012 in which women rule England. Male and female gender roles are completely reversed, even down to men having women’s names and vice-versa. Men are housekeepers and wear women’s clothes, and law and order is managed by female guards in boots and hot pants.”

    Like Orwell, they just got the date wrong. And probably the hot pants. They’ll force us blokes to wear them to prove we’re not ‘biased’.

    We don’t even need the EU’s ‘help’ – href=”http://afreeleftblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/labour-has-fallen-in-with-wrong-kind-of.html?m=1″>This Labour member has blogged:

    Ever since I re-joined Labour after the 2010 election, the party’s approach to gender politics has concerned me. For a start Labour generally uses the word ‘equality’ in an Orwellian sense, not to describe equality but rather with securing exclusive, preferred rights for women, while giving free reign to some pretty aggressive anti-male rhetoric. But the culture of barely allowing any criticism or critique of this approach is if anything more disturbing, reflecting the authoritarian instincts of many of these activists and a weakness of values in the party.

    The World has to be broken up, like in the Fabian stained glass window where Sidney Webb and George Bernard Shaw have huge hammers raised in order to smash up an anvil shaped like the World, indicating that they need to destroy the God-given, natural order to completely rebuild it for socialist domination.

    Another thing I’ve been finding out over the years is that practically all the systems in place supposedly to help and protect us proles are just a mirage. The NHS (last year refused to treat me; legal action pending); the CAB (wrote one letter and received a whole load of lies back and refused to send a second letter); the benefits system (years ago I was denied income support for nearly two years, despite submitting sick notes, and had to borrow £11,000 to get through it; I contacted several charities, none of which could or would help; judging by my dealings with the TPS, they clearly don’t want to catch the same few nuisance companies who have been at it for years and so on.

    As usual I’m going off on tangents, but it’s obviously important for totalitarian regimes to keep the people under the impression that there are people there to help them. False hope, like the lottery.

    Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves. (‘1984’)


    • I remember ‘The Worm that Turned’ – they were trying to escape to Wales (and male freedom), but Ronnie Corbett Welsh accent was so bad, he had to pretend to be an Indian.


      • I remember it too – also the phantom rasberry blower.

        Interestingly, the first wave of Indian immigrants were understood (in their own languiage) by the Welsh. I have also been asked by a Chinese bloke from Esher (long story) why I sound like a Pakistani on the phone.

        I wish I had the time to research language history. It looks fascinating, and might even support the tinfoil hatter idea that the Ark of the Covenant is buried in Ynysybwl in Wales. Yes, there really is such a theory.


    • There was a story from North Korea where the reporter was amazed that his guide (minder) had no concept of freedom or of questioning authority at all. It can be done, it’s not even hard.

      People will believe what they are told to believe because it’s much easier than thinking about it. Especially if you keep them busy.


  7. Of course they always sterilise the male, (‘cos it’s cheaper), but there’s a problem with that, (at least as far as population control, or fertility management as it’s now called, goes). They found this out in India when the tried the old “Here’s your transistor radio Ranjit, now lie down while I fetch my scissors” routine.

    In a village with ten fertile males and ten fertile females, if you sterilise nine of the men you can still get ten children a year. Sterilise nine of the females and you can only get one.

    The whole CAGW, environmental, sustainability scam is aimed at reducing the population to what the ‘elite’ think it shoukd be. Luckily the ‘elite’ are pretty stupid.


    • Panoptica’s coalition want babies. Lots of them. The extras are broken up for spares and recycled.

      My vision of population control makes China’s look positively benevolent!


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