An easy call-my-bluff.

I have suggested that I might be able to stay on at work doing only Saturday and Sunday. Well, young folk get little jobs just to have enough money to go out at the weekend. They don’t want to work weekends. I can have Smoky-Drinky any time.

Already the response is ‘Okay, but you need to cover Thursdays too’. I haven’t agreed to stay on yet!

Uh-oh. Blown it.

If I stay on at all, it will soon escalate back to where it is now. So that’s my final answer decided. No.

This company is doomed. They have killed themselves by believing management theories. They are now offering minimum wage to new staff in a small town full of shops, and where Aldi (who are offering up to £9 an hour) are struggling to find staff for their new shop. I might well apply. Staff discount in Aldi must be worth having.

It’s a small town. There is a huge Tesco, a pretty big Morrisons, there is Homebase and Currys and Marky Sparky and Lidl and now Aldi, there is Halfords and Iceland and Argos… there are posh shops selling stuff you have to drive a new Range Rover to be allowed to enter…. there are more big shops than the town has people to staff them. One hour of minimum wage does not pay for the bus fare to get here from the Big Town. The shops are fighting for staff. The unemployed here are either too old, ill or disabled to work, or don’t want to.

Dropping to minimum wage means the only applicants you will see are dole-monkeys looking to prove they have applied for a job and didn’t get it. Thiis is not a town where jobs are in short supply.

I still have to meet with Manager and I know all the tricks she will pull. What she does not know because it isn’t on my CV is that I was the honours year tutor for the degree course in business management for five years. The reason I was no longer tutor is another story. It does mean I know the tricks she will pull and the order in which she will pull them. Tears will be the almost last one, it won’t work. Vicious derision will be last, it will only harden my resolve.

Seven days. Not that I am counting…


14 thoughts on “An easy call-my-bluff.

    • ” I was the honours year tutor for the degree course in business management for five years.”

      Are you going to tell her this? PLEASE??

      An HD recorder at your interview will be fine as well..

      Have you educated Mopman as to her wiles?


    • Awww, I’m gonna be gutted when you leave, cos I just LOVE hearing all about the shop n stuff. Ah well, s’long as it’s what YOU want.


    • Modern management seems to treat people as commodities. It’s why Manager thinks she can simply tell us not to resign, and that shouting will improve the situation.

      Local Shop manager is entirely different. He calls all his staff by their first names and when they have a vacancy higher than basic-level-shop-staff, they promote someone and then hire a new basic-level one. His staff don’t leave quite so fast.


  1. £9.00 an hour to work in a supermarket! I left the U.K. 10 years ago and I was on £10.00 an hour driving 44 tonne wagons at night and because it was non hazardous stuff whilst not the best rate it wasn’t bad. What the f*ck is the going rate now?


  2. Oh to be a fly on the wall, when you have that meeting with the Area Manager…

    Of course, you could always keep her guessing. The ball’s in your court.

    Now where did I put that whisky?

    (Aldis 8 year Highland Black isn’t bad, though I prefer it with a shot of cola)


  3. Manager sounds like the sort of petty-fiefdom-loving, pseudo-power-crazed individual who was my supervisor when I had my first job as a teenager, working two shifts a week in the local supermarket (for a pittance). As my school leaving date approached, I managed to bag a job working on a building site for double the money, and followed the contract politely, submitting my notice & leaving date to the HR person in good time. They unfortunately forgot to tell the supervisor (or find someone to replace me) – she was nearly in tears when, while I walked out of my last shift, I replied to her minimally-polite “See you on Saturday” with “only if I come in to buy something – that was my last shift.”


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