Food fight.

World War III is going to be a food fight.

Russia has responded to sanctions by saying ‘We don’ need your feelthy Capitalist food anyway‘ and started banning imports.

This will hit the ordinary Russian far harder than their well-fed leaders but since when did the leaders of any country give a damn about the people who pay them? Ours certainly don’t.

It’s all one big game of Risk to them. We’re just the little plastic pieces on the board.

Also on that site is an astonishing revelation – Studies have Shown that if you eat food, you don’t die quite so fast.

No other factors are considered, naturally. It’s only the fruit and veg that keep you alive, forget about any other lifestyle or food choices. Stuff yourself with fermentable fart fodder and you will live forever.


We could bend them over and aim them at the advancing Russian army…


11 thoughts on “Food fight.

  1. Yeah, There is a whole lot of fruit growing there in Scottland…what u folks might want to pay atention to down the road is the fact that the crappy part of the world I reside in, California, produces 3 quarters of the seeds that feed this whole ugly world. And we have a drought, and an idiot moonbeam for a governor. I am pretty sure this all equals starvaion down the road…


  2. XX when did the leaders of any country give a damn about the people who pay them? XX

    But, the Russian tax payer has form for getting their own back on the “ruling classes.”

    Maybe Putin has forgotten his own countrys history?


      • Let’s see… it would have been about 2003 or so that the lab I worked in did a survey of Campylobacter and Salmonella in raw chickens. They were pretty much all contaminated. It didn’t matter one bit as long as they were cooked properly. Neither pathogen would survive at all as long as the centre of the meat hit 80C.

        Salmonella has been far less of a problem since the introduction of an oral vaccine for poultry (they put it in the drinking water) but so far there has proved to be no way to stop Campylobacter. It doesn’t harm birds so there is no visible indication of infection and unlike Salmonella, it’s not just on the surface. It gets into the muscles.

        It’s always been there, even before it was discovered and identified. We never caught anything from chicken as children. My grandmother and mother cooked chicken until poking a fork into it made the skin shatter. I still do. As long as it is well cooked there is no risk at all.

        Modern ovens cook things too fast. Microwaves are worse. The old ovens, the inefficient non-Green ones, took so long to cook the outside of meat that they actually cooked the inside as well. Ah, but progress and Greenery have done away with that ancient method of cooking.

        As for the food standards agency, I once worked with a scientist who was big on political motivation and low on science and who later went to work for the FSA. Managed to get into a pretty high position too. Which tells me all I ever needed to know about that lot.


    • There are 6,000 chemicals in fruit, and fruit spontaneously ferments into alcohol… ha ha ha, yes, they can be induced into believing that pears cause buttock cancer, gooseberries cause cirrhosis, aubergines make your hair fall out and the alcohol in wine comes from grapes.

      It’s not even difficult any more. The only hard part is keeping to words they understand – but throw in the occaisonal complexity and made-up word. It makes them believe you know so much more than them, and they will never admit they have no idea what you are talking about.


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