I have mentioned Satanists before. Most people’s reaction to Satanists is derision. Bunch of silly buggers moaning prayers to a goat-headed bodybuilder. Upside-down crosses and defiled altars. Load of nonsense.

It does not matter what you or I think or believe about it all. Satanists believe it all and if they believe they have to kill you in horrible ways, they will do it. Whether there is any truth in their beleifs is of no consequence. You will be just as dead either way.

Santaists are even worse. Bunch of fat guys who chant Ho ho ho while beating you to death with a sock full of presents and ramming a fully decorated Norway spruce up… well, let’s not get graphic. Let’s just mention that the wings on plastic pixies have sharp edges.

Whether Allah exists or not, there are many who are happy to blow themselves (and anyone around them) into prime-grade mince in the belief that their mince will then be eaten by 72 very fat virgins in Heaven. Or something. Doesn’t matter if they are right or not. You are just as dead either way.

Those are not conspiracy theories.They are really happening. Except the Santaists, which is not yet absolutely proven but I have seen too many smiling fat boys to dismiss it entirely. Anyone who smiles that much is up to something.

So now there are new things to laugh at. Agenda 21. Common Purpose. Marxist doctrine. Population reduction on a massive scale. These things all sound just plain silly but there are those who believe in them absolutely and increasingly, they have the power to do something about it. Whether you or I consider then silly is of no consequence. We will end up just as dead all the same. We’ll die laughing.

And now, Ebola

This is an extremely nasty virus which pretty much dissolves its victims from the inside. There is no cure and no vaccine. Why not? Well, it mostly affects central Africa where few people have any money, and if they have no money, the Pharmers are not interested.

Now it is making its way out of Africa. It’s getting into places where people have lots of money and suddenly, the Pharmers are very interested indeed.

How did it spread? The disease kills so quickly and so comprehensively that it is self-limiting. It cannot normally spread far because the victims don’t live long enough to get anywhere. Now they can get on a plane and be halfway around the world in a matter of hours. The sensible option would be to stop fast travel to and from the infected areas. Has this been done? Not a chance. Now it is potentially in Saudi Arabia. They have loads of money, well worth the Pharmers’ attention.

Worse, both the Americans and Spanish have flown Ebola cases back to their own countries. This is daft on many levels, not least being that the real experts in the disease are all in the affected countries. There are experts-on-paper elsewhere in the world but those with real life experience of the disease and how to contain it are those who have dealt with such outbreaks before.

Is the containment likely to be better in ‘civilised’ countries? It won’t be all that much better than the facilities flown out to Africa, and the cases being flown home are doctors who caught it from their patients. Is there some magical shield around US and European doctors that doesn’t work in Africa?

I wonder, is this another of my wild ideas coming true? Maybe a horror scenario being played out?

And yet,. what possible reason could there be for a deliberate spread of such a horrible disease?

What about… profit?

There is no profit in developing a vaccine for people with no money. There is a great deal of profit in developing one for a very scared people in a rich country.

Ebola is not influenza. Most people don’t get better and those that do have a seriously shitty time. Its symptoms are horrible. This is a very scary disease indeed.

However, in order for it to make the Pharmers vast profits, it doesn’t actually have to spread. Their vaccine doesn’t actually have to be all that effective, if at all.

All they need is for the news to spread, not the virus.

The news that Saudi Arabia, the US and Europe now have cases of this disease in their countries. That sets up a terrified population who will be demanding protection because they have all forgotten how to look after themselves. The Pharmers can give them protection.

At a price…


22 thoughts on “Ebola

  1. The big potential problem, as I’ve pointed out on several news boards this week, will occur if the disease mutates to become an airborne infection. Add that possibility to a worldwide fleet of smoke-banned airplanes that simply recirculate everyone’s air a zillion times during several hours of travel and you could have Ebola in almost every major city in the world within 48 hours, spreading wildly in those cities, before anyone was even aware a problem existed.

    Go re-read the first few chapters of Stephen King’s “The Stand” sometime. And then call your local airline and tell them you want to book a Free Choice smoking flight with enough air-exchange to keep the passengers happy like in the old days.

    – MJM


  2. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Remember who said that?

    So, how bad is Ebola Zaire? I trust you’re sitting down.


  3. I picked this link up from a comment somewhere recently (I can’t remember where, so no H/T I’m afraid. It may have been from Harley the Prolific).

    Even according to WHO figures, the spread of Ebola in Africa is as nothing as compared to the amount of people who die in the West of ordinary common-or-garden influenza every year. You’re looking at a total of 456 deaths overall, for Ebola, against an annual figure of deaths from influenza of 250,000 and 500,000. Both these figures come from WHO health reports, and do remember the Ebola figure of 458 is overall, whereas the flu figures are yearly.

    And here’s one for the conspiracy theorists:

    The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that the virus is spreading because of unhygenic practices in African hospitals. So it can’t be a coincidence that a bio-warfare lab in a Sierra Leone hospital, with a list of investors that reads like a Who’s Who of the New World Order, including known eugenicists George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates, is at the centre of the Ebola outbreak in Africa. These are the richest people in the world and they own our governments.

    It’s a matter of public record that this biowarfare lab has been working on developing various strains of Ebola for more than 40 years, which begs the question, how on earth would they expect to control it in a battleground situation? I think the answer to that is they couldn’t, and that weaponised Ebola is not and was never intended to be used just on the enemies’ troops, but on the ordinary civilians too. The Geneva Convention must be turning in its grave.
    According to American Kabuki, who has researched this subject more deeply, this Soros/Gates lab has, so far, been unable to develop a strain of Ebola that will be virulent enough, and certainly not one which will spread in cooler climes than are found in Africa.
    He says:
    “They’ve been trying to weaponize Ebola for over 40 years. They can’t do it because the Mayinga strain of Ebola (the only known strain to be contagious through aerosol transmission) kills people too quickly for it to work as a broad spread bio weapon.



  4. A lot of people have laughed at me for years now (or shaken their heads in despairing disbelief), including friends and family, at what I have been saying about e.g. global government (and some of the methods of getting there, like the 9/11 ‘false flag’).

    Now, people are saying to me things like, “I’m coming round more to your way of thinking”. Your readers who know about the UN’s FCTC (the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) realise that there is a *global* agenda to force national governments to put all manner of restraints on smokers and dehumanise those who partake in the practice. The same applies to the environment, ‘population control’ and many other areas.

    I read that the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was termed by the CIA to discredit those who doubted the official story of JFK’s assassination. I believe the majority of Americans are now ‘conspiracy theories’ on this one. You don’t change the Establishment’s order, like, in his case (among other things) reducing the power of the Federal Reserve – and live.

    It’s why there’s no real difference between the ‘three main parties’ here – because they are just puppets. All US presidents since JFK have been puppets. That’s why they, like many Western countries, are being made bankrupt and having their infrastructure sold off and mass immigration combined with political correctness to dissolve the nation state. The proles are told that ‘nationalism is the cause of war’ and we must allow ourselves to be taken over to avoid another war in Europe.

    Satanists/Luciferians are real enough. Albert Pike, (at least) 33rd degree Freemason, explains in his book Morals and Dogma (of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry) that the plan is for a new global religion based on worship of Lucifer. Christians are first for the dehumanisation and persecution and it’ll spread to other religions. We are now seeing Islam coming under increasing pressure. People get whipped up into demanding a burkha ban because they imagine a Muslim terrorist around every corner (even though the main ‘Islamic’ terrorist events were false flags), just like modern legislation assumes that every adult is a paedophile and has to be checked and adults are scared to give children lifts home unaccompanied after church or sports youth gatherings for fear of the possibility of being accused.

    Anyway, get this – atheists will also be the enemy of the ‘one world religion’. Dawkins won’t be so mouthy then, will he? The ‘scientists’ might even, at last, admit that the Theory of Evolution is an atheist lie and that the creator made the universe – just that they’ll have the Evil One as the new christ.

    That really is part of the Plan.

    Santaists? I’ll never forget the sandwich board blackboard sign carried by a man in 1970s’ Glasgow as thousands were doing their Christmas shopping. It read, “For Santa read Satan”.

    It took me 35 to 40 years to understand what he meant.

    I read your short story. I’m sure many governments have considered every conceivable way of destroying the enemy. The Soviets tried it by subversion (spreading ‘equality’ in the West). The ancient Chinese general and philosopher Sun Tzu declared that the highest form of warfare was to not fight at all.

    That’s why the UN and co. are creating global government where the others intent on world domination before them by military means all failed. The Romans did well, but didn’t capture even the whole of Europe (including Leggyland). They controlled the nancies down here in the south of Scotland.

    So nannying us literally to death is how they are achieving their aims because the dumbed down masses are buying up the cheesy ‘concern’ that the global cabal has for us. They don’t understand that, ultimately, human rights legislation gives all the rights to the government/EU/UN. They think they must think green or ‘climate change’ will destroy us. They believe that Big Pharma cares and the NHS cares and that they have ‘democracy’ because they can vote. They feel they’re being looked after, so, like pet spaniels, they don’t rebel. They sit and stay and beg.

    How they are going to get the global population down from 7 billion to maybe 1 or 2 will be ‘interesting’. One of Stalin’s techniques was starvation. I’m sure that will rank highly. Already, land used for growing biofuels and empty farmland bought as ‘investment’ could feed nearly a billion people. I imagine that Agenda 21 will be like the FCTC where almost every government will be desperate to sign up and be dictated to. They might be forced into patented GM crops, which will increase the price of food beyond the reach of many people. NB They are making it more difficult for small-time farmers to stay in business so they are bought up by conglomerates.

    Some people can see it and some people can’t or won’t, but they will when it’s too late.


    • Getting the global population down is proving all too easy. Aside from the diseases, there are the Isis Islamic maniacs and their equivalent in just about every country our (and the US) government have recently messed up. They let the loonies run riot for a while and then… kill all the loonies in the name of World Peace. That gets rid of an awful lot of population.

      And they do it over and over again.


  5. A similar sort of thing is currently happening with “bovine” tuberculosis in the British countryside. Now, this zoonotic is only called Bovine because that’s what it normally infects; it can and does infect a huge range of animals, and those without a co-evolved history of dealing with it tend to fare rather badly.

    And so, enter the European badger. A wildly misunderstood animal, this is a giant weasel that has migrated from the ranks of the predators to the role of an omnivorous scavenger. Mostly, it eats earthworms because they’re too slow to get out of its way; it’ll eat almost anything else too stupid or immobile to run away too. It is strongly adapted to a very solitary existence; the females have a phenomenon called “delayed implantation” which means a female can mate at any time of year, but only gives birth in the early spring. Such an adaptation is useless for anything that lives in social groups like the UK population mostly does, but dead handy for a very low-density population where males and females only ever meet very infrequently.

    In other words, the biology of badgers naturally is very, very different from their biology in the British countryside. Ever wondered why badgers are such avid diggers of holes? This isn’t the behaviour of a predator that can stand up for its self; this is the actions of a prey animal that cannot hold its own against big predators. Except, in Britain, we killed all the big predators.

    Now, see what happens when badgers are infected with zoonotic tuberculosis. They’ve got next to no natural resistance to it (cows are much better at repelling or containing a TB infection) and it quickly runs riot and turns the badger into a walking TB factory. As the UK ones live in small colonies and spend the day underground, if one catches TB then pretty soon they all have it, and in the course of months all sicken and die. Most head for safety when they’re on their last legs, and head underground.

    Now, back in 2008 (confirmed in 2010) a group spotted the vaccine strain of TB doing something strange, something it wasn’t supposed to be able to do. They spotted an old culture making endospores. Endospores are a resistant resting-phase of a bacterium, produced when their food source looks to be exhausted. What the vaccine strain can do, the wild-type can certainly do, and that raises a very nasty probability indeed. Wild-type TB probably only goes into endospore-mode when the host has just died; it is probably triggered by low oxygen levels (TB is an obligate aerobe). Thus a badger, dying of TB will likely crawl underground where it feels safe and die deep underground, in an environment that couldn’t be more suitable for the long-term survival of bacterial endospores.

    Bovine tuberculosis in Britain is now a disease mostly of badgers, and spends most of its time as patches of bTB endospores deep inside badger setts; every so often a badger will disturb some, catch TB and spread this to its sett-mates; the group will then sicken and die out and the sett will subsequently be re-occupied by incoming local badgers.

    This explains why the recent badger shooting cull went so awry. The initial population estimate was on a healthy, uninfected population and was hampered by well-meaning but ultimately rather thick green activists. Then, a while before the cull started, some of the colonies got infected and died off. The cull was not ineptly done, nor was it ineffective; they couldn’t shoot a quota of badgers because most of the quota was already dead of TB.

    And so, while ever this cycle goes unrecognised, we shall be doomed to it repeating over time. The only real way to stop it is to gas a badger sett thoroughly, then fill it in with something that prevents the badgers re-occupying it and discovering the endospores once again.


    • So dead badger setts are TB mines, just waiting for a new badger to tread on them.

      We’d have to fill the tunnels completely. Plugging the entrances will only delay a new badger by the time it takes to dig around the plug.


  6. There is no cure and no vaccine

    There is, but it is politically incorrect in so many ways, it might give signatories to the FCTC sleepless nights even thinking about picking up the phone to order a supply.

    “Kentucky BioProcessing LLC, a subsidiary of tobacco giant Reynolds American Inc. (RAI), manufactures the treatment for Mapp from tobacco plants.”

    Guidelines for implementation of Article 5.3 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

    “Principle 1: There is a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict between the tobacco industry’s interests and public health policy interests.

    13. The tobacco industry produces and promotes a product that has been proven scientifically to be addictive, to cause disease and death and to give rise to a variety of social ills, including increased poverty.
    Therefore, Parties should protect the formulation and implementation of public health policies for tobacco control from the tobacco industry to the greatest extent possible.”



    • That part 13 is real?

      Tobacco has not been proven to be addictive. The WHO had to change the definition of ‘addiction’ to make tobacco fit – and that’s why shopping, exercise, food and shoes are now ‘proven to be addictive’. It has also not been proven to cause disease, and death is going to happen anyway.

      As for tobacco causing poverty, if there was a functioning brain cell anywhere in the WHO they might cotton on to the idea that it’s not tobacco that causes poverty.

      It’s tobacco taxes.

      So let them refuse the Ebola cure. Or make it smokeable…


  7. Who told you about the cult of Santaists? That’s supposed to be secret that is. The punishment for exposing their depraved rituals is to be strangled with tinsel while the Christmas fairy does unspeakable things to your nethers with a………. argh!


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