Professional point-missing.

Last day of the janitor job tomorrow. Although I am still considering doing Saturday and Sunday. Not until September though, and it’s not pure altruism. Sure, it would help them if they could offer young applicants the weekend off (except when I’m on a rare holiday) but from my point of view, it would still net me a small income with all the work-time concentrated into two days. The two days least useful to me too – I despise town centres on Saturdays and there isn’t much to interest me on a Sunday either.

Yes, there will be pressure to add on more days but it has occurred to me that if it does get too much, I can just walk away. I don’t really need a reference from this job, in fact it doesn’t have to appear on my CV at all. I have still been self-employed the whole time and always will be until the day I die. Because of the books. I can never be not-self-employed unless I withdraw all the books from sale. Not happening. I plan to add more, not take them down!

I worked my notice because I signed a contract. That matters to me. Too much push though, and I can forget my principles in the interest of not dying of overwork.

One of the reasons I had for dumping the job was the randomness of the shifts. It started out stable but over the last few months it has gone all over the place. I had no idea what my work time was from week to week, sometimes from day to day. Tomorrow – my last shift – has now changed from a 1:30 pm start to 12:30. Talk about ‘not getting it’!

Oh well, it’s the last one. A condition of my possible return will be absolutely fixed times as well as weekend only.

Point-missing is endemic these days. The Mail are experts at it. They have never experienced the sharpness of a point in all the time I have perused that hack-rag. I’m really glad I’ve never paid for a copy.

It’s probably a modern risk-aversion thing. “What do you mean, get the point? Points are sharp. They are dangerous and must be banned”.

So it’s no surprise that the latest ‘exploding Electrofag’ story is, once again, nothing of the kind. It’s yet another exploding battery that was linked to the wrong charger. There used to be regular stories about mobile phones doing this. Exactly the same thing, wrong charger or overcharged or shorted battery and bang. Now it’s ‘exploding Electrofags’ even though none have ever exploded in use. Only when charged with the wrong charger.

Electrofags are supplied with chargers. Most companies will sell you spare ones in case you lose yours. If you have a computer (if you don’t have one, just ignore this blog entirely) you can use a USB charger that is only running at five volts. No need for mains voltage. No need to use cheapo eBay chargers made in China by people who are thousands of miles away when they blow up. The chargers are not that expensive. Get the right one.

If, like me, you have several Electrofags, label the chargers. They aren’t usually labelled and they all look the same, but subtle differences in screw thread and contact placement can lead to the wrong charger shorting out the battery and that can be spectacular – also painful and expensive.

That would have been the real point of the Mail article, if the Mail employed anyone with even the neural capacity of the average mollusc. Instead they evidently employ coral and sea-squirts since those things have an innate fear of anything as sharp as a point.

The Mail also has a long diatribe against diesel engines, which includes this…

While diesel produces lower emissions of three greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide), the report said, it produces larger emissions of ‘nitrogen oxides’ and ‘most importantly, far larger emissions of particulate matter and black smoke’.

These, it transpires, are the ingredients now causing such concern about diesel cars. Nitrogen oxides have been linked to bronchitis and heart disease, the black smoke can exacerbate asthma, while the ultra-fine particles can penetrate deep into the lungs and bloodstream.

In 2012, the World Health Organisation classified diesel fume particulates as a carcinogen, while other research suggests that they can cause brain damage and autism.

All of these things have been blamed on smokers. As Junican has often said, the rise in lung cancers does not correlate with smoking prevalence but with the proliferation of the diesel engine. This does not appear in the article. It is not in the comments. Neither is there any mention of the oil industry funding Doll and Hill received to prove that smoking was the cause of lung cancer. Four hundred years of smoking, a massive rise in lung cancer after the diesel became common, and the conclusion is that smoking causes lung cancer. Even though the original diesel engine had nothing to do with the oil industry. They took control later.

Meanwhile lung cancer increases, it is more prevalent in town than country, smoking is in decline and the Brown Gorgon suckered as many as possible into buying diesel engined vehicles. Yet the conclusion is still that smoking is the main (and in many minds, only) cause of lung cancer.

There was one the other day blaming bladder cancer on smoking. Look, if you are getting bladder problems of any kind as a result of smoking, you are sticking your fags in the wrong hole.

More and more, I find that there are an ever-increasing number of people that you cannot talk sense to. I have given up trying. If they want to believe nonsense then I will give them nonsense to believe.

If it scares them to death, then so be it. They won’t have to worry any more.


11 thoughts on “Professional point-missing.

  1. I don’t know how much diesel puts out, but I *do* know that a moderately large airport (500 TOLs/day) puts the same amount of Nitrogen Oxides as eight and a half BILLION cigarettes. All jammed into that nice little airspace that the airport ventilators hungrily scoop up and squirt into the nice smoke-free terminals.

    I did the figuring on that about 15 years ago and submitted a letter about it (with full references) to America’s third largest (1.7 million circulation) newspaper: USA Today — and they printed it! As those who’ve read TobakkoNacht may remember, I’ve had 100 – 150 of about 500 newspaper letter submissions printed, although the NY Times managed to turn their nose up at every single one of the 50+ I dropped in front of their black hole of an editor before I decided they were simply a waste of time.

    – MJM
    P.S. Hmmm… things have grown a bit since I researched that figure. LAX and Heathrow are up around 1500 TOLs/day and Atlanta airport can clock over 2500 on a clear day! Hmmm… looking at the Wiki on this stuff, we seem to have about 15 million TOLs/year among the 30 busiest airports, or about 30,000 times my earlier figure. That would then be… hmm… 30 x 8.5 trillion cigarettes, or 335 trillion smokes. That’s roughly equal to about 60 days, or two months of all the world’s smokers. If those 30 busiest airports account for half the world’s air flights (a not unreasonable ballpark assumption) and we take into account that the planes also emit some of this stuff during their actual main flights, we’d be looking at a day of the world’s flying pollution being equal to over four months of the world’s smoking pollution. If my rough numbers are accurate, then “smoking pollution” puts out perhaps less than one-half of 1% of the world’s airplane pollution (At least from nitrogen oxides : let’s not play the antismoking trick of taking a single element and equating it to ALL air pollution. That’s the game you see them play whenever they claim to have measured a reduction in “air pollution” in a bar before and after a ban: all they’ve actually measured is PM 2.5 — which is basically “smoke.” Duh.)


  2. ‘More and more, I find that there are an ever-increasing number of people that you cannot talk sense to.’

    Yes … I might have gone too far in some of my comments, and definitely in my last to Walsingham45:

    Scroll down, you’ll know it when you see it

    Big LOL for your advice to people without computers 😀


  3. “So it’s no surprise that the latest ‘exploding Electrofag’ story is, once again, nothing of the kind. It’s yet another exploding battery that was linked to the wrong charger. “

    I knew it was going to be long before I clicked on the link…


  4. What I suspect will happen with the “Diesel is bad” story is that a council or three will work up a Cunning Plan to charge the owners of diesel vehicles for coming into their town. Nothing to do with pollution, everything to do with greedy councils after more money. Once this charge is implemented, they will then be absolutely amazed at the drop in several forms of pollution. Diesel pollution will drop dramatically, as will people pollution and money pollution as shops inside the zone go bust and move out.

    Pretty soon, councils implementing these measures will be able to aspire to the platonic ideals of being pollution, people and money-free zones. Which will be a bit of a bugger, as the entire cut and thrust of the measure is to fleece the unwary.


    • They already charge so much for parking that it’s cheaper to take the bus – which means no large purchases in the town centre.

      They also like to charge massive business rates to the point where some shops here cycle through start-up to close-down in a matter of weeks.

      Councils like to moan about the death of the town centre – but they are the ones killing it.


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