Writing night.

I completed my last shift this evening. I am no longer at Local Shop.

The possibility of a partial return remains on the table. I quite like it there but cannot work the understaffed hours I have been doing. It has entirely curtailed all the things the little job was supposed to free me to do! Building smoky models, writing, all the rest of it. In September I will consider a return to Local Shop as long as I can have all the hours packed into a weekend. I’ll earn less but at that pay rate, not much less and I’ll have five days a week to make up the difference. Most importantly, it will get me out of the house and interacting with real life for two days every week. That should stop me cracking up entirely.

But that’s for the future. Tonight I have a bottle of Old Pulteney to celebrate my freedom and some BrewDog beers – Libertine Black Ale, Jackhammer and Dead Pony Club. I haven’t tried these three before. There is no need for me to emerge, red-eyed and groaning, at all tomorrow. Which is probably just as well.

With such a supply of bottled inspiration, tonight I will avoid the news and try moving ‘Panoptica’ forward by a chapter or two. I realise where that world is leading now, and it’s not to a good place.

Time to oil up the typing fingers…


15 thoughts on “Writing night.

    • I am sure you are right. I love talking about Cleaning Jobs, since they have been such a large part of my life. And about Managers who know nothing about Man Management.
      Nowadays I just clean holiday houses if the guests don’t want to do it themselves. But invariably, those who ask for a cleaner leave the houses cleaner than those who don’t.


      • Heh! My wife (who is actually a qualified accountant, but in Thailand) does a summer job cleaning a villa that I manage, and it’s true; The ones who do a deal with the owner for less cleaning / less rental are invariably dirtier and messier than the ones who pay for the full option.


        • This last lot who paid me to clean even left the barbecue spotless, and cleaned the cooker. Now that I did not expect. What a bonus that was.

          I shall probably have to scrub the place from top to bottom for nothing this week because they are doing it themselves. But hey ho. Swings and roundabouts And at least I get paid for saying hallo and goodbye.


    • I think I will. There is an option to go back, which I will probably try. If it starts creeping back to the horrible hours I can always ditch it again.

      Also, almost every big shop how has ‘staff wated’ signs up. There are a lot of options.


  1. Old Pulteney, frae Wick, a 12, 17, 21 year old or older ?
    I bought a 40 year old from a really nice shop in Schipol Airport. Bit pricey but worth every penny, and thats something coming from a Wicker thats looks for the price before the abv.


    • I didn’t realise how liberating it would feel. I could go back to two days a week but never again to the six/seven days a week. Especially with the random shifts that make it impossible to plan anything!


  2. Enjoy leggy.

    I must say I also truly and honestly wish I could just do a low responsibility job and part time as well.

    I’ve totally fuck*** cornered myself by this consumer world…Have to make what I do or I’m screwed….

    Hmm…..Ah well.


    • I dented the mortgage while I had money so it’s manageable now – but almost a quarter of the janitor job income pays for council tax.

      I’m earning taxed income just to pay tax, it seems!


  3. Old man, good. Keep your options open, but I’m sure you don’t need us to say that to you.

    I look forward to Panoptica. But from what you say, I guess it’ll be a documentary and not an alternative-historical-novel.

    Get it out soon, do, please, before reality outpaces you – use your job-freedom for a few weeks. There might just be enough people left to make a difference. And you always have (I think?) N-gauge stuff to sell to pay the bills.


    • It has to be fast. Soon the drones will be so well indoctrinated they won’t be moved at all by the story! Another ten years and it’ll be on the school curriculum.


  4. You’ll enjoy the freedom, LI. I’ve worked for myself for so long, I can’t imagine being at the beck and call of an employer any more. Of course, when you work for yourself, you have clients and timescales which have to be respected, so it’s not quite a case of “oh, I can do what I like…”. In many ways it’s more onerous than working for a salary, but I still have a great degree of flexibility. I know what has to be done, and by when. How I achieve that is up to me.


    • I had seven years of self-employment. Work dried up so I took on the janitor job (which became a monster). This time I will have several self-employment schemes running all at once. Only one of them has to work out 😉


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