An interesting day…

There’s not much Old Pulteney left in the bottle. It must have evaporated. Best finish it tonight in case the rest of it evaporates too. Good thing there are no warning pictures on the bottle or I might have to worry that drinking might be unsafe.

There are no warnings on this BrewDog Libertine Black Ale either. 7.2% ABV and a well-written label full of information. No ‘Please drink responsibly’, no ‘units’ and no image of a pregnant woman about to down a pint of wine. So none of it is legally required, I guess? Yet so many producers choose to defile their bottles with this nonsense and that has just encouraged the Puritans to take the matter further. Give these swines any hint of weakness and they will just keep on going.

BrewDog don’t play that game. If they are not required by law to deface their labels with a load of made-up crap, then they won’t do it. If every booze-maker followed the BrewDog example then we would not now be hearing about ludicrous proposals from the hate squad, determined to restrict and plain-package every single aspect of everyone’s life.

BrewDog also make wonderful beer. Costs a bit more than the commercially-produced fizz but well worth it.

I have earned a drink this evening. That storm should have blown itself out by the time it reached here but nope, it still had a kick. My tobacco plants were flattened (they are now tied to stakes) and the roof vent of my greenhouse ended up behind the compost. It was a good idea to opt for polycarbonate panels. Glass could never have survived that. The vent frame gave way at the joints so it was repairable.

I spent a good part of the afternoon bashing the aluminium frame back into shape, bolting it back together and fitting it back onto the greenhouse. Not much fun with that inexplicable wooly feeling all through my head. The frame isn’t perfect but there was something of a hurry since it was raining. I’ll look at it more closely when the weather returns to something like a summer. At the moment it’s so cold I finally gave in and closed the windows. In August!

On the good side, last night was the first time in a long time I have not had to iron and/or wash a uniform. Black uniform, hot weather, six (sometimes seven) days a week of work and… there was a uniform in the wash every night. I was only supplied with two. It is incredibly liberating to just leave the washing until the next day and then be able to leave it hanging to dry. If I do go back to just two days a week, that will be perfect. I didn’t realise just how much time that washing and ironing took up.

Now there is time again for model-making. I have another N gauge telephone box in brass to try. The last one I gave away because it wasn’t up to standard. One more attempt before I admit I can’t see in that scale any more. I was pleased with the paint colour. Paint the thing flat red and then overpaint with clear red and it comes out gloss but not too gloss. Unfortunately I then made a total pig’s breakfast of painting in the rubber seals. Next time, lay off the caffeine…

There is a drilled-out 1/200 submarine awaiting a decision on lighting – battery or chemical? Chemical would replace the light source each time so no worries about an LED burning out, but chemical allows no control. It’s on until the chemicals run out. On balance at the moment, I am leaning towards batteries. Those little chemical lights are easy to get now but might become hard to source in the future. Tiny batteries will be around as long as people want watches.

Well, that’s my first day of not being a janitor. I do miss the place but I have the option of a partial return and so far, the relaxation feels pretty good. Especially since I have one more full pay to come next Friday which includes all the extra hours from the last four weeks. Takes the urgency off the situation somewhat. I know September’s bills are covered and by the end of September, if things get tight, every business in town will be looking for Christmas staff.

Well that’s the relaxation done. Time to get some proper work moving.



11 thoughts on “An interesting day…

  1. I’ve been having some fun commenting on a couple of Telegraph articles at:


    Here’s a sample o’ mah wit ‘n wisdom…

    I just happened to run across the June 9th, 2013 Daily Mail with its near-full-front-page story, “Cancer Risk of Two Beers a Year.” Some quotes from Professor Peter Anderson, of Newcastle University: “Alcohol is a carcinogen and I doubt that the alcohol industry would want to be caught out producing and selling a carcinogen without warning its consumer. … We know cigarettes cause cancer, and cigarette packets carry warning labels that cigarettes cause cancer. … Consumers surely deserve the same information on drink bottles.”

    I don’t know how they decided there was a “safe level” of under two beers a year — antismoking fanatics obsessed with the “no safe level” exposure theory of carcinogenesis might disagree. Once ethyl alcohol is accepted as a human carcinogen (the Group 1 classification it received from IARC’s 11th Report on Cancer) *any* exposure not seen as “inherent and necessary” to an activity needs to be removed from public places and, most certainly, as a work requirement.

    Yet today we still see many pubs engaged in serving food to hungry patrons that force their workers to endure quite significant levels of alcohol exposure in vapor form (1 million micrograms per drink per hour), as they are forced to inhale them and coat their delicate mucous membranes with the condensate — and mucous membrane cancers are those which appear most sensitive to alcohol.

    Drinkers, don’t despair. No one’s talking about a ban on alcohol. You’ll be perfectly free to take your drinks out behind the pub, in the back alleyway near the dumpster with the smokers, and enjoy a few quick chugs before rejoining the workers and your family indoors. Unfortunately there’s no real way to regulate the excess acetaldehydes you’ll be forcing down their throats upon your return…. at least not yet.

    – MJM

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    • I don’t know how they decided there was a “safe level” of under two beers a year

      They didn’t, MJM.

      Guidelines For Alcohol Consumption Are Inadequate For Cancer Prevention
      12 Jul 2011

      “There is increasing evidence that links alcohol consumption to cancer. The WHO International Agency of Research on Cancer has stated, based on evidence, that alcohol is carcinogenic in both animals and humans.”

      “Based on the evidence, “there is no level of alcohol consumption for which cancer risk is null.”

      No safe level.

      Now smoking drinkers should be fine with this, they’ve seen it all before, but imagine the nasty shock to all those holier than thou drinkers who praised the assault on smokers from the very same people.

      Welcome to denormalisation fellow pariahs.

      Simon Cooke has caught the predictable drug company hand behind all this.

      Is the Alcohol Abuse APPG just a front for ‘Big Pharma’?

      I do hope they never try selling things like washing machines this way.

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      • Heh, just remember, every time a hippie take a shower they are flooding the people who live in their home or apartment building with carcinogenic asbestos fibers carried in all those cute little microdroplets you see splashed around in the air.

        Be a true hippie. Just say NO to showers! Stop killing the innocent children!



    • I don’t bother trying to tell them the truth any more. It’s easier, and more fun, to ramp up their fear. They will not listen to reason but they just lap up unreason.

      Hey, I just give the public what they want 😉


  2. All these newly deadly and preventable things with their own gangs of deadly serious, well paid, roving prohibitionists are things that we humble folk enjoy.

    I’ll risk the wrath of Leggy with a cheerful tune which has been going round my head for two days now. I loved it as a child but didn’t realise it’s truth until now.

    It’s Illegal, it’s immoral or it makes you fat.

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      • Frightening isn’t ? However, I’m finding that having a long memory is very useful, for instance, we remember the smogs that provoked the anti-smoking campaigns. Without knowledge of the conditions at the time, people are more inclined to believe them and won’t know where to look.


  3. ::sigh:: I think I picked up some kinda bug that’s highlighting “shopping opportunities” for me from words in my comments. Sometimes they can be a bit humorous though:

    Asbestos Fibers
    Asbestos Fibers. Find what you’re looking for on SmartShopping. It’s quick and easy. Fibers

    So, if anyone out there wants some bagfuls of Asbestos Fibers to make artificial snow for the kiddies or anything, now y’know where to get ’em!


    – MJM


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