People really do this.

Many strange things happened in Local Shop. There was the regular occurrence of nappies in the waste paper bins in the disabled toilet/baby changing room, for one thing. A proper nappy bin was provided but they didn’t all notice that huge yellow thing with ‘Beware – Infant stench within’ written on it. I never had to empty that bin. Operatives in HazMat suits and very big pegs on their noses dealt with it.

I never knew, when people locked themselves in the baby changing room, what they changed their babies into. Experience suggests they changed them into some bizarre mix of enraged seagull, crack-addicted wolverine and banshee. Why they would do that is beyond me, but that seems to be what most of them ended up with.

There were odder nappy instances. Now and again they would turn up in the ladies’ toilet bin and once in the gents. Not entirely inexplicable, there was only one of each toilet so the parent holding a wriggling, screaming bundle of stench would sometimes have to make do with whatever they could get.

There was one that surpassed all others though.

One day, there was a commotion in the little cafe. The staff had discovered a nappy – not just used but very thoroughly used and then some – beside one of the recently vacated tables. Someone had disposed of a child’s arse-bag and (presumably) fitted a new one while at the table. Then dropped the full one on the floor. Full disinfection mode was engaged.

How can someone change a fully-charged improvised bottyweapon at a table people are using to eat their food at? What goes through those people’s heads? Probably anything at all, there’s little resistance in there.

Yet the Local Shop shit-donor managed to sneak out undetected. He, she or it at least had the decency to realise that what they did could be described, at best, as unhygienic and at worst by using words that would get any blog closed down forever.

In America they do things differently.

Covering an eatery’s table with baby-shit and then getting thrown out for being utterly disgusting and for putting the intestines of subsequent diners at risk of rapid evacuation at both ends is grounds for a complaint to the Better Business Bureau over there.

At least our Local Shop shit-bomber had the decency to keep quiet about it.

So far.

The ‘I am right no matter what the law says’ attitude is becoming ingrained. The dimmer the drone, the more they believe the world revolves around them. This starts in schools with the ‘none are failures, not even the failures’ attitude. It is not true. Some people in every generation are just totally useless. Not many, but there are always some.

Telling them they are perfectly okay is not helping them, nor anyone else. We really must go back to the days where such people were kindly but firmly told ‘you are a dolt, learn to live with it’.

And can we please stop letting the dolts take up politics?



20 thoughts on “People really do this.

  1. No one in their right mind takes up Politics. They lose their minds if they do, and then become dolts. Expenses claiming dolts, that is, who only do Maths if it errs in their favour. “Sorry, Your Honour, I’m a bit of a dolt when it comes to adding up.”

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    • They can’t claim it’s because ‘they aren’t mathematicians’ unless roughly half the time, they underclaim. If it was mathematical error they’d only get it wrong in their favour about half the time. Not ALL the time!


  2. “Some people in every generation are just totally useless”
    My sister, a primary school teacher, didn’t hold with the “none are failures” mantra. She held to the opinion that “the world needs duggies”.

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    • The world needs someone to sweep the streets and shovel shit. Someone who can do that and be content with doing that. Not everyone has ambition and instilling it in those who cannot achieve it is just cruel.


      • Leggy, we’re of a similar age, and when we were at school those of a remedial disposition would end up working for the council as you say sweeping roads or emptying bins. Not any more, Oh no. These days they’re staffed by media studies graduates (read worthless degrees) who have been fully indoctrinated in right on tredy lefty bollocks.


  3. XX She held to the opinion that “the world needs duggies”. XX

    So. The dictatorship encourages arseholes, who a mere generation ago, would be offered street sweeping as their only viable job potential, to think of themselves as university level geniuses.

    They then end up unemployed, feeling themselves too good to do “that” kind of work. Because they have a “degree” in combat flower aranging and history of the Ballachullisch and Onich shinty team.

    So, the dictatorship gets to invite millions of coons into the country to “do the jobs the Brits/Germans/French/Swedes/etc, will “not do.””

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    • He’s a GramscoFabiaNazi. Do we need to even know any more?

      In a sane civilisation, he’d either (a) never crop up in the first place, becoming a whining mendicant, or (b) if he did, he’d be conducted forcefully to the nearest lamp-post.

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  4. There also appears to be some debate over to what extent intelligence is heritable. Current opinion says about 50% of an individual’s intelligence (as compared to a population average) is heritable, which then begs the question of why we are encouraging idiots to breed, instead of paying idiots to have themselves sterilised.

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    • I think idiot meant originally ‘private person’, as opposed to someone taking part in public affairs, i.e. a politician. That’s probably why they view us as idiots ‘ignorant’ because, although the meaning of the word has changed over time, technically, they are correct; on the whole, the majority are private people who vote for politicians to represent them in public affairs – therefore we are idiots.

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      • Yes, you’re right, rbd. The Greek word for ‘private’ is ‘idiotikos’ (ιδιωτικός).

        Just goes to show that politicians have regarded the populace with disdain since they first appeared in the ancient fora.

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    • Perhaps… here’s an idea…if we paid them – a lot and it’d be “worth it” – for that (instead of forcing it upon their bodies, then would that be called “Eugenics”? I suggest perhaps not, and we’d get off as defendants in a War Crimes Genocide Trial.

      It’s worth a go.

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