The Salt War warms up.

Finally, the cloud cover broke here. Too late for the supermoon and the Perseids but maybe, just maybe, it won’t rain tomorrow. The grass is at the stage where tigers can hide in it now. I have to cut it before the tigers realise that. A well-trimmed lawn is an effective tiger deterrent, although it doesn’t work on bears. Fortunately there aren’t many bears around here.

Here’s tonight’s moon. It was still there, behind all the clouds.

moon140814These days, as everyone knows, it’s just a big dead rock. Once it was teeming with life and civilisation, with green valleys and azure oceans. A population of little hairy people lived there in perfect peace and harmony, digging away in their cheese mines. What happened, you ask?

See all that white stuff over the surface? It’s salt. The little hairy people loved salt so much that they used to come down to Earth to suck it out of the sea. There is much less salt in Earth’s seas than there used to be, which is why people can no longer walk on water.

But the little hairy people overdid it. The masses of salt they imported dried out the oceans and killed all the plant life. And so the little hairy people are no more (apart from a few colonies hidden in sink estates on Earth, always very close to fish and chip shops). Salt, the great destroyer of life, killed their entire planet.

What a load of cobblers. Yet I am certain I can get a few drones to believe that rubbish. Looking at the comments on the latest salty news article, it seems that medics are seeing quite a few cases of salt deprivation lately. I especially liked this one:

rebel chick, booger county, u.s.a., 2 hours ago
When we admit a patient with hyponatremia (critical low salt) the dietician puts them on their one size low salt diet. The Dr puts them on a sodium drip.

Even when people are dying from lack of salt, the dietician still insists on a low salt diet. Fortunately it seems the doctor has more sense.

In the West, where salt is probably the cheapest food item in the shops, people are turning up at hospitals suffering from critical low sodium. There’s no salt shortage. It can only be because these drones have cut, as far as possible, all salt from their diet. Then there is the dietician who, faced with a patient dying from lack of salt, still believes salt will be bad for them.

So yes, I am certain that I can get a few drones believing in the little hairy moon people. They have believed far more outrageous nonsense than that. Here’s an example of a scared-of-salt drone, destined for a spell in the emergency room with a low-salt diet and a saline drip:

Michael of NJ, Princeton, United States, 1 hour ago
Seems like an absurd, contradictory study. No need to limit your salt but the spice leads to 1.7 million deaths per year. Anything you drop on your driveway to melt ice probably should be used with caution.

Anything that grows in dirt should never be eaten, neither should anything that produces faeces nor anything that is just a rock, like minerals. There you go, the perfect diet. You’ll lose weight fast and will continue to lose it even after you die. I guarantee you will be a very svelte spectre.

The article itself is a bit of a turnaround. A very large study – 100,000 people in 17 countries – concluded that the ‘no safe level of salt’ mantra of the Health Righteous is utter crap.

Meanwhile another study, done with no experimentation by the Salties who read a lot of studies they agreed with, concluded that anyone who dies of a heart attack was killed by salt. Guess which one gets attacked, and which one is lauded as credible by those who insist they have the right to control our lives?

Nonetheless, this ‘salt isn’t all that bad, you know’ story is something new. The MSM have begun to allow dissenting voices to be heard. They include the opposing view that ‘salt is bad, m’kay?’ but the MSM never included our opposing view when the story was all in the hands of the Righteous. Things are changing.

The cracks are getting wider.



30 thoughts on “The Salt War warms up.

  1. “ … anyone who dies of a heart attack was killed by salt.

    Naughty Salties!! These New Kids on the Block are getting very bold, aren’t they? Last week we had diesel fumes causing lung cancer and respiratory illnesses; then yesterday we had obesity being blamed for no less than 10 other types of cancer; now the salt-haters are moving in on heart attacks. What’s the world coming to? Haven’t any of these newcomers read their Health Bible, for goodness’ sake? Don’t they know that these illnesses are only ever, under any circumstances, caused solely and completely by smoking tobacco? Even if the patient has never smoked? These “biggie” illnesses belong to Tobacco Control! They claimed them as their own many years ago in order to terrify the drones into doing as they were told, and they won’t take at all kindly to these new interlopers staking claims on their prized territories.

    Or could it be (whisper it quietly) that Tobacco Control really has had its day and the new breed of Healthists know it, and know therefore that they are safe to encroach on TC’s most-hallowed grounds of the Big C and heart attacks. People are bored with anti-smoking; the gullible, believe-anything brigade amongst the public have taken it on board and obediently given up smoking; politicians have finally realised that devoting ever-increasing amounts of money towards an ever-diminishing number of remaining smokers is just a waste of money; and people who are still smoking remain as utterly unconvinced by further attempts to frighten them into submission as they have always been. Tobacco Control is essentially a spent force of its own making and its star is definitely on the wane. There are now so few illnesses that it hasn’t claimed are caused by smoking that the remaining ones are so minor, or so rare, that no-one, in all honesty is really that concerned about getting them in the first place. They played their trump cards with Cancer and Heart Attacks and now they’ve no cards of any value left to play – just increasingly bizarre claims about invisible substances which can’t be seen, measured or even proved to exist at all, which even the most mindless of drones are having trouble reacting to; even they realise how impractical it is to be constantly trying to avoid something that you don’t even know is there! “Scraping the barrel” seems to have become a modus operandi for Tobacco Control in their desperate attempts to keep their beloved bandwagon rolling, even though there’s no longer any impetus for it to move an inch.

    Hmmm. So I wonder which of TC’s sacred cows the anti-sugar and anti-fat campaigners will try and claim as theirs …?


    • politicians have finally realised that devoting ever-increasing amounts of money towards an ever-diminishing number of remaining smokers is just a waste of money;

      They consider it a feature, not a bug. (Tech nerd explanation as to why I could not load software that I had purchased on another computer when the first computer committed hari-kari.)


    • Sugarphobes and the Fat Police both claim to cause obesity, so they can already claim anything attributed to obesity.

      They might go for a direct approach – watch out for ‘sugar is carcinogenic’ claims in the Daily Fearmonger soon!


  2. I know of two separate cases in which elderly people who had obediently cut out salt completely were diagnosed with early dementia by a GP.

    Fortunately both of them collapsed in public and ended up in A&E where the lack of salt was detected and put right, restoring their normal rational – albeit rather gullible – brain function.

    I wonder how many inmates of dementia units and nursing homes, all on the obligatory low-salt institutional diet, are there simply because they stopped putting salt in their food.


    • Could be usefull to compare German figures. (If they exist, and depending on what you wish to study)

      The salt here is not restricted in such places. We cook exactly like the good old 1960s shool dinner ladies. (The care staff in private care homes here, are also responsible for cooking the meals.)

      But then, no one bothers (Except the green-slime) to restrict salt any way, so the figures may be sqewed. The FIRST thing you will notice here is how salty the bread is, compared to the U.K, For example.


    • I’ve often wondered why those at the end of life are treated as if they don’t know how to live. They’ve been doing it since before these pompous know-alls were born!

      And they are still better at it.


  3. On a slightly different, but connected, tack, in the last few years of my grandmother’s life, she lived with my parents due to disability through terrible arthritis. Because she was so immobile, she regularly suffered with bedsores from having to sit in a wheelchair for very long periods of time (i.e. pretty much the whole day). When she first moved in with my parents, she was already on a very low-fat diet which had been prescribed for her by her previous doctor. My mother, her primary carer and never someone given to listening to “faddy” new-fangled advice from doctors, started letting my grandmother have full-fat milk on her cereal and in her tea and coffee etc, simply because she enjoyed it more and, as my mother said “at her age and in her condition she should be able to eat and drink whatever she jolly well likes best” and, lo and behold, within a few weeks those very stubborn bedsores – previously so difficult to treat and get rid of – began to vanish of their own accord without any intervention.


  4. The little hairy civilisation, were they Greek?

    I can’t find stats on salt consumption by nation because google throws up page after page after page of news stories from lots of countries claiming their adults eat twice as much salt as they should. I could persever but all I can think about now is having some cheese on toast …


  5. You mean you don’t have a Lawn Police there?

    I went out of town for two weeks on a construction project once and returned to an overgrown lawn (yeah, I’m the last white guy in town who stills mows his own yard) and a Notice from Quality of Life Enforcement threatening me with a $50 fine if I didn’t cut the grass within 72 hours.

    Conversely, sometimes during the long hot summer I don’t get around to watering as often as I should. Again the Notice from Quality of Life Enforcement for failure to adequately water said grass.

    Now that we’re in extreme drought designation here in California I’m wondering if they’ll still enforce that one.

    Answer: No, they’ll fine for you for overwatering.

    You can’t win for losing in the wonderful Land of the Free.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My little lawn is at the back of the house to the Plastic People can only look down on it and tut to themselves.

      As a consolation, they get the best view of the crocus pentacle I planted in it, when it comes up a little more complete every year 😉


  6. I can’t wait till all these Doctors who are diagnosing salt deficiency are re-educated. Then we can let nature take it’s course. LOL.

    It’s the only way we are going to get rid of them.


  7. One of the commonest problems that a doctor friend told me he sees is “hyponatraemia”……..

    another thing, I believe that our kidneys are exquisitely effective at regulating our plasma sodium to within a set range….


    • A little too much salt is no problem. As you say, your kidneys will dump the excess.

      Much too much salt will eventually kill you, but much too little will kill you faster.


      • Aye Leggy, soz, should have been clearer in saying “regulating too much” sodium….The body does indeed find it rather difficult to make up any shortfall going in.


  8. Leg, You tell me to come back for my giggle. Then, you tell me that there are no Clangers living on the Moon. It’s just a rock you say. Well I believe one day The Mighty Clang will happen (possibly followed by a plaintive whistle ). So there!


  9. Dear Mr Leg-iron

    Local Marks & Sparks has uplifting propaganda on its stairwell. One, amongst wibbles about being Green and Fairtrade etc, is “We are reducing salt in our foods faster than you can say ‘sodium chloride'”

    I wonder if they are doing it faster than you can say ‘hyponatraemia’?

    Mr Junican has an interesting post at his smoking club:



    • I wonder if Marky Sparky’s sells… salt? I don’t shop there, it’s a little out of my price range.

      Junican’s post is entirely correct. We are dealing with witchraft, rather than science. They don’t wear wooden masks or shake gourds, but they rely on generating fear in their believers.

      I can see why they do it. It’s just so much fun to torment a drone. However, they then use their drones to torment the rest of us.


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