Panoptica/real life.

I have them implanted but I didn’t think they were this close to reality. 3:30 in…


18 thoughts on “Panoptica/real life.

    • No need for force. People are happy to buy phones that track them, games consoles with cameras linked to the internet, and so on. They delight in telling Farcebok where they are and beam ‘selfies’ over Twitter.

      There are those who love the idea of contactless credit cards and pay-with-your-phone and Google Glass. Offer to implant these things and they will fight to be first. No need for forced assimilation. They’ll assimilate themselves.

      Then all you need do is make gadgetry really awkward to use without the implanted chip. That means an old curmudgeon like me will have to type in a long password every time I want to use my phone, then answer a security question and text my date of birth to Central Control every single time. I’ll have to remember an 11-digit code to open my front door.

      It will get much harder for those who don’t have the chip to function. Most will give in and get the implants.

      Me? I’ll just stop phoning anyone.

      As for getting people to have their children implanted – here’s the pitch:

      How would you like to know exactly where your child is at any time, and better yet, who he or she is with? Yes, the chip can tell who is nearby by communicating with their chips. All known and suspected child molesters are compulsorily chipped and if one comes within ten yards of your child you will receive an immediate alert.

      Not a hard sell, really. Parents terrified of Gary Glitter’s Gang will sign up for – and pay for – their child’s permanent instalment in the Collective.

      And finally, if you refuse to have a chip, what are you hiding? Why do you want to be invisible to the parents of chipped children?

      Easy. One generation and Panoptica is here.


  1. In Panoptica are you intending it to be worldwide: a global government?

    Are you planning on a ‘one world religion’ as well? The video goes on to say that, “The time of the Antichrist is near”. As I’ve probably said before, top Freemason Albert Pike wrote in Morals and Dogma that the Masons are working to eliminate other religions to usher in Luciferianism.

    Atheists will also be persecuted in this New World Order when the one world religion starts, which would be deliciously ironic were the stakes not so high. They’ll probably be burned at the stakes.

    With this in mind, you can see why Christianity and Christian values have been under attack for decades, even when they benefit society at large. Few atheists will likely admit it, but it’s the reason we had relative freedom in the West. Compare a ‘Christian nation’ like the USA once was with the USSR, where man made the laws.

    And it’s a good way to get people to play ball with the political side of the NWO. When I was a Mormon for a while I was fiercely loyal. If there had been a two minutes hate I would have been on my feet shouting and pointing at the broadcasts from Salt Lake City. All they hate is the truth, though, not people. As it is, we’re sat there hanging on every word from the ‘Prophet’ and his ‘apostles’.

    But it taught me many propaganda tricks. Some are incredibly simple, like we were advised never to look at ‘anti-Mormon material’ online or in print, because it’s all lies inspired by the Devil trying to take us away from God. I didn’t even have the internet at the time, unfortunately. I had to rely on their leaflets and testimonies of members that this was, indeed, the true church.

    Then I got the internet and wised up to “the only true church on the earth”.

    Not that I’m suggesting you join up to see how they operate. I know you talk to the JWs, so you can see how they’ve been programmed. I have had meetings with some of the local ones at my house lasting up to two hours per session. Them trying to convince me that their religion is the only true one and that their ‘prophets’ were right (even though they prophesied the end of the world many times with exact dates and we’re still here) and in return, I tried to talk common sense into them. They should read the Bible where it says that no man knows the time of the end. But they have their own ‘translation’ so they can change the bits they want.

    It’s like David Icke. His ‘prophesies’ like the White Cliffs of Dover being underwater by 1991 soon get forgotten about, like his turquoise shell suits. Even when he now says the moon is a giant spaceship filled with aliens controlling us with mind rays, his people still believe him. Oddly enough, some of the early Mormon ‘prophets’ thought that the moon and even the sun were inhabited.

    Once you have given yourself over to these people, they can say anything and it doesn’t seem to matter. They control you. Mormons are to give a tenth of their income to the ‘church’. Even in the days when housing benefit was my only income, I gave them 10% of that while amassing huge credit card debt.

    Look at how people have bought into manmade climate change, ‘equality’, SHS and all manner of scientifically and philosophically flawed ideas. I’m sure the majority will bow down to the fake christ when he’s unveiled and promises to save the polar bears and make sure everyone’s equal via global socialism. Failure to convert could be bad for your health.


    • The religion hasn’t fully formed in my head. I’m letting the story (and clues from commenters) tell me what it is. Roobedoo reminded me of an old Brian Aldiss story where everyone had a portable shrine giving them direct conversation with ‘the gods’ (computerised and automated). Then she mentioned Siri… we’re just about there. Siri is famous for saying ‘I don’t understand’ which is obviously hardly God-like, but it’s going to improve.

      (Found the title. The story was called ‘Amen and Out’ and was in a collection called ‘Comic Inferno’ – I think I still have the battered paperback somewhere)

      There are no churches. Churches, like pubs, are places where people meet and talk and so they have to go too. Also mosques and synagogues and all other meeting places, but the churches will go first.

      The drones will not object. Once Siri becomes fluent (no more ‘I don’t understand’), everyone can talk to ‘God’ with their phones. They can get advice directly. Aldiss envisaged this in the 1950s or 60s, but his ‘shrines’ were backpack-sized. If only he had known they would be pocket-sized!

      The new religion will be personal. No need for meetings with others, no need for priests or ceremonies. God is on speed dial. Eventually, everyone will come to believe they are the only one who can talk to God…

      Actually, that did help solidify Panoptica’s religion. Every little helps!


      • ‘1984’ had mass gatherings for the two minutes hate and other propaganda, so I think the NWO will convert the churches and cathedrals, temples and mosques, bingo halls and cinemas to the new religion. There will be no tea and biscuits afterwards. Anyway, tea will probably be rationed and biscuits banned for being unhealthy. Agreed, they’ll want to keep us from socialising at all other times.


    • World government won’t work by direct imposition. So Panoptica is one country. Once the control systems are established they can spread to the rest of the world (probably already have, nobody in Panoptica knows about anything outside) to press this total control on each country individually.

      And once you have a lot of populations under total control, linking all the control systems into one then becomes very easy indeed.

      Then, world government sneaks in through the back door.


      • World government isn’t working by imposition but by stealth and with (largely) the will of the people, who have bought into the “international community” idea and think the UN is wonderful and we must give up our rights to defeat terrorism and comforts to combat climate change.

        “And once you have a lot of populations under total control, linking all the control systems into one then becomes very easy indeed.”

        I think that’s what the EU is for and the other similar continental, though currently less developed, systems, like the Organisation of African Unity. the Organization of American States and the soon to be? EU-like North American Union, which will more-or-less do away with the USA once and for all if their debt doesn’t destroy them first. Either way, we’ll all be sunk.


    • You write “Compare a ‘Christian nation’ like the USA once was with the USSR, where man made the laws.” From where did the Russian revolutionaries arise if not from the relentlessly-Christian state of the Tsars? I think the morbid obsession you have with Richard Dawkins has addled your brain, Stewart.


      • @Edgar – I was comparing two contemporary countries/federations which differed as I explained and for the reason I explained. Tsars don’t come into the equation, nor do recent US police state tactics nor Indians (Native Americans to be PC). I know quite a bit about geopolitics, but don’t know how the tsars ruled or (mis)used Christianity.

        Where does your morbid obsession with me re. your assumption that I have a morbid obsession with Dawkins come from? Has your morbid obsession with my alleged morbid obsession with Dawkins addled your brain?


    • If Rose is about, do you have any info on studies on nicotine and neuromelanin?

      I was reading up on melanin on wiki and it says nicotine has an affinity for melanin-containing tissues. Neuromelanin is found in our brains but it’s function is still obscure, although it may have some relationship to Parkinson’s disease:

      Sorry, I’m being lazy, but I figure if anyone has an inkling, then that would be our Rose.


    • Aha. Now I have it. I have 10538’s mind perfectly.

      The second video link did it. So here’s how it goes.

      Separate everyone. Not physically, in fact keep them closely packed physically but separate them mentally. Make them afraid of everyone around them. Everyone is alone. Everyone is afraid of everyone else – even friends, because you can’t tell what they are thinking.

      So you have a population of individuals, each of them scared and lonely. That is the point in time Panoptica is set.

      Once you have that, you can then move beyond the end of Panoptica’s story to offering the solution. Implanted chips that link everyone’s thoughts. So you need never be afraid or lonely again – you know what everyone is thinking and everyone will be thinking the same thing.

      What will everyone think? Oh don’t worry about that. We’ll tell you what to think.

      I’m not going to take the story quite that far because it would encroach on someone else’s story. But Panoptica could well be subtitled ‘A history of the Borg’.


    • I’m pretty sure I’ve still got a copy of “The Medium is the Massage” in a box somewhere. I bought it when I was living in London in 1969, and it was considered to be ‘required reading’ if you were to keep up with topical conversation. To be honest, I barely remember the content now, but it was groundbreaking stuff at the time. A bit like Jimi Hendrix, really. Very Rock’n’Roll.


  2. You could also add in these proposed ‘driverless’ cars…. The first thing they take away is any of the pleasure of driving, of which there is still quite a lot once you get out of town. No fun, so might as well stay home and watch the government propoganda box, sorry, the telly. You could send the car to pick up your shopping (which you ordered online), why go out Citizen, there’s no need, or are you one of those ‘freedom’ reactionaries? Step two is of course to have your car priviledges revoked if you fail to toe the official line; all of a sudden your car can’t go anywhere because it can no longer link to the GPS it needs to navigate.
    I always thought that ‘1984’ should have had a note on the front page – “this is a warning, not a bloody instruction manual”
    You’ed better finish it quick, otherwise real life will get ahead of you.


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