Holiday time.

Off for two weeks. The little Acer seems to be working now, albeit at a snail’s pace, and will do for typing. I can access this blog and most email accounts with it, that’s good enough. As long as I can get an internet connection. Farcebok can wait. I might try to get in while away but don’t really care if I can’t.

When I get back and later, when the new battery arrives, I will try to upgrade this old toy to Linux and see if I can make it actually useful. For trips away, it’s so much lighter than the laptop.

And I have to get a new desktop computer. The rattling fans in the old ones are driving me nuts, and I have not yet fixed the broken one. Fortunately these don’t look expensive, especially as I already have DVD-RW drives don’t need new ones.

But that is after-holiday stuff. I have the part-written Panoptica stored to take away and have a better idea of where it should go now, and why the idiot drone does what he does. There are fewer blocks than there were.

Two weeks. Can I finish it? I’m going to give it a go.

If I am off the internet it’ll go faster.



10 thoughts on “Holiday time.

  1. Farcebok can wait.

    Too true.

    I will try to upgrade this old toy to Linux.

    Jolly good show. Starve those eugenicist Gates’.

    Have a nice holiday in the Democratic Principality of Cymru. That phrase doesn’t quite work.

    Did I ever tell you that I once walked to Wales – and back – on the same day?

    I was living in Chester at the time, so just a couple of miles away.


  2. If I remember correctly, when Frank (Davis) bought a new desktop last year, Bucko the Moose built it for him, I think for a very good price. Maybe you should contact him. It’s by far the best option, because you can work out the best components to use for your needs and budget. Bespoke, as it were. My desktop was built for me about six years ago by my local computer wizz, and he’s upgraded it several times – extra RAM, bigger HDD, new DVDR units, USB 3.0 ports, bigger PSU, XP to 7 / 64 bit etc etc. Next will be a new motherboard and chip. And so it goes on, but with small expenses for increased performance. Far more flexible than a laptop (although laptops do have their advantages – portability being the main one).

    Also of course, you can choose your monitor size to suit. I don’t have TV, so when I want to watch F1 (the only sport I try to keep up with), I stream it on the computer. Likewise Man U matches for my wife. I also download a lot of movies and documentaries. So for my monitor, I use a 40″ smart TV, which is great.


  3. Have a good break, but don’t be gone for too long. I’ll miss you.

    Apropos the Linux thing, I have an old Advent computer that ran on XP. I’d like to try installing the Mint distribution, but it doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive. There are many much smarter than average people who follow this blog; can any point me at an idiot’s guide on how to do this?

    What I’ve found so far is aimed at a current nerd. Since I withdrew from IT over 12 years ago, I don’t even follow the jargon any more. Most of what I knew has been forgotten – and it doesn’t bother me. But I till hate throwing away perfectly serviceable kit.


    • Download unetbootin and use that to make a bootable USB stick – either let it source the Linux distro or download the .iso file yourself and point it at that. As long as you can get your machine’s BIOS to boot from a USB device you should be OK.

      I’m typing this in a Travelodge room in Bedford from my wee Acer running Mint, so you see they can be useful tools Leggy old chap. Can’t wait for Wednesday when I get back north of the border (assuming they haven’t twigged that I’m out and lock the gates, that is!).


      • Just thought I’d let you know that your advice worked. I guess it’s taken me about a day if I add up all the time spent on it, downloading the software, trying to interpret the words presented to me & then trying things until it worked :^)

        This is being typed on an ancient Advent, late of XP & now LinuxMint via Firefox.




  4. If Welsh Wales cannot provide you with the optimum conditions for finishing nowhere can…Will you be sending your now ex-manager a suitable postcard?


  5. Old fella, it is rather important for you to do Panoptica now, while it _is still_ future history.

    Get on with it while you’re away, and have as good a break as you can. Remember too that on Sundays – especially in the mornings and even in large towns – “Wales Is Closed”. It’s probably rather hard to buy whisky on Sundays in Wales.

    I remember staying in a cottage – very nice, in Roe-Wen under Ta-y-Fan near Conway – in summers from 1960 to 1964. There was a raging stream at the end of the garden, which in 1962 I managed to more or less dam with boulders and stones, so it flooded the upstream neighbours’ garden. they didn’t mind too much, oddly. But try to buy anything at the “shop” after 2pm on a Saturday and you’d be sent away with a flea in your ear – it being the Sabbath – even if the Welsh fella that kept it could be found. (But there actually was a shop.) And on Sunday, there was _nothing_ in North Wales to be had, for any money, anywhere. If you wanted to go for a drive on Sunday, you’d have had to have filled up on the Saturday morning.

    But I expect you already know all that kind of stuff. Have a good break and do Panoptica if you can.


    • It was the same when I visited the N.W. German town of Kleve in about 1989 (where Anne of Cleves came from).

      If only Luther, Knox et al had realised that the seventh day is still the Sabbath and that Sunday was declared the Christian day of rest by Constantine a few years after making it the Pagan Roman Empire’s day of rest calling it the ‘venerable’ day of the sun!


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