The Underdog has Landed.

I am safely in Wales, courtesy of a pretty fast little Fokker. The plane was a Fokker 50, a little one, and not even half full.

It’s late, there is Bushmills (not my ideal but it’s okay, I will remedy this situation tomorrow) Anyway I always supply the whisky when visiting. That’s only fair because I drink most of it.

One thing I have to do when I get back is buy some leaves. Couldn’t buy before in case they arrived after I left and ended up going bad in the back of a van. Besides, I didn’t fancy explaining a load of leaf to airport security.

As it was, the security has changed. All this stuff about confiscating uncharged gadgetry – I had my usual bag of gadgets and nobody asked me turn any of them on. Where they used to confiscate tweezers, the signs now say they will take any blade over 6 cm from you.

I also noticed that the card they give you when they ask ‘are any of these things in your luggage?’ includes… petrol driven chainsaws. Damn! I knew I’d forgotten to pack something!

Anyway, there will be a leaf order going in on my return. I have a supply of Man with a Van’s Amber Leaf rolling baccy but might have to resort to buying tubing baccy at shop prices. What the hell, I’m on holiday, I’ll cope for a few days.

Which supplier should I use? The one I’ve always used.

See if you can guess which one.

Oh and I’ll need to buy a cheapo keyboard to plug into this little Acer. I can type on it but not very fast. The keyboard is too small. If I get used to it then I won’t be able to continue on the full size keybaord when I get back. A cheapo USB keyboard will do and it’s always handy to have a spare anyway.

Right, offline for a while… the future won’t write itself, you know.


6 thoughts on “The Underdog has Landed.

  1. Leg, do give missvirginiaburley a try when you get back. Her leaf is really good and coming, as it does, stripped/butted it makes life just that little easier. Judging by the number of shredders I sell, the demand for leaf is a booming market and big enough for all so there is no need to feel guilty about having ‘something on the side’, about being unfaithful to TL4U on the odd occasion .


    • I’ll certainly give them a try. As you say, pre-stripped leaves would be much easier.

      On the other hand, if someone is prepared to do that, it makes me wonder if they’ve found a use for those stalks. I was planning to try making e-juice from them before work became insane, and it’s still on the to-do list.


  2. I don’t think many people would describe the Fokker 50 as “pretty fast” – compared to a Dakota it might be, but in an age of jets, it’s a plodding workhorse derived from the earlier F27 Friendship. But, I suppose, faced with a long road trip it must have seemed fast…

    Be wary of installing specific software supplied with an external keyboard. I once bought a genuine Microsoft one, and the supplied disc promptly took over all the original settings, and buggered everything up. I ended up wiping and reinstalling the O/S. Just let it go through the normal “Found New Hardware” routine when you plug it in.


  3. I flew to Cork from Birmingham on, I think, a Fokker, it was like a sort of minibus with wings. Landing at cork in a gale was no fun. But you evil man ! Burning up fossil fuel and making global warning worse, you ought to be ashamed, think of all the polar bears and penguins dying, oh well, as Manfred Mann so eloquently sums up the plight of the modern world; ‘do wah diddy did de dum diddy do’


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