No nuts

This little machine does a good job of keeping me off the internet by being unbelievably slow. Windows’ days are definitely numbered on this one.

Anyway. A little while back, a man was banned from Ryanair for two years for showing his nuts. Peanuts. If mine were the size of peanuts I wouldn’t show them to anyone, but he whipped out his nuts on the plane and a girl went into shock.

Now, nut allergy is a serious matter. It can kill people. It is dangerous. It’s not the same as being a bit miffed about tobacco smoke. It is not jus a bit irritating. It really can cause death

However, most people don’t have it. And most of thoswemost-people will find it very hard to believe that even opening a bag of nuts six rows away from nut prey would do any harm. When they allowed smoking on planes it wouldn’t have but let’s not upset the drones with the problems they created.

Now there is a story of the airlines starting to fight back against the tide of ‘I don’t like it so nobody can have it.’ They have picked the wrong target but then they have to start somewhere. They have declared that they are not a nut-free airline and do not carry nut prey.

Yet they are still smoke-free. They will not accomodate those who can genuinely be killed by exposure to a thing, while insisting that those in no danger at all must have their paranoia pandered to.

Nuit allergy is serious but you cannot expect the world to accomodate you, not when it is far too busy accommodating every single issue nutcase who is offended by a smell. The real stuff gets shoved aside and it’s hard to care because mostly, those suffering now are those who started it all.

Many years ago, Marty Feldman showed these people for what they really are.



2 thoughts on “No nuts

  1. Do you have any theories as to why “Allergies” have become so prevalent in recent years, but they were almost unheard of when we were kids?

    Nut allergies may well be real, but in this particular case, someone opening a packet of peanuts well away from them sounds to me more psychosomatic than an actual physical attack.
    I’m sure we’ve all seen the pillocks (I know I have many times) who can stand around the streets in rush hour traffic/ a BBQ/ A steam fair belching out black sulphurous coal smoke etc, but someone sparks up a fag 30 yds away, and it brings on an athsma attack.


  2. Well, there are two distinct stories here. First, the “I open nuts and somebody else dies”, one:

    She suffered the reaction after a passenger opened a packet of mixed nuts he brought on the plane despite three warnings that there was a child on board with a severe allergy.
    The young girl was given an injection with her adrenaline pen and taken to hospital after the plane landed.</I.

    Nasty. However, WTF? You expect the entire world to change, because your kid has Bubble Boy Syndrome? They actually knew that their kid had this condition before they flew. The passenger concerned was seated FOUR ROWS away from her. I mean, really – that's beyond what anyone would think was a potential allergy situation.

    Next the news article has an entirely different story:

    The Dublin family was flying to New Jersey when the four-year-old girl went into anaphylactic shock after eating nuts served on the United Airlines flight.

    Totally unrelated to the first one, but in the same story and her parents allowed her to eat the friggin nuts, because they weren’t paying attention! And she had a severe allergy to them…and her parents – who evidently have an IQ lower than is typically required for independent living – were so irresponsible that they allowed her to do so. Yet, it’s somehow the airline’s fault.


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