Fies my soul?

Well, I turn my back for five minutes and the whole world goes completely nuts. Now there is an insane allegation against Cliff Richard, backed up by a probably-illegal dawn raid on a house he wasn’t in, which he moved into a few years ago, to look for evidence of something that was supposed to have happened decades ago. Oh, and the police didn’t think to inform Mr. R although they managed to tip off the BBC, who got there first. That’s modern British justice in action.

They would never have dared do this while Rik Mayall was alive.

Cliff went from (for his day) a pretty much pure young lad (no, he wasn’t perfect, but compared to many of his contemporaries…) to full-on committed Christian. Could he have abstained from all the fun in life for all these years? There have always been rumours that he’s gay but anyone who doesn’t poke their man-bit into any available orifice these days gets those rumours. So we can brush those aside.

Heck, even Simon Cowell has been accused of being gay. He got someone else’s wife pregnant! What does a celeb have to do these days? Get filmed in the act? Oh, right, some already have.

Compare Cliff’s conversion from pretty nice guy into someone so sweet it’s sickening with Tiny Tim’s conversion from hedonist to Christian. Tiny Tim would never have been allowed to join the Kinks because he was too kinky, but all that changed and he became almost asexual, to the point where he hated himself for the occasional lonely hand crank. Which cannot possibly harm anyone because nobody else is there.

If Tiny Tim could make such a huge switch in lifestyle on becoming Christian,  then Cliff’s change would barely register.

I don’t believe this allegation against Cliff. I am amazed that even the CPS took it seriously. I suspect the handling of that raid on his house will gert the case busted, if nothing else. And ‘nothing else’ is what the CPS has – if they had so much as a photo with a child in the background, we’d have heard about it by now.

They have an allegation that something happened nearly three decades ago and they have one person’s word that it happened. That is it. On that basis they want to take down God’s own chanter. This could be the wall this paedohunt has been speeding towards.

But Cliff should be arrested and charged, not on the basis of some made-up allegation but because of that repeated line in ‘Living Doll’.

‘Fies my soul?’ Nobody should be allowed to get away with that.


29 thoughts on “Fies my soul?

  1. The rumour in showbiz circles, I’m told, is that it is an open secret that our Cliff has been in a long-term monogamous relationship with his (male) manager for many decades now. Just a rumour, you understand. But if it’s true, then the rabid “find a paedo anywhere” squad could be stepping onto thin ice, now. As someone (possibly your good self, Leggy) pointed out some while ago, it’s been rather obvious over the last few years that the only celebs targeted in this particular witch-hunt have been from the solidly “safe” group – all white, middle-aged/older, straight men, i.e. the only group that, these days, it’s safe to make spurious accusations against without running the risk of being called racist, sexist or homophobic. If they’re now starting to look towards the (possibly) gay community, they might find that they are pushing their luck just that little bit too far. They should know by now that gay people are a “favoured” minority group who aren’t allowed to be accused of anything. Not even by power-crazed “paedo on every street corner” Daily Mail types with the bit between their teeth …


    • I worked in the music biz in the 80s (my business specialised in building / refurbishing recording studios, so I knew a lot of the movers and shakers in the industry), and yes, it was an open secret that he was gay. I never heard any rumours that he had a predilection for young boys, though. He was generally liked and respected (a kind of ‘elder statesman’), which is why nobody talked to the press.

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      • As I said further down, what do you think of this: And could a squeaky clean person really have made it in the highly controlled music industry for six decades? Most of them wouldn’t last six minutes unless they had sold their souls.


  2. There should be an investigation of how the press/broadcasters found out about the raid.
    If they were told about it by the police then the officer who did it, and the officer who authorised it, should be sacked.
    If such officers cannot be identified then the Chief Constable should be censured for failing to set appropriate standards.

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  3. A step too far at last, I think. But this was bound to happen. The rest of them seem to have been largely convicted by The Media, so why not keep up the good work. Why not encourage a few more “Compensation Hunting Victims” to come forward? And don’t tell me that The Jury won’t be influenced in this day and age. They won’t all be unbiased, justice loving persons who have never heard of The Internet.
    Hopefully they have blown it this time. This is the basis of the possibility of an unfair trial.

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  4. The police again acted in an over-the-top, possibly illegal way as they probably want us to get accustomed to these things so they can do anything they like to the rest of us.

    Anyway, for several years I have had my doubts about Mr Harry Webb (C.R.). If ever a name conjured up an image of a little man in a dirty mac. Not that this in itself implies guilt of any sort!

    But he was big on Billy Graham, even making a strange religio-entertainio film with him in the late 60s called ‘Two a Penny’ (1970). I bought two copies for my failed CD/DVD business a few years ago and watched one and could hardly believe the obvious proselytising. There are doubts about Billy Graham’s credentials, some linking him to the CIA’s MK ULTRA mind control programme.

    And would a ‘born again Christian’ really be best pals with Tony and Cherie Blair? For years I have railed against the anti-Christian, warmongering, culturally subverting traitorous weasel Blair (my dedicated New Labour website is down at the moment), while Mr Webb has them stay at his Caribbean holiday home.

    Harry Webb likes to promote the Pagan’s Day, now known as ‘Christmas’.

    He still wanted to turn on the women though. Remember the botox injections in his lips?

    Anyway, the ‘rulers of the world’ want to control everything, so it stands to reason they’ll want to control Christianity. The infiltration of churches to become less scriptural and more liberal is obvious.

    Former KGB subversion agent, Yuri Bezmenov, says they used to spread liberal propaganda in the churches as well as everywhere else – all to weaken them and therefore our society. Of course the Fabians and others have been doing it for many decades.

    Frank (Davis) asked me why I put such faith in Mr Bezmenov. It’s because he spoke 30 years ago about what the KGB were doing to subvert our Western way of life in order to turn us communist for them to take us over without need for war. Acc. to ancient Chinese military strategist, Lao Tzu, the highest form of warfare is not to use any military force – and our successive governments, especially Blair onwards, have been doing exactly the same as the KGB were doing! (And not doing as Lao Tzu recommended, but blowing Iraq to smithereens.)

    And could a squeaky clean person really have made it in the highly controlled music industry for six decades? Most of them wouldn’t last six minutes unless they had sold their souls. This industry was largely (ir)responsible for the liberal sex and drug use of the 60s. Today they are still doing this, but also dumbing down the youth with such ‘art forms’ as rap/hip hop some of which, as you know, has incredibly foul-mouthed, blasphemous lyrics and which encourage the youth of today to hate certain people and to have an unnatural attitude towards women, referring to them as ‘bitches’. All of it is subversion to help divide society and give youngsters the wrong idea about what love and relationships are supposed to be about, again to weaken society.

    Could Sir Cliff have been supported by these same sort of people for nearly 60 years were he Mr Clean? I know he has generated a lot of profit for his record companies, but that doesn’t seem to be their raison d’être.

    …he hated himself for the occasional lonely hand crank. Which cannot possibly harm anyone because nobody else is there.

    Said Tiny Tim, not Cliff. Well, Tiny felt bad afterwards and SWIM feels guilty and empty inside afterwards, so choking the chicken does have victims. As Tiny says, we’re all subjected to the Fall and fighting against sin, which is why he and I rely on Christ to help us overcome.

    But the whole paedophile show would seem to be the latest government/media ploy to draw the public’s attention away from what the government/EU/UN (same thing) is up to.

    P.S. Leggy. I hope you haven’t read all this; you’re supposed to be writing. Meanwhile, as I’m a bachelor boy trying to be pure, I’m on the lookout for a ukulele…


  5. I neither know nor care what Cliff’s sexual orientation is, nor is it any of my business. BUT if I were to hazard an opinion then I would GUESS that he was gay and turned to whatever brand of Xianity to help him control, what to him were, ‘sinful urges’. I get the impression he has been fighting his demons, seeking salvation and hoping for redemption all his adult life.

    DO I think he molested a young boy? No, even IF he did like his meat fresh then he would never be as stupid as to let his guard slip in such a public place, he’s far too savvy for that. Although it is interesting to the more theologically knowledgeable that one of the problems with evangelical/pentecostal Ecstasy ‘rallies’ is that there has always been a tendency for the ‘Holy Flesh’ heresy to raise it’s head. The Spirit of the Lord can work mightily on the loins as well as upon lions.


  6. I think they might have ‘jumped the shark’ with this one and high time too. With the possible exception of Stuart Hall I don’t believe any of it since no evidence can exist and most complaints are relatively trivial and common at the time. Don’t know if we were made of sterner stuff but we know how to handle the octopus types. There should have been a statute of limitations long ago and most were not children but teenagers, many over the age of consent. As far as Cliff goes, I was a teenager at the time and always found him curiously asexual, whether he is gay or not it is his business but I just can’t see him being into children. Another thing is he still has a large fan base, don’t understand it but it exists and they will be trouble. Even if the convictions were safe and I don’t think they are, the sentences are ridiculous, what is the point of sending elderly men to jail for years for something that may or may not have happened decades ago? you can get less for murder sometimes. It makes me sick.


    • The whole thing makes me sick as well. None of these convictions are safe. And one of them is being Tried again because The Jury failed to agree.
      I am not going to say what I think of The CPS because it would be deemed to be Racist.


    • Indeed, Cherie, there should be a statute of limitations. It’s totally wrong to prosecute guys for a moral ‘crime’ committed forty years or more ago using the moral orthodoxy (or Political Correctness if you like) that pertains today. These people are being persecuted for something that was pretty much the norm back then, but which today’s neo-puritans have turned into the most heinous crime possible.

      Ye Gods, when I was in my late teens / early twenties, the last thing I was thinking of was “is she at the age of consent?”. All I was thinking about was how rapidly I could persuade her to take her knickers off. I don’t think I was unusual. I’m sure I slept with a number of underage girls, when I look back on it. They were willing and available, and I had testosterone to spare. Should I be prosecuted for that? I’m sure that if I had the misfortune to be a rich and famous celebrity, some of those girls, having read the papers, would suddenly remember how I’d ruined their lives by taking advantage of their innocence. As it is, I’m not a rich and famous celeb, so those girls will be getting on with their lives, having never given more than a fleeting thought to the affair they had with me.

      This witch-hunt is wrong for so many reasons.


    • @Cherie

      Fan clubs? Yup he’s got absolutely STACKS of those.

      The one that’s already on record as saying it’s all tosh is this lady. Carol Hall. What she doesn’t know about Sir Cliff ain’t worth spit.

      And there’s a Facebook page where they pretty much say the same things – and yes they too think there should be a statute of limitations.

      Though he’ll never be wanting for money, methinks some of his fans would happily sell one of their kidneys if he ever falls short of the readies.

      Lord help any reporter who tries to smear Sir Cliff. These folk’ll deal with him/her and the trolls real quick.

      Morally supported to the hilt… with good reason. The guy doesn’t even try to reduce his income tax… he’s that honest. Daft, but honest.


  7. I believe all these Historical sexual crimes cases are being done to scare the proles, into believing they can be tried for wrongdoing at any time, present or future, as it says in Wikipedia – “the UK has no statute of limitations applying to serious sexual crimes”. –

    They probably can’t find a Celeb who has committed murder or armed robbery, but I expect that sexual deviants are two-a-penny in the entertainment industry,just as in politics!

    So beware posting links of Americans being beheaded –
    or a few years down the line, when the fascists have completely taken over your ass may be in Jail. 🙂


  8. In other news:-

    Attempts to cut the amount people smoke are being hit by a black market trade in millions of illegal cigarettes, council bosses have warned.

    Just like you predicted.

    The Local Government Association (LGA) said such products posed a fire risk, hurt legitimate businesses and cost the UK about £3bn a year in unpaid duty.
    In some cases these cigarettes contained human excrement, dead flies and asbestos, the LGA added.

    FFS. Words fail.

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    • I’m not surprised. I don’t smoke but popped into a shop yesterday and saw the fags on display. Some are nearly 10 quid for 20 fags! That’s terribly expensive.


  9. ‘This could be the wall this paedohunt has been speeding towards.’

    It would be sweet irony if it helped take down the young ones, you know, “The Children”, favourite mantra of The Righteous …

    I hope you’re having a great holiday … Latest dispatch from the Pharmers Wars:


  10. The only reason I can think of for victimising these old, white males is to induce news fatigue in the population.

    When the public are exposed to several stories in the media of a similar type, their interest span, nowadays very short anyway, becomes shorter and shorter.

    Thus when some Very Important People are not brought to justice, nobody will care.

    “Oh God, not another paedo story!”


  11. OMG Tiny Tim. I had nearly forgotten about him and his bloody tulips. The media has been out to nail Cliff for decades. He had an affair with Jet Harris’s wife and bonked Una stubbs by her admission when shooting Summer Holiday. I suppose having an ex priest live with him doesn’t help. But what the cops and BBC did was utterly wrong.


  12. Anyone here care about the possibility that a child may have been assaulted?

    Have you all ever considered the similarities here to the current situation in Ferguson, MO
    USA where hundreds of protesters have made their mind up about justice before the facts are known. The police officer is guilty right? The boy (now man) in this alleged Cliff case must be a liar, right? It isn’t possible that this alleged victim could have suffered 30-odd years of turmoil along with, probably his father, mother, sisters, brothers, wife and children ? Right?

    Where are we going as a society – if we keep this up, polarized opinions without facts,
    we’ll start to wonder why suddenly in places like Ferguson a combined march down the street
    comprising the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-nazis will happen, in support of the police officer instead of the current march supporting the child who apparently robbed the store!

    Musically I love what Cliff has done, but wait for the facts folks, and give some thought
    to the possibility of a child having been hurt.


    • I offer no more than opinion. I am no fan of Cliff’s music, I find it on the bland side myself, but recent events suggest a pattern that would lead inevitably to Cliff since he claims asexuality. In this current climate of ‘everyone not following the drone life is a suspect’, he is different. It’s a dangerous time to be different.

      Personally, I don’t believe he is guilty of child molestation. Savile was a creepy old git who liked young girls – but I don’t believe he was a paedo either. He was dicing with the age of consent, I’m sure, but there has been nothing to suggest he was into toddlers.

      But that’s just opinion. I haven’t met either of them, I’m just plugging things together here and looking for a pattern.


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