War, disease, terror…

In the now-famous speech by V in the film ‘V for Vendetta’, these things were what he said were used to coerce voters into voting for the dictatorship.

Look at our leaders. Cameron is once more surfing in Cornwall and Clegg is cooking up a stew in India. Yet we have ebola being flown into the US, Spain and the UK. We have British jihadis beheading American reporters in Iraq. Full-on war all over the Middle East caused, almost entirely, by Western government meddling. A UN conference coming up in Cardiff (fortunately after I’ve gone back to Scotland) which has resulted in the construction of a barrier to rival the one Israel built around Gaza, or the Communists built around East Berlin. Scotland’s very own chubby version of Windy Miller wants Scotland to be independent and, once he runs out of hot air to power his windmills, as invisible at night as North Korea.

A widespread outbreak of Ebola in the UK would be difficult to do, but there’s no need. Remember necrotising fasciitis, the flesh-eating bug? Everyone was terrified they would dissolve away in a matter of hours. There were eight cases in one year at the peak. Eight.

You do not need to engineer a massive outbreak. You need only have one case in the UK, one person to actually catch it here, and there will be panic. Today, a plane that landed in Aberdeen was quarantined because a 10-year-old girl was sick on the flight. Not an uncommon thing. Airlines provide bags for the purpose. However, she came from Nairobi so it was a full hazmat lockdown while she was checked. That’s not all that unreasonable really but if you had asked the people outside the plane, I’ll bet a fair number of them would have supported the idea of torching the whole lot, pilot and passengers included, rather than take the chance. Fear and rationality don’t work well together.

If there is one home-caught case of ebola in the UK, the next suspected case on a plane will see a mob with pitchforks and flaming torches.

There is strife and turmoil and disaster everywhere and the potential for it to get much worse but it doesn’t really have to. It only needs to look as if it is going to. We now have senior politicians stating – stating, not theorising – that they expect an attack from Islamoloonies any day now. A big, spectacular attack, as they put it. People are terrified.

Look again at what our leaders are doing now. They don’t appear to be terrified, do they? They don’t seem bothered in the least. Worldwide catastrophe is not worth interrupting a holiday for. Why are they so untroubled? Could it be because everything is proceeding exactly as planned?

The seeds of ebola are planted in the US, UK and Spain. It does not have to be an outbreak. One case, caught from those flown home, will do. Imagine what happens once ebola is out of the box. Imagine what happens when you are  on a bus or a train and you sneeze…

The terrorists don’t need to be real. You don’t even need a false-flag operation any more. Any accidental gas explosion, any motorway pile-up, anything at all, all you need do is say you are ‘investigating whether terrorism was involved’ and that is what will stick in the drone mind. Three nuts from Cardiff went off to get themselves killed in Iraq and look at the speculation about the enormous jihadi terror cell that is supposed to now exist in Cardiff. Where the UN are about to have a meeting. If they really believed in this evil genius in Cardiff, don’t you think they’d be having that meeting somewhere else? They have most of the world to choose from. Or maybe there is to be an attack, one which will fail but which will look convincing. We shall see.

If Cameron was really serious about his wars all over the world fighting terrorists, drug dealers, fat people, drinkers, smokers, climate heretics and people who pass the port to the right, why is he reducing the British military and why is he so totally unconcerned about current events?

War. Terror. Disease… Fear. Those who live in fear do not reason. They do not calculate. They do not consider outcomes or consequences. They want only one thing. A release from fear. They want it now. Right now. At any price.

Only later do they find that their relase from fear brings no more than a different kind of fear. And then it’s too late.


5 thoughts on “War, disease, terror…

  1. Yes, it’s going as planned – the planners are psychopaths, remember and one of the symptoms is: lacking empathy. That’s why they can enjoy their holiday (even more) when bad things are happening. It’s how they can have a jolly good laugh in the Commons – not just giggles and sniggers, but full-on guffaws that would blow the roof off a modern house and it is sometimes accompanied by pointing at the so-called Opposition and waving papers around, etc. They have a good time while the UK is burning.

    We’re actually living in a psychopathocracy.

    But it gets worse. These people are stupid too. Mostly far too stupid to grasp the simplest idea and typically amoral so they’ll tell lies on demand. The ones who get into the very top positions in government are, I’m sure, compromised, either by having been filmed at somewhere like the Elm Guest House or through presents of large sums of money or simply because their psychopathic nature gives them pleasure from doing nasty things to millions of people.

    Take the smoking ban. First they lie, e.g. only pubs that serve food will be affected; private clubs will be unaffected. Then they do a nasty thing to millions of people with a blanket ban.

    “The terrorists don’t need to be real. You don’t even need a false-flag operation any more.”

    Correct. If 9/11 and 7/7 had been carried out by Muslims, the carnage would have continued. In fact the West’s further involvement in Muslim countries should have increased the bombings to almost daily occurrences. We should be in a real state of war and terror, but all that was needed was the impression of danger for police state legislation to be enacted.

    Take this Express article.

    THE terrorist threat to Britain is set to go nuclear as hundreds of British Muslims are being groomed to commit mass murder, the head of MI5 warned yesterday.

    In a chilling vision of the scale of the problem, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller said the security services were struggling to cope under a caseload which had risen by 80 per cent since January.

    She said MI5 and the police were tackling 200 terror networks involving at least 1,600 suspects, many under the direct control of Al Qaeda.

    And she said her agents were investigating up to 30 active “mass casualty” terror plots against British targets both here and abroad.

    This was written in November 2006!

    And these are just the terror cells they “know” about, which are surely the tip of the iceberg? So where are all the bombings? Why have no planes been flown into Sears Tower or the ‘Gherkin’ or those planes intercepted en route?

    All that was needed was a handful of initial multiple-location terror events in the West large enough to cause a “something must be done” response and they could then a) enact draconian legislation affecting all citizens, b) have reason to be ‘fighting terror’ in Afghanistan and elsewhere and c) use it to try to keep the people in permanent unease with future stories of terror cells and ‘foiled’ bomb plots.

    2001 – 9/11 – 4 planes (one shot down over Shanksville, Pennsylvania).
    2002 – Bali – 3 devices (plus another 3 devices in 2005 with much fewer casualties) targeting Australian tourists.
    2004 – Madrid – 4 trains.
    2005 – London – 3 underground trains and a bus.

    Lack of any major single event since 2005 surely provides extra proof (were it needed) that they were false flag, although I haven’t investigated Bali.

    If there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of ‘al-Qaeda’ terror cells in the West, what are they doing all day? Playing tiddlywinks while their territory is continually invaded? Or are they more interested in cloning cash machine cards?

    It’s the natural thing for brainwashed people gagging to destroy the West to do rather than using the products from their large number of ‘bomb-making factories’ that we’re supposed to believe exist and for which they went to Afghanistan to be trained in.

    The claims come amid warnings that al-Qaeda is preparing for an attack on a key maritime target in the next 12 months on the scale of the atrocities it unleashed in the United States on 11 September, 2001.

    This article is from December 2004, so I must somehow have missed hearing about those attacks…

    Of course there will probably be future attacks, either genuine or false flag, but my point today is the same as yours that all that is required is the first bombs or the first case of a disease to instill fear and the list of scary things seems to be growing all the time. Surely the time must come where people start to become immune to it? I remember being deep in debt many years ago and worrying terribly for ages and one day I had had enough of worrying and the weight lifted from my shoulders. This was a very real, personal and inconvenient danger which I managed to stop being concerned about as I snapped out of it – I lost the capacity to be concerned any further.

    Worrying yourself sick won’t make the problem disappear. Will such an epiphany come to those worried about terrorism, climate change, SHS, I wonder?


  2. Ch4’s Utopia, Wilson Wilson’s quote “We don’t need a pandemic, we just need the fear of a pandemic”. Was that series really just dark entertainment, or is somebody trying to get a message out to the world at large? Now, where did I put the tinfoil? I feel a hat-making session coming on …….


  3. A prescient post LI.

    A release from fear. They want it now. Right now. At any price.

    And therein lies the problem.

    For some unfathomable reason, the art of critical thinking seems to have been suspended in the majority of the world’s population. You only have to look at how easily people have been gulled over ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Passive Smoking’ to realise that almost nobody has actually sat down and thought about it. Because if they had, they would be thinking: “Hold on, this just doesn’t add up. Ok, these figures are being put out by ‘experts’, but what I see in front of my eyes tells a different story.”

    But no; they instead think: “Well, it was in the Daily Mail (or whatever), so it must be true.

    It’s going to end in tears.


  4. And here we are 4 days later.

    Did all of the above ratchet up security to the next level?


    But, strangely, after Carswell defected, Cameron decided that the terror threat had increased.



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